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RebLaw Conference: "Mountaintop Removal Mining in Appalachia" Panel

This panel will examine the history of litigation against mountaintop coal mining practices in Appalachia through the perspective of both lawyers in the field and community organizers.  The panelists will discuss the changing legal strategies during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations as well as the changing perceptions of the issue both locally and nationally.  The panel will seek to educate students about the scale of environmental destruction incurred by this type of coal mining while also looking at the obstacles faced by those who wish to bring about change.  Finally, the panel will discuss various judicial, regulatory, and legislative strategies for the future, and the likelihood that those strategies will succeed.

There will also be a brown bag lunch scheduled with some of the panelists on Sunday, Feb. 21.

For more information about the RebLaw Conference and registration, please visit: