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Researching Employers

Once you have had a chance to work through the self-assessment you will have a sense of the qualities you want in an employer. The next step is to research the market. Conducting employer research can be time-consuming, so a structured research plan will be helpful.

Using the results of your self-assessment create categories of target employers, such legal services organizations in Boston, or law firms involved in environmental work. After identifying the general types of employers of interest, turn to resources to learn more about particular employers. Students are encouraged to visit employer’s websites as well as view the CDO Guides, CDO library resources, and list of external career links. Below are a few of the resources students have found helpful in their research:
  • Student Summer Employment Evaluations. All students are encouraged to provide CDO with an evaluation for each of their summer experiences. The evaluations are located in CDO’s Career Management System (CMS), which students can access from the Quick Links section on the YLS Inside page.
  • NALP Directory of Legal Employers. The Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) publishes a directory of legal employers available on-line. The directory contains detailed information about larger law firms and some public interest organizations, including information about their practice areas, hiring plans, and more.
  • PSJD. This database provides a comprehensive clearinghouse of more than 11,000 law-related public interest organizations around the world, as well as opportunities for lawyers and law students.
  • Vault Online Career Library. Yale Law School has purchased a subscription to the Vault Career Library, which enables students to download pdf versions of many of Vault’s career guides.
  • Chambers and Partners. The Chambers Guides include Chambers USA, Chambers Europe, Chambers UK, Chambers Global, and Chambers Asia. These guides are searchable online and provide rankings (known as “bands”) of law firms by practice area.
  • Martindale Hubbell. This comprehensive database includes large and small law firms and can be used to search for YLS alumni, firms in a particular city, firms with a particular practice area, and more.