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Dissent and Its Limits

This panel discussion is part of the Global Constitutionalism Seminar and is co-sponsored by the American Constitution Society (ACS). 

We should not take judicial dissent for granted. Some systems, including those represented on this panel, do not allow for dissenting voices. Some systems allow it and leave the discretion to dissent to the judges themselves. More abstractly, the judiciary as an institution may choose to dissent, either from the views of a co-equal branch or from society itself.

Each of these "types" of dissent offers advantages and disadvantages. The justices will share their thoughts on how they balance these considerations and what they ultimately think dissent's role and limits are.

With S. Cassese, D. Grimm, M. Maduro, J. Newman and R. Ribeiro.

Thursday, September 23, 12:10 PM