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FIP Info for Employers

Yale Law School invites you to participate in our Fall 2015 Interview Program (FIP), which will take place August 10 through August 14, 2015.

Yale students and graduates seek employment experiences both within and outside of the legal profession: in private practice, from large firms to solo practices; in federal, state and local government; in public interest settings, and in corporations and businesses; and in non-profit organizations.

How to Register for FIP:
1. Request a schedule using our website. If you are new to interviewing at Yale, you must first register on this website and then we will contact you with your username and password.

2. Private Employers: submit to our office a $100 nonrefundable registration fee (payable to Yale Law School), see address below. A schedule request and $100 registration fee must be submitted for each office conducting interviews separately. Private sector employers will also be charged an interview service fee after the program. Review the worksheet for more information. Interview Service Fee Sample Worksheet (private employers only) 

Mailing Address: 
Attention: Career Development Office
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06520

Public interest employers: There is no charge for interviewing at Yale.

3. Upon confirmation of your date, we will send an Interview Room Reservation form. We will send confirmation of interview dates on a rolling basis.

Nondiscrimination Policy
Yale Law School is committed to a policy against discrimination based upon age, color, handicap or disability, ethnic or national origin, race, religion, religious creed, gender (including discrimination taking the form of sexual harassment), marital, parental or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or the prejudice of clients.

Employers participating in Yale Law School’s interview programs are required to agree to the Nondiscrimination Policy Statement when they request a schedule on the website.

Interview Date Assignments
Yale Law School continues to utilize a date rotation system. Using the dates assigned last year, we will hence forth schedule returning FIP employers on a rotating basis so they are assigned the next consecutive day of the week from the prior year. For example, employers assigned Tuesday, August 12 last year, will be assigned Wednesday of the 2015 FIP program. Employers assigned Friday, August 15 last year, will be assigned Monday of the 2015 FIP Program. Our goal in making this change is to enable employers to plan their recruiting seasons with greater clarity about their Yale Law School interview dates. Employers will still need to complete online schedule requests through Symplicity.