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Legal Newspapers & Magazines

ABA Journal
Articles are available to read, and the careers section (under topics) contains advice for job seekers.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes its job listings on this site. There is also an entire section of articles titled "Advice."

Inside Counsel
Magazine serving in-house legal professionals. Website links to articles, a job bank, and information about upcoming events.

This is a website associated with Corporate Counsel magazine, one of American LawyerMedia's publications. It provides information on law and technology as well as job listings and firm directories.

Law Bulletin Publishing Company
Site serves the Chicago legal and business communities by providing news, data and access to Chicago area legal newspapers. Also contains classified jobs for free.

Lawyers Weekly Jobs
Lawyer's Weekly newspaper is published in MA, MI, MO, NC, RI, SC and VA. There is also a national publication, Lawyers USA. Site provides access to its classified job listings online for free. Review articles to familiarize yourself with the legal community in these states.

The Minority Law Journal
Websitelinks to the Directory of Minority Attorneys whichcontains listings of minority-owned law firms, and the names of minority attorneys in majority-owned law firms, corporate law departments and government agencies. Site also provides results of their Minority Summer Associate Survey and their Diversity Scorecard.