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CMS (Resumes, Interview Programs, Job Postings, Employment Evaluations)

The Career Development Office uses a web-based database called the Career Management System (CMS) to provide the following resources to students:

Upload Your Resume
Students are encouraged to upload their resumes to CMS prior to their counseling appointments with CDO counselors. Students will also upload their resumes to participate in the interview programs.

Interview Program Participation
Students utilize CMS to view the employers who are participating in our interview programs and to ultimately bid on and view their interview schedules. More information about our interview programs can be found under Programs.

Student Summer Employment Evaluations
CMS currently houses student summer evaluations for summers 2006 through 2013. This is a very valuable resource for students when researching prospective employers. Students can help us add to this resource by filling out a survey about their most recent summer experience(s). Once in CMS, click on Summer Employment Evaluations under SHORTCUTS. Click on the Add New button on the My Surveys tab. If you split your summer, simply fill out additional surveys. NOTE: there is an option at the bottom of the questionnaire that enables students to submit their answers anonymously. If you wish to be anonymous, answer "NO" to the question: Are you available to discuss your summer experience with other students? 

Job Posting System
Employers specifically looking for Yale students utilize CMS to post job opportunities. The job announcements are searchable by job type, duration (summer or permanent, for example), practice area, and geographic location. Students can also set up email alerts to notify them of specific posting types.