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Judicial Clerkships

Alliance for Justice: Judicial Selection Project
Includes reports and analysis concerning the federal judiciary and judicial confirmations, most notably demographic tables based on judges' ethnicity and gender.

Federal Judicial Center
Offers short biographies of federal judges and histories of federal courts.

Federal Judiciary
General information about federal courts and links to other court sites. View the online version of The Third Branch, the federal judiciary's newsletter. In the "Judicial Milestones" section of the newsletter, you can look for nominations, confirmations, and other status changes.

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (part of CCH IntelliConnect)
On this page, select "Intelliconnect." This online directory contains the full text of the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, which includes biographical data, descriptions of noteworthy rulings, and anonymous lawyers' evaluations. It also includes Senate Biographical Questionnaires and Financial Disclosure Reports for federal judges. The database is currently only available to users of YLS computers of Yale VPN (you will need to create a username and password the first time). To access the Directory (1) under "Browse" in the QuickBar, click on the + sign next to "Litigation;" (2) click on the + sign next to "Judicial Research." At this point, you can check the box next to "Almanac of the Federal Judiciary" to enable you to conduct name searches just within that database (or you can click on the + signs to go further down the tree to browse judges by court).

FindLaw Court Directories
Provides links to all federal and many state court websites.

National Center for State Courts
Links to numerous state and international court sites.

Senate Judiciary Committee
Includes calendar of confirmation hearings and committee actions, as well as listings of judicial nominations and confirmations.

Senate Nominations
Most up-to-date listings of recent nominations and confirmations, judicial and otherwise.

The Vermont Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures
Compiled by the Public Interest Action Project at Vermont Law School, this guide provides information on clerkship opportunities in all 50 states as well as in the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. You can access .pdf printable versions of individual state information for the entire guide from the web site. To access the files, select "Access the Guide." Call CDO for username and password.