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Advice for Job Seekers

Looking for contacts and support as you search for a job? You are not alone! CDO is your job search resource center. We can work with you as you define your goals, research employers, and look for and find the job you want. Following are some suggestions to help you get started:
  • Contact CDOat 203-432-1676.
  • Keep up memberships and activities in bar associations. Many state and city bar associations have programs for lawyers in transition. Among them are:
    Chicago (312) 554-2000;
    New York (212) 382-6600;
    Philadelphia (215) 751-9100 (Jim LaRosa, JuriStaff); and
    San Francisco (415) 982-1600.
  • In some cases, participation in programs is free and available to both members and nonmembers. If your state or city bar association is not providing the kind of assistance you and other friends or colleagues need, advocate for more attention to your needs, and show them some models from the bar associations listed above.
  • Use YLS Career Connectionsto search for alumni who may be able to provide valuable career advice. Keep current with the activities of the Yale Alumni group in your area. Make sure that the YLS Office of Alumni Affairs here in New Haven has your current address.
  • Use the CDO Job Posting System to search for positions of interest to you.
  • Network with YLS faculty and deans; drop them a note to let them know about your current situation and ask them to keep you in mind. Network with friends and colleagues.
  • Call CDO to request "reciprocity": the use of another law school's career services office and resources. Many law schools make their career planning offices and some services available to students and graduates of other schools on a reciprocal basis. Practices and available services vary from school to school, and an advance letter of introduction from CDO is required.