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Career Pathways

While some students enter YLS with a clear vision of their career goals, others arrive with an open mind and the knowledge that a law degree is an excellent foundation for a multitude of careers. While your career possibilities are limited only by your effort and imagination, it is helpful to gain a foundation in the typical paths of YLS students and graduates. This site provides information on careers in public interest, judicial clerkships, law firms, law teaching, and business.

Additional YLS resources for exploring career possibilities include:

• CDO’s Guides
• CDO’s Alumni Career Profiles
• Yale Law Women’s Alumnae Spotlights
• CDO’s summer, entry level and judicial clerkship employment statistics
• CDO’s 5th Year and 10th Year Career Development Reports discussing the career paths of our graduates five and ten years after graduation
• CDO’s Post-Fellowship Reports providing insight from graduates in public interest fellowships