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Advice for Job Seekers

Although each student’s individual job search is unique, there are many general principles relating to the job search process that are important to understand. This site provides an introduction and general guidance on creating standard legal application materials, interviewing, and networking.  For a more detailed discussion of the job search process, students are encouraged to review the Introduction to Career Development Guide

In addition to the formal application materials you submit there are other “informal” venues in which employers will learn about candidates; therefore, it is important for you to maintain a professional online image. Take the time to review and edit your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, any personal websites, or blogs. Be aware not only of the content you author, but of links to other content from your site. If you share your thoughts and opinions on other sites, are you comfortable with employers reading your views? Google yourself—are you concerned with what you see? If it is content you posted, look into taking it down. Consider restricting access to your online content whenever possible. Feel free to talk to a CDO counselor if you have any concerns about your online image.