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Judicial Clerkship Employment

YLS students and alumni accept clerkships at a variety of times. Many students accept one or more clerkships as students and commence those clerkships either immediately after graduation or in some later year. Some of these students will accept a second (or sometimes third) clerkship as alumni. Other students forego the clerkship process as students and wait until after graduation to pursue clerkships. The statistics in this chart reflect:
  1. the percent of graduates who worked as a judicial clerk in their first job after graduation;
  2. the percent of graduates obtaining one or more clerkships at any time;
  3. the total number ofclerkships obtained by graduates.

This chart includes information reported to CDO as ofJuly 30, 2014.


Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014
Percent of Employed Graduates Reporting a Clerkship as First Jobafter Graduation1 36.3% 38.6% 41% 41.5% 31%
Percent of Graduates Reporting One or More Clerkships at Any Time2 52% 43% 51% 50% 42%
Total Number of Clerkships Obtained by Graduates 144 144 159 147 128

1 Percentages based on total number of employed graduates.
2 Percentages based on total number of graduates.