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LL.M. Information

Admission to the Masters of Law (LL.M.) program is generally open only to those pursuing a career in law teaching. However, some LL.M. students, especially international students, have found a short term position (6-12 months) in a non-academic employment setting to be beneficial to their ultimate career goals. A handful of students secure permanent positions with legal employers in the U.S. CDO provides counseling and information to all students, including LL.M. students, to assist them in making informed career decisions.

Each LL.M. student receives the LL.M. Career Planning Guide,which provides information about the LL.M. US private sector hiring market and advice about interviewing and networking techniques. CDO also conducts workshops with LL.M. students seeking US internship opportunities, including teaching LL.M. students how to write an "American" resume and cover letter. Students are encouraged to check theCDO Calendar for information aboutrelevant programs. LL.M. students have access to all resources in the CDO library and on the CDO web site.

Some of our LL.M. students decide to take the New York State Bar exam. To assist students in determining their eligibility, CDO authors a brochure, LL.M.s and the New York Bar Exam.