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General Career Information

For job seekers, the site offers many current available job postings collected from newspapers and employers across the country. You can also post a resume online.

FindLaw is a provider of online legal information and offers a mix of cases, statutes, legal news, a lawyer directory, an online career center and community-oriented tools such as mailing lists and message boards.

Find Your Spot
Take an online quiz that tells you the cities that best fit your lifestyle

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Provides an online version of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a personality test designed to allow job seekers to identify their personality type.

Considered the lawyering survival guide, featuring posts on blogging, careers, ethics, marketing, going paperless, practice management, starting a law firm, and technology.

Leadership Directories
Yale Law School provides students with a subscription to the Leadership Directories, an online database containing biographical and contact information for leaders in U.S. business, government, professional, and nonprofit organizations. Altogether, Leadership Directories provides information on almost a half million people at over 40,000 organizations. Students using a Yale computer or connected to Yale through a VPN can access the Directories without a password. If accessing the site from an outside computer without VPN, please contact CDO at (203) 432-1676 for a username and password.

Simple but comprehensive job search for various types of positions across the country.

Salary/Cost of Living Calculator
This site enables job seekers to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. cities.

Vault Career Insider
Yale Law School has purchased a subscription to the Vault Career Insider for the sole use of Yale Law School students. Students create their own account on the website. This subscription enables students to download pdf versions of many of Vault's career guides, including the Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms which provides the “scoop” on each firm, tips on getting hired, quotes from survey respondents and information about quality of life factors. In addition to accessing the guides, click on "Industries" to view Vault's various rankings of firms by region, department, diversity and quality of life. Click on "Firms" to access law firm profiles which provide contact information and a firm snapshot. This site also provides access to message boards and career advice. For more information on navigating this site, please see the Online Resource Tutorial on Vault Career Insider. This site must be accessed through Yale’s VPN. Instructions are available at http://web.library.yale.edu/help/off-campus-access-vpn.   

Vault Salary Wizard
The salary section of Vault's website allows you to browse the salary surveys by industry and job function. It also includes salary charts for law firms, consulting, and finance.

What Color is Your Parachute?
Supplement to the book, What Color is Your Parachute?, a manual for job hunters and career changers. Site provides advice about making contacts, finding job openings, conducting research and creating resumes. Not law specific.

Yale Career Network
The Yale Career Network is the University equivalent to the law school's Career Connections. It is a database of alumni from any school within Yale who have offered to assist students or fellow alumni seeking career advice. Students can log in using their netIDs. Alumni need to join the online alumni community to gain access to the site.

Yale University Online Alumni Directory
The Online Alumni Directory contains name, degree and contact information for all alumni of Yale College, the Graduate School and Yale's professional schools. It is available only to alumni who join the alumni community.