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Student Services

Yale Law School and Yale University provide a range of services to help our students thrive during their years in school. After all, even in law school, life continues outside the classroom.

Costs and Financial Aid
Find more information on financial aid during and after your time at YLS.

Explore your options for where to live while at YLS and in the New Haven area.

The YLS Dining Hall offers a place to eat, relax, and socialize between classes - with great coffee.

Transportation & Security
Yale University provides a shuttle service and walking escort to move you around campus.

Information Technology
Yale Law School's IT department, separate from the main Yale IT department,offers computing support, Internet connectivity, free printing, and more for members of the YLS community.

Students with Families
The Law School and the University provide special services for students with spouses and children.

Students with Disabilities
Yale can help students who need special transportation, classroom assistance, and other services.

International Students
Each year Yale Law School welcomes many international students.Learn more about resources available to international students at Yale.