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About CDO

CDO strives continually to keep students aware of the latest trends in the legal economy, professional standards, and recruiting cycles through individual counseling appointments, educational programs, and print and on-line resources. Below is a description of some of the resources available to students through CDO. 

CDO's attorney counselors are available to discuss your career goals and aspirations; assist in connecting you with useful people, print and internet resources; provide advice on the interview process; and discuss any issues you may face during the job search process. Given the small student body, CDO counselors are able to meet individually with every student. Counseling is available to you not only as a student, but also as a graduate of the law school. In addition to CDO’s attorney counselors, students also have the ability to obtain individual advice from the numerous alumni who visit the law school throughout the year and serve as Mentors-in-Residence. 

CDO hosts more than 60 programs each year on a wide variety of topics including skills workshops and practice area discussions. CDO offers a series of programs specifically for 1Ls commencing in late October of their first year, which provides an introduction to career choices, resume and cover letter advice, a discussion of useful resources and interviewing tips. Panelists for many CDO programs include practitioners from across the country and around the world. In addition to providing students with information about career paths, these programs are an excellent way to make connections with alumni who may be helpful in the future. Students also have the opportunity to take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and attend related programming to learn more about their personality types to maximize their career satisfaction.

Recruiting Events
Yale Law School sponsors two interview programs during the school year. In mid-August, more than 150 employers register to interview approximately 250 upperclass students for summer and permanent positions at the Fall Interview Program. In the spring, typically 15-25 employers interview students for summer and permanent positions at the Spring Interview Program. In addition, YLS participates as a member-school in two public interest career fairs: the Equal Justice Works annual conference and career fair in Washington, D.C. and the Public Interest Legal Career Fair in New York City. CDO subsidizes student travel and program fees to these events. Finally, the Law School co-sponsors the Overseas-Trained LL.M. Student Interview Program held every January in New York. Finally, through CDO's Job Posting System, employers are able to announce job opportunities year round on a password protected site only accessible to YLS students and alumni.

CDO publishes 18 guides and over 50 handouts and brochures on a wide range of legal career topics and job search techniques. Our guides include: Entering the Law Teaching Market, Environmental Law, Public Interest Careers, Judicial Clerkships in the U.S., and Public Interest Fellowships. Our handouts cover topics such as assessing law firm pro bono efforts, interviewing tips, billable hours, split public interest summer opportunities and more.