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2012 Lots

Full List of 2012 Auction Items



Involving Faculty & Staff

1. Dinner for 4 at Jimmy’s of Savin Rock. Dinner for 4 students at the historic Jimmy’s of Savin Rock, the New Haven area’s iconic beachfront seafood restaurant – every YLS student should experience Jimmy’s before graduation. Donated by Linda Greenhouse.

2. Sushi for 4. Sushi night for up to 4 students with two of YLS’s beloved clinical professors at Jerry-San’s Sushi Bar. Donated by Jean Koh Peters and Muneer Ahmad.

3. Decadent Lamb Roast for 10. To be held in the new pavilion atthe seaside home of Lea Brilmayer and Bill Horne in Branford. Vegetarian alternative is available.

4. Chinese Banquet for 6 at a world class, but little known, Chinese restaurant in the area, to be held some lovely evening this spring, long after all the blue books are read. Donated by Owen Fiss.

5. Dinner for 8 at the home of Larry and Paulette Fox at a mutually convenient time.

6. Progressive Dinner Party for up to 8. The professors and attendees will begin with a cornucopia of hors d’oeuvres at Tracey Meares’s home, walk around the corner to Daniel Markovits’s home for a delicious entrée, and saunter a few blocks to Oona Hathaway’s home for a variety of desserts.

7. Meal for 6-8 students with two of YLS’s favorite clinical professors. Donated by Stephen Wizner and Carroll Lucht.

8. Indian Dinner for 6. See if your taste buds can handle the heat of a home-cooked Indian dinner, with wines paired. To take place at a mutually convenient time after March 15. Donated by David Grewal.

9. West African Meal for 6-8. The perfect solution for would-be hosts without cooking skills: the generous members of the CDO staff will deliver a home-cooked West African meal to your doorstep.

10. SCOTUS Dinner for 4. Get career tips from real-world experts on appellate litigation. The Supreme Court Advocacy Clinic professors (two leading members of the Supreme Court bar, the former head of USAO Connecticut's appellate division, and the doyenne of legal journalism) will take up to 4 students to dinner at Zinc (or a comparable restaurant) on a mutually agreeable Wednesday night. Donated by Charles Rothfeld, Andy Pincus, Jeffrey Meyer, and Linda Greenhouse.

11. Dinner for 4 out in New Haven. Donated by Judith Resnik, Robert Post, Reva Siegel, and Dennis Curtis.

12. Dinner for 3 at Zinc. Donated by Jonathan Macey.

13. Home-Cooked Dinner for 5. Donated by Ian Shapiro.

14. Dinner for 4. At Professor Silk’s house. Donated by Jim Silk and Steve Bright.

15. Desserts for Lunch for 4 at Union League Cafe. Just desserts -- trust us, it is worth it! Donated by the Lillian Goldman Law Librarians.

16. Dinner and a Movie/Music for 4. Head to New Haven’s 9th Square neighborhood with Gerald Torres. After dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood (suggestions accepted), we'll stroll over to the Criterion for a movie or listen to live music at a local music venue. Professor Torres reserves veto power (warning: No War Horse).

17. Lunch for 4 at Union League Cafe. Donated by Anne Alstott.

18. Five-Course Progressive Dinner for 6-8. Enjoy Heather Gerken’s appetizers and amuse-bouche, including smoked salmon with caviar, steak with slow-cooked leeks and a truffle aioli, and a tempura egg yolk with a smoked paprika crema. With a glass of wine in hand, stroll with the professors over to Scott Shapiro’s house for his world-famous borscht.Wander over to Rick Brooks’s house for his jerked short ribs. End the evening at Mike Wishnie’s with an exquisite dessert.

19. Italian Dinner for 4. Join Steven Duke for dinner at his favorite Italian place in New Haven.


20. Mimosa & Bellini Brunch for 6. Includes plenty of champagne, orange juice, peach puree, and brunch favorites (homemade scones, quiche, fruit, baked goods, etc.). Donated by Emma Simson, Lauren Thomas, Eileen Zelek, Charanya Krishnawami, and Isa More.

21. Savory Chili/Stew Cooking Lesson + Dinner for 6. Rachel Wiener will show up at your place with ingredients for stew/chili and show you how to put it all together. Invite friends, or keep it a secret and feed yourself for a week. A bottle of wine is included. Choose from Sweet & Spicy Chili (with Smoky Chipotle cornbread), East Coast Chili (with soda bread), West Coast Chili (with sourdough), Turkey Pumpkin Chili (with soda bread), or Lentil Stew (with whole grain). Vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore-friendly.

22. Breakfast Lovers Basket. Skip your 10 a.m. class and enjoy this Breakfast Lovers Basket, featuring a gift certificate for a breakfast sandwich from Zoi’s, $10 from Dunkin’ Donuts, Blue State coffee, tea, and a dozen Bruegger's bagels and cream cheese. Donated by Caitlin Miner-Le Grand, Zoi’s On Orange, and Bruegger’s Bagels.

23. Home-Cooked Shabbat Dinner for up to 6. Join Amanda Elbogen and Tessa Bialek for a home-cooked Shabbat dinner, including homemade (they promise!) challah and all of the kosher wine your heart desires. Tessa will harken back to her Jewish a capella group days and sing Shabbat-related songs, and Amanda will tell saucy tales from the Talmud. All are welcome.

24. Dumpling-Making Lessons for 6-10. Learn how to make delicious, authentic Chinese dumplings from scratch, featuring the recipes our mamas taught us. Dinner will include three types of dumplings (vegetarian and vegan options available), as well as our favorite side dishes and an obligatory downing ofbaijiu. Donated by Celia Choy, Christine Tsang and Ivy Wang.

25. Development and Globalization: A Vegan Interpretation for 8. This four-course, vegan, candlelit dinner (table service included!) is a culinary rendering of the economic and social changes affecting our world. Enjoy organic spinach and beet salad with a homemade fat-free, halal raspberry vinaigrette ("The Green Revolution"); chickpeas Julia and spiced couscous ("The Doha Round"); JP's manmade artisanal truffles covered in pistachio - served with inconveniently warm almond milk ("Climate Change"); champagne and chocolate covered strawberries ("The EU"). Donated by Julia Freeland, John Paredes, and Shayak Sarkar.

26. Spring Delights Picnic for 2. A three-course meal for two packed up picnic perfect. This meal-to-go will include a delicious appetizer, main course, dessert, and some *bargain* priced wine. Marbre Stahly-Butts and Jamil Jivani will provide the Tupperware and the eats and you can take it wherever your heart desires.

27. Pizza Party for 12. You provide an oven and a list of your favorite toppings and Renata Strause will bring the rest. Delicious homemade pizza dough, with her secret sauce recipe, and special toppings like caramelized bacon, spiced tomatoes, and cheese-stuffed pepper rings. She'll cook a pizza feast for 12 that will make even Pepe and Sally jealous.

28. Eggs & Pancakes Brunch for 4. Enjoy eggs benedict, secret-recipe pancakes, real maple syrup, juice, and coffee. Donated by J.D. Hamel.

29. A(nother) Night In With the [Class of 2012] Transfers. Taking it easy this semester? It’s not too late to get back on track with an evening with the most aggressively competent folks in the law school. Join them for dinner, drinks, and productivity-enhancement. Master multicolor highlighting schemes and other advanced transfer-student techniques for law school success (such as taking notes and doing the reading). Don't miss your chance to spend a night with the group who made YLS’s biggest class even bigger—a night that last year's winners are calling “the best night of law school,” even if they still don’t know all of our names…

30. Middle Eastern Feast for 8. Enjoy delicious home-cooked Middle Eastern fare and music with your friends at Sirine Shebaya’s home in Branford. Donated by MENALSA.

31. Home-Cooked Dominican Meal for 6. Cooked by a real-life Dominican! He can either cook at your house or host you at his home for dinner. Donated by Celso Perez and Gillian Quandt.

32. Tapas Party for 6. Enjoy good company, good wine, and delicious Spanish tapas. Menu selections may include: bacon-wrapped dates, patatas bravas, piquillo peppers, spinach and mushroom tortilla, roasted tomatoes, mussels cooked in wine, and marinated olives. Dinner discussion will not include any law-school related topics. Donated by Leah Bellshaw, Whitney Cloud, and Fran Faircloth.

33. Dinner Party for 8. Ever had pomegranate seeds, avocado, and macadamia nuts in one dish? Do you want to know how to make Cioppino?Have you ever heard a violinist play a violin he fashioned with his own hands? Don't want to do the dishes?We'll cook what you want, play better than what you want, and fill you with wine and joy. Donated by Dermot Lynch, Eric Merrill, and Trevor Stutz.

34. European Adventure for 6. Dinner for up to six people at your place, with lasagne, tiramisu, and German beverages combined with expert European travel advice. German and Italian behavioral stereotypes guaranteed. Donated by Paolo Saguato and Matthias Rossbach.

35. Italian Dining Experience for 5-6. You provide a kitchen, and Paolo will cook a delightful Italian dinner (antipasto, primo, secondo e dolce—specific menu will be arranged with you) and bring you a bottle of Prosecco. No pseudo-Italian ingredients will be used; Paolo will cook with proper ingredients sent directly from Italy by his lovely mom. Donated by Paolo Saguato.

36. Guatemalan/Salvadoran 3-Course Dinner for 4. Appetizer: Pupusas with curtido. Main course: Pepian with black beans. Dessert: Rellenitos. Yum! Donated by Guianna Henriquez, Andrea Sanchez, and Glenda Aldana Madrid.

37. 5-Course Dinner for 12. Celebrate the musings of a pretentious wannabe gourmand. Kevin Love Hubbard will tolerate cooking for vegetarians, but if you want vegan food bid on Shayak's dinner instead. Menu to be developed in consultation with the winner, but will include soup, salad, small plate, entree, and dessert.


Involving Faculty & Staff

38. Finger Painting for 10-20 People With Tiger Mom and Panda Dad. A private finger painting session for 10-20 with Amy Chua and Paul Gewirtz. You paint, you laugh, you cry. You express your soul. And then, at the end, the group will vote on the most (least?) worthy artwork, which Tiger Mom herself will post on her refrigerator at home for a week. The other paintings will go up on the dining hall doorway. Donated by Jeremy Kutner.

39. Scrabble Games. Two games of Scrabble, to be played by tournament rules. Donated by Bob Ellickson.

40. Kayak Trip for 2. A kayak adventure on the Quinnipiac River for 1-2 people. Professor Ayres will lead the expedition and will provide appropriate libations. An additional 1-2 people may join the trip if they have kayaks and transportation. Donated by Ian Ayres.

41. Singalong for 5. A night of singing, drinking, and passing the guitar around at Professor Ayres’s house. Donated by Ian Ayres.

42. Poker Night for 5 with Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld. Each player will get $50 worth of FREE chips to start. The five seats will be auctioned off in a single block in hopes of maximizing irrational team price warfare.

43. Dinner & Social Science for 4. Seminar in applied decision theory followed by experimentation with live subjects (stakes to be applied by student experimenters) in the vicinity of Ledyard, Connecticut. Dinner provided at restaurant on site. Donated by Dan Kahan.

44. Swimming Party for 10. A swimming party, in a heated indoor swimming pool, complete with pool toys, fabulous desserts, wine, and sparkling conversation. Donated by Vicki Schultz.

45. Doubles Tennis & Brunch. Think you can take on the dream team? Test your skill in a doubles tennis match against Mike Wishnie and John Fabian Witt (with brunch to follow).

46. Trivia Throwdown for 5. Last year a group of law students challenged the Lillian Goldman Law Library trivia team and LOST. Do you and your friends have what it takes to even the score? Librarians will cover up to $200 (after tax and tip) of bar tab for a team of 5 at Trivia Night at Anna Liffey’s. Donated by the fabulously well-read Lillian Goldman Law Librarians.

47. Trivia Night for 5. Jules Coleman will join your trivia team of up to five students for an evening of facts and fun in April. You choose the venue.

48. KARAOKE THROWDOWN for 12. Engage in a karaoke throwdown with the Class of 2000 and Friends Karaoke Team. A "throwdown" is defined as "a performance by a rapper or DJ [or member of the YLS faculty or administration], intended to be particularly hardcore or intense." The Class of 2000 and Friends Karaoke Team includes the following musical luminaries: Muneer Ahmad, Emily Bazelon '00, Sharon Brooks '00 [in her final performance as a member of the faculty team], Amy Kapczynski [in her glorious debut as a member of the faculty team], Noah Messing '00, Claire Priest '00, Asha Rangappa '00, Scott Shapiro, and one or more mystery guests who succumb to our arm-twisting.

49. Bowling Not Alone for 8. A bowling night for 8 students with Daniel Ho. Bear in mind, he has not bowled since the 1990s, so skills are not required.

50. Golf for 3. Professor Simon will join you for a round of golf at the Yale Golf Course, with lunch at the course. Donated by John G. Simon.

51. Fishing Trip on the Long Island Sound for 3. A half-day fishing trip for up to 3 with Jerry Mashaw, aboard his fishing boat on the Long Island Sound. Fish probable, but not guaranteed! Note: this fishing trip must be scheduled for September or early October 2012.


52. Ultimate Skydive Experience. Hank will take care of everything—including all meals, transportation, and photographic/video evidence of the experience. Winner will complete a tandem jump—strapped to a professional—with a certified jumpmaster (sorry, Hank is not the jumpmaster, although he will do his best to get on the same plane for the ride up, he’ll jump separately). Donated by Hank Moon.

53. Bowling for 6. Enjoy two hours of bowling for 6, valued at $65. Includes shoes, a pitcher of soda or juice, and a large popcorn. Donated by AMF Milford Lanes.

54. Canoe Ride for You or Two. Get to know a river or pond around New Haven on a canoe ride. You choose a body of water within a reasonable distance, and Ben will provide the canoe, paddles, life jackets, and refreshments (hot chocolate or mulled wine in cold weather, beer in warm weather). Have him paddle while you and a friend relax up front, or paddle yourself if you choose. (2-hour limit.) Donated by Ben Fryer.

55. A Trip for 4 to Meet Justice Scalia! Hate the perils of email lotteries? Don't feel like brushing up on your conservative credentials but really want to meet the original originalist? Bid on four guaranteed spots on FedSoc's annual Supreme Court trip (April 12-13). Trip includes lunch at Mayer Brown and a possible happy hour. FedSoc’s members can usually provide inexpensive or free housing and transportation.

56. Hansmann Flip Cup. Bring your A game to a flip cup tournament against Hansmann’s 3L small group. They will provide keg, cups, and location; come prepared for a challenge.

57. The Great Case Race. Bid on the chance to compete in a case race against three 2L extraordinaires. We'll pick up the tab for both cases of Keystone Light. The losing party will agree to donate an additional $50 to the Initiative for Public Interest Law at Yale.Kevin will provide chips and cheer against you. Donated by Ben, Josh, and Raj.

58. Geology Tour of Connecticut. Led by Sinéad’s husband, who is in his 5th year of a PhD in Geology at Yale. Their toddler will co-lead the trip! Winner gets to pick the location(s). Donated by Sinéad Hunt.

59. Yankees/Red Sox for 10. Reignite the New York/Boston rivalry just in time for baseball season. Bring a group of ten Red Sox or Yankees fans to watch the Sox play the Yanks on Friday, April 20th at 3:05, Saturday, April 21st at 4:05, or Sunday, April 22nd at 8:05 on a big-screen HDTV. The Meltzer Brothers will be cooking Southern BBQ (pulled pork, mac and cheese, cornbread, etc.), talkingtrash, and trying to erase the memories of a devastating Super Bowl.

60. A Night of Competitive Gaming with Fran “Welcome to the Boneyard” Faircloth; Leah “I roll Yahtzees in Risk” Bellshaw; and Dan “Old Maid” Isaacs. Are you tired of pretending to not be competitive? Then this is the item for you. Bid on a night of competitive gaming with YLS’s three gaming gunners! If you think going to office hours the first week of classes is intense, then you’ve never played a real board game in your life. They’ll bring the games, if you bring your courage.

61. Meet Ryan Grim. A Beer with Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief for The Huffington Post. Or a cup of coffee. In Washington. Donated by Yoni Cohen.

62. Visit Bloomberg Headquarters. The members of the Yale Law & Business Society will take you on an all expenses-paid trip to Bloomberg headquarters in NYC, where you will have a chance to meet senior staff. The trip will happen on a Friday afternoon this April.

63. Shooting Range Trip for 1-2 people. Assert your Second Amendment rights on a one-hour trip to the State of Connecticut's public rifle range, located in the beautiful Naugatuck State Forest and managed by the High Rock Shooting Association, to shoot .22 pistol and rifle and 9mm pistol. Includes instruction in the safe handling of firearms and basic marksmanship skills. Guns, ammunition, range fees, hearing and eye protection, and targets will be provided. Disclaimers: Bidders cannot be prohibited under federal or state law from possessing firearms or ammunition. (Note: persons admitted to the United States under a non-immigrant visa must purchase a hunting license from any state prior to going to the range. Alaska offers one online for $20.)

64. Tour of Historic (Bars of) San Francisco. A walking tour of San Francisco history as told through the bars that played an instrumental role in its development. Includes a tiki bar where it rains inside and at least four other San Francisco bars. You will receive all the booze you can drink, dinner, and increasingly incoherent historical musings. Your friends and family are welcome but will have to pay their way. Redeemable at any time when Bryn Williams is in San Francisco (including spring break and part of summer).

65. Camping Trip for up to 16 people with the 2011 Schuck Small Group. Ride in style to a picturesque New England campsite while you watch the DVD of your choice. Arrive to expertly constructed, weatherproof shelters. Cook s'mores around a blazing fire, dance beneath the stars, and enjoy a guided nature hike. Return home at one with Mother Earth, reassured that all you really need to enjoy life are your survival instincts, some water, a midsized machete, and the 2011 Schuck Small Group.

66. Basketball. Play basketball with (someone who knows) Jeremy Lin! Join in a friendly game or competition. One-on-one, three-on-three, or five-on-five; just let Kevin Chen know so he can bring a team to match yours. Donated by APALSA.

67. Birdwatching. An introductory course on birdwatching to take place one morning on any weekend before May at either East Rock Park or Lighthouse Park in East Haven. No equipment is needed. Donated by Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang.

68. Guided walking bakery tour in New York City (LES & East-Village-focused). You and a friend will go on 5-7 bakery tour (depending on how much sugar you can handle!), stopping at some of NYC's most traditional bakeries as well as more modern bakeries (including an obligatory Momofuku Milk Bar visit). 1 year expiration date, to be arranged at a mutually agreeable time. Includes one baked good at each stop. Donated by Caitlin Miner-Le Grand.

Wine & Alcohol Tastings

Involving Faculty & Staff

69. Celtic Whiskey Tasting for 4-6. Taste a variety of Scottish, Irish, and Scotch-Irish whiskies. Available for a group of 4-6, but the precise number of participants may be negotiated—depending (in part) on the size of the winning bid. Donated by J. L. Pottenger, Jr. and Frank Dineen.

70. Margaritas at Geronimo’s for 4. Enjoy a round or two with Fiona Doherty.


71. Scotch Tasting for 9 with YLW’s Leading Ladies. The 2011-12 Board of Yale Law Women will provide an evening of libations and lively conversation. The donors propose scotch as the drink of choice, but if that doesn't suit the winner's tastes, they’d be delighted to prepare a tasting featuring another liquor, wine, beer, high-end fruit juice, whatever floats your boat! Donated by Tracy Nowski, Charanya Krishnaswami, Sri Kuehnlenz, Vidya Venkataraman, Jane Jiang, and Molly Weston.

72. Two Wine-Tasting Tickets. Available for any tasting event; valued at $50. Donated by GPSCY.

73. Two Wine-Tasting Tickets. Available for any tasting event; valued at $50. Donated by GPSCY.

74. Cocktail Class for 6. Donated by 116 Crown.

255. Beer Tasting at Cask Republic for 5. Taste 6 beers (VERY generous portions) and learn about what you’re drinking from one of Cask Republic’s expert bartenders. Donated by Barrett Anderson.

Lessons & Services

Involving Faculty & Staff

75. Home Improvement Services. One half-day of services by an experienced carpenter and home improvement specialist. Donated by Kevin Rose.

76. Drive Around Town in Style. A day’s use of a 2007 Aston-Martin DB9 Volante, which is a 6-speed convertible featured in earlier James Bond movies. Certain restrictions apply: no drinking; 80-mile cap on total mileage; 75 mph cap on speed. Donated by an anonymous (but very generous) professor.

77. Personalized Poem. Written to the bidder's specifications and based on his or her information, at $25 per stanza. Donated by Peter Schuck.

78. Tarot Card Readings. Confused about what career path to take?Need more insight into your love life? Want to find out what your grade is, since one never got reported? Let Asha Rangappa be your guide with 2 hours’ worth of tarot card readings (either 12 10-minute readings or 6 20-minute readings). Asha has studied tarot card symbolism with a professional reader and will use the cards to help you ask yourself questions you haven’t considered and approach your issues from a new perspective!

79. Handmade Book. Have the material of your choice (minimum and maximum number of pages apply) bound into a book by the Davenport College Book Bindery. Includes visit to the bindery to select paper and binding material, with wide range of choices, including a variety of cloth and letter. Minimum bid of $60. Donated by Jim Silk.

80. Fencing Lessons and Competition for 6. Joinfencer and fencing coach extraordinaire Jim Barnett—who fenced at Penn State, nationally, and internationally and has coached many state champions—for a night of fencing lessons and competition. Winners will go to Jim's club in Wallingford (10-15 min drive) where he will provide everything they need to fence, including a break for pizza. Can be scheduled for 6-9 p.m. or Saturday or Sunday morning. (Valued at $500.)


81. Multi-Session Arts Classes. Learn anything from metalsmithing to bookbinding with a multi-week class registration at New Haven’s community arts studio. Valued at up to $500. Donated by Creative Arts Workshop.

82. Cute Overload! One week of adorable animal videos, delivered to your inbox daily (or several times a day if she’s inspired). Videos certain to feature hedgehogs, kittens, puppies, and maybe even sloths. The perfect antidote to law school blahs. Donated by Tamar Lerer.

83. Original Sestina. An original sestina, written with the ending words of the buyer's choosing. It's a poem of six stanzas, six lines each, in which the final words of the stanzas rotate through the lines over the course of the poem. Last year's winner, Peter Chen, said, "Best value for money." Donated by Eric Parrie.

84. One Sonnet. As last year's recipient of the Eric Parrie sestina, Peter Chen feels obliged to pass on a poetic offering. You pick any general topic; he'll write the sonnet. Effort is assured, but quality cannot be.

85. Babysitting. Need a night out on the town? Bid for one evening of babysitting. Donated by Tessa Bialek and Gillian Gillers.

86. Dog-Sitting Services. One day of dog-sitting or four hours of dog-walking services. Donated by J.D. Hamel and Usha Chilukuri.

87. Babysitting. One evening of babysitting with an experienced babysitter. Donated by Emily Rock.

88. Night Out without the Kids. Have you really wanted to go try that new restaurant, but couldn't find someone to take care of your kids? Your "night out on the town" is now a possibility. Just let Emily Stolzenberg and Eva Rigamonti provide the childcare for up to 4 hours.

89. Photoshoot with Talented Photographer. A half-hour photoshoot for a headshot/profile photograph/book jacket cover (one person) from Marissa Doran. Marissa will post rough cuts, and you can choose five for her to polish and send back to you (one round of edits). You will own the files and can print. Marissa has worked as a professional photographer in the past.

90. Photo Session (Individual or Group). Now's the time to satisfy your inner narcissist or just get those "professional" shots done. Fun, low-key photo shoot with an amateur photographer. Jessica will work some magic to make you (even more!) beautiful and provide you with digital copies. (Contact her if you want examples of her work.) Donated by Jessica So.

91. Handyman Services. Are you moving into a new place this fall? Daniel will come over for an evening and build IKEA furniture, hang pictures and mirrors, install shelves, install curtain rods, unjam jammed windows, or do whatever else needs doing, including any plumbing or electrical work that can be done in the course of a few hours. When this is finished, you will be happier in your home. Donated by Daniel Weisfield.

92. IKEA RUN! Need some new furniture but hate the idea of building things? The donors will take you to IKEA, start you off with a $100 gift card, help you load up your cart, and transport it all back for you in Hank Moon's truck, Betty the Blue. They’ll even set everything up and give you a few six packs to help you relax. Donated by Grant Damon, Tom Maher, Hank Moon, Christen Romero, Chase Sackett, and Ryan Watzel.

93. A Night of Serenades. Kevin Chen will play guitar and sing for the winner(s) (ideally a group, as singing to one person the whole time would be kind of awkward/creepy) for a night. Will play mostly acoustic covers of pop songs and will attempt to learn songs on request. Think Jack Johnson, but much much less talented. Will play at least two Katy Perry songs regardless of how the audience feels about it.

94. A few tunes performed live, at a venue of the winner's choosing, by A Reasonable Band (Eric Merrill on fiddle/banjo, Josiah Pertz on guitar, Alex Platt on bass and Jane Tucker on vocals). Possible selections include old-time, bluegrass, originals and the occasional indie-rock hit or jazz standard. Donated by Eric Merrill, Josiah Pertz, Alex Platt, and Jane Tucker.

95. A Performance by The Citations. The Citations, Yale's only co-ed grad school a cappella group, cover a wide range of material—pop, jazz, country, and more! Have them sing at a private party or serenade a sweetheart. Dates flexible; The Citations will do their best to accommodate your schedule! Donated by Jen Skene.

96. One Painting on the Subject of Your Choice. Please note that there are no guarantees of quality or verisimilitude included in this auction. Previous winnings have included paintings of, inter alia, pigs, snakes, whales, dragons, and roast chicken. Painting may, but need not, be a collaborative effort. Should the winning bidder wish to participate, note that dinner (and beer) will be provided. Donated by Abigail Hinchcliff.

97. Painting or Drawing. May be of any subject matter of the winner's choosing. Donated by Mindy Lu.

98. Physics for Dummies. Wish you knew something about calculus, 3d trigonometry, non-Euclidean geometry, the fifth state of matter, quantum mechanics, or general relativity? Can Sun will teach you everything you need to know in 30 minutes.

99. One Piano Lesson from Peter Chen. For any level (except for people already better than him—a substantial number to be sure). A $20 value, this one-hour piano lesson is mostly diagnostic, identifying areas in your piano playing for improvement and considering different ways of approaching your common piano problems. (NB: This lesson alone will not earn you Tiger Cub status.)

100. Beginner Guitar Lessons. Four one-hour sessions, perfect for the first-time player. Jen will teach open chords, scales, and strumming technique, and will get you on the path to teaching yourself. No guitar necessary; Jen has both an acoustic/electric and an electric guitar. Whether you want to learn to accompany yourself singing or be the next Angus Young, Jen can give you the fundamentals to get started! Donated by Jennifer Skene.

101. Bluebooking by the YLJ Volume 121 Officers. Dreading bluebooking your SAW, Substantial, or paper of equivalent length? Let the YLJ Volume 121 Officers bluebook it for you! Date restrictions apply, since they are graduating (knock on wood) this semester. Donated by Daniel Hemel, Nick Walter, Fran Faircloth, Caroline Van Zile, Whitney Cloud, and Arpit Garg.

102. Bluebooking by the YLJ Volume 122 Officers. Dreading bluebooking your SAW, Substantial, or paper of equivalent length? Let the YLJ Volume 122 Officers bluebook it for you! Date restrictions apply, since they are producing the YLJ this year.Donated by Doug Leib, Daniel Schuker, Kathryn Cherry, Shaun Mahaffy, Joanna Zhang, and Xiao Linda Liu.

103. Two Hours of Media Training. Learn about writing a bio; pitching yourself as a commentator; interviewing (could include practice interviews); blogging and promoting blog posts; and tailoring writing for web and print publications. Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza worked for political consultant James Carville from 2005-2009 and as Deputy National Press Secretary of the Democratic National Committee during the 2008 election, is a published writer, and has appeared multiple times on television and radio.

104. Now's your chance to play Supermarket Sweep! Jess Vosburgh will drive you to Trader Joe's or some other mutually agreeable grocery store. You (singular) grab everything you can in exactly ten minutes, and Rebecca Kraus will pay for whatever is in your cart. Note: this applies only to food and non-alcoholic drinks, and you cannot pre-order items.

105. Five Spanish Lessons. Wish you could have talk to your Spanish-speaking client? Want to order from the burrito cart in the language of Cervantes? Regret taking Classical Greek in college? The WIRAC students will emerge from the LSO basement to give 5 customized Spanish lessons to a group of up to 8 YLS students. You set your goal and they will adjust the lessons to your group's proficiency level.

106. Chinese Lessons. Practice your Mandarin with 3 hours of lessons. Available at all levels. Donated by Zooey Yi.

107. Irish (Gaelic) Language Lessons. Four hours of lessons for 1-2 people at a mutually convenient time. Perfect for a trip to the Aran Islands or to Enya's home village in Co. Donegal. Donated by Sinéad Hunt.

108. How to Impress a Jewish Mother: Dating Advice from YLS's Finest Mentsches. Can you tell the difference between a shmuck and a putz? Do you think Woody Allen refers to a high-end furniture store? Then, boytchik, we got something for you! This tutorial will provide you with all the help you need to score big latkes from your Jewish crush AND his/her family. Donated by the Jewish Law Students Association.

109. Good Cop/Bad Cop Life Coaching. Marvin Lim and Tamar Lerer are offering an entire month of life coaching. Marvin (Good Cop) is a former social worker and trained mental health counselor, and is willing to sing you uplifting songs. Tamar (Bad Cop) has extensive experience working in criminal law and is an amateur bounty hunter (she once recovered her phone from a thief who stole it at Walgreens). Includes virtual or in-person daily reminders, affirmations, and inspirational and/or tough love speeches.

110. Who You Gonna Call? Ghostwriters! Put three of Yale's most experienced scribes to work on your next oral assignment: Chris Michel was Speechwriter to President George W. Bush, 2003-09; Dan Schuker was Speechwriter to Lawrence Summers, National Economic Council, The White House, 2009-10; and Adam Goldenberg was Speechwriter to Michael Ignatieff, Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the Parliament of Canada, 2008-11. DISCLAIMER: We won't write your SAW.

111. Trial Advocacy Crash Course. The Board of the Barristers' Union Mock Trial Competition will give you a one-hour crash-course in trial advocacy and an insider's look at the skills and strategies that win mock (and real!) trials. Groups of up to 10 may bid together. Donated by Julie Duncan, Andrew Hahn, and Lewis Bollard.

112. Dress Your Very Own 1L. Steven Kochevar will wear any clothing or clothing substitute you choose, including accessories or cosmetics, to a social event or class of your choice. (He must be allowed to clear his attendance with the professor, and he reserves veto rights for dangerous or far-flung social events.) Any outfit protected by the First Amendment is fair game (except highly offensive speech, profanity and nudity).

113. Fashion Advice. Shari Inniss-Grant and Estella Cisneros will help you tweak your wardrobe in whatever wayyou would like. They will assist you in figuring out colors (using a color wheel), patterns and cuts to look for in the future, and will help you find the type of clothing that you want on a public interest (or not) budget. And that’s not all!Shari and Estella will also help arrange a makeup consultation at Clinique or Mac.

114. Singing Lessons. Five one-hour singing lessons with this classically-trained tenor will get you on your way to singing like Justin Timberlake. Learn proper techniques for breathing, posture, accessing your entire range from vocal fry to whistle tones (if you have them), a natural vibrato, and, of course, singing on pitch. Donated by Marvin Lim.

115. Programming Lessons. Learn from a locally employed computer scientist in two workshop-style lessons, which will include a brief history of computer science and a focused introduction to programming languages and their application. Together, we will learn how to write simple programs for displaying graphics and work our way up to creating interactive art projects. Can also include an introduction to the surprisingly useful subject of discrete mathematics. Donated by Jonathan Magen.

116. Vacation Planning. Love traveling but hate the logistics of planning a trip? Let me plan your next vacation (for up to 8)! Bernice Yu will work closely with you to plan a dream vacation that fits perfectly with your preferences, goals, budget and vision. She will research transportation and accommodation; if she has been to your destination, she can also provide recommendations for eating, shopping, nightlife and other activities.

117. Basic Photoshop Lesson. Learn the basics of Photoshop and poster design in a one-hour lesson covering topics including layers, transparency, cloning, paths, opacity, blending options, transforming, and rasterizing. Photoshop seems unapproachable at first, but with a few quick pointers you'll be well on your way to designing the best posters at YLS. Donated by Theresa Lee.

118. Chinese cooking lesson for 1-3. Want to learn some authentic Chinese classics? Eggplant? Green beans? Chinese bacon? Fermented tofu noodles? You've come to the right place. Donated by Reed Schuler.

119. Costco Trip for 4. Get a ride to either a grocery store or Costco (driver has a Costco membership) at a mutually agreeable date and time. Note that the Costco in Orange also has a liquor store! Donated by Shruti Hazra.

120. Car Service. Want to get out of town? Josh Rosenthal will drive you wherever you’d like to go (up to 2 hours). He’ll even let you choose the soundtrack.

Concerts & Theater

Involving Faculty & Staff

121. Dinner, Drama, and the Deputy Dean. Eager for a different kind of drama at YLS? So is Doug Kysar. Dinner and world-class theater at the Yale Rep for 5 students. Date will be arranged during the April 20-May 12 run of "The Realistic Joneses."


122. Toad’s Place Silver Certificate. You and a guest get free admission to every Toad’s concert and event, excluding outside promotions, until November 10, 2015. Donated by Toad’s Place.

123. 4 tickets to Jazz Show. Winner can choose the show. Includes a round of cocktails after show. Donated by Firehouse 12.

124. Two Theater Tickets. Available for any show at one of the country’s top repertory theaters. Valued at $140. Donated by Long Wharf Theater.

125. Two Tickets to Three Concerts. Winner may choose concerts. Valued at $150. Donated by the Yale School of Music.

126. Six-Show Theater Pass. May be used in any combination (1 ticket to 6 shows, 2 tickets to 3 shows, etc.) before the season ends on April 14. Donated by the Yale Cabaret.

127. Two Tickets to The Winter’s Tale, running from March 16 to April 7, 2012. Donated by the Yale Repertory Theater.

128. $100 gift certificate to the Yale Repertory Theater. That’s two 4-ticket student passes! Donated by Norman Silber.

129. 4 Law Revue Tickets. If you, like us, got stuck in the back corner of the gallery during Law Revue last year, this is for you. Watch your friends find the humor in law school life at the event of the year with four tickets in the front center block. As you enter, people will chant your name as the proud winners. Donated by Law Revue.

Fitness & Exercise

130. Ski Lesson with Professional Instructor. Two-hour ski lesson next winter at Mt. Southington (25-minute drive from Yale). Lift tickets & rentals not included. This winter is possible, but harder to coordinate, due to limited snowfall. Donor has taught for 7 years at Vail, Colorado, and is Professional Ski Instructors of America-certified. A half-day session with a Vail instructor usually costs $545. Donated by Margot Kaminski.

131. Two Ice Skating Lessons. Ever want to learn how to spin, skate backwards, or stop? If so, Alexa is happy to show you! Or, at the very least, she promises to get you to skate without holding on to the boards. No experience necessary. Each lesson is for an hour and a half at the rink on State Street. Skates can be rented at the rink. Lessons can accommodate a total of five people. Donated by Alexa Lutchen.

132. 3 Months of Unlimited Yoga. $450 value. Donated by Bikram Yoga.

133. One-Month Gym Membership. Donated by New Haven Fitness.

134. One Pilates Session. Valued at $85. Donated by Sarah Aldrich Pilates.

135. One Yoga for Beginners Session for 1-2. Yoga will be tailored to your preferred degree of vigorousness and pasta and wine will follow. Donated by Alyssa Briody, Alyssa Work, Dana Montalto, and Katie Mesner-Hage.

136. Rock Climbing 101. Good for one climbing lesson, complete with belay instruction, either outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference. She'll take care of the gear and the set-up—you just show up and enjoy the climbing! Warning: Climbing may be highly addictive. Donated by Fiona Heckscher.

137. Ski Lessons for 6. Take ski lessons from varsity college ski team alumni. Never skied before? They will show you how. Want to learn how to race or ski moguls? They can teach you. They will help you choose a mountain in New England that will meet your ability level. Lift tickets not included (though they will pay for themselves); transportation can be worked out later. Donated by Hannah Brennan and Edwina Clarke.

138. Speed Walking Lessons. Not only is speedwalking extremely sexy (it's all about the hip rotation), but it's also extremely practical (you'll be on time for everything!). Joanna has trained under Jeff Salvage, the founder of Racewalk.com and Pennsylvania delegate to the Worldwide Racewalking Club and was a proud member of the Philadelphia Area Striders (bringing the average age down to ~50). Two 1-on-1 sessions or one session for 2-3 people available. Donated by Joanna Zhang.

139. Dance Class. A ballroom or Latin dance class (pick one!) for four people, with after-lesson meal included. Donated by Chelsea Kelly and Alaina Varvaloucas.

140. Moonwalking Lessons. Learn how to moonwalk from YLS's best (only?) Michael Jackson impersonator. Donated by Ben Zweifach.

141. Salsa Lessons. Put on your dancing shoes for one salsa lesson with YLS dancing stars Marianna Ofusu and Josiah Pertz. Beginners welcome; great music provided.

142. Squash Clinic for 4. Join Elm City Squash and Associate Head Coach of Yale Men's and Women's Squash, Pamela Saunders, for a one hour 4-person clinic in the world famous Brady Squash Center. Whether you are looking to take your game to a higher level or wanting to learn a new sport, this clinic can accommodate different levels of play. It could also be custom tailored to the wishes of the group. The purchaser(s) will also get a deal on future Elm City Squash activities. Equipment can be provided upon request. Regular value of this clinic is $120.

143. Squash Lessons. Four hours of squash lessons (individual or for a group of up to three people), to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Donated by Sally Pei.

144. Squash Lessons. Three hour-long squash lessons. You provide your own eye protection and shoes, and Babur will provide the squash skills training you need to be a star. Donated by Babur Khwaja.

145. Toning Boot Camp Sessions! Blast those abs, arms, glutes, calves, and other muscles you didn't even know you had! Four hour-long sessions for up to six people, but number is negotiable. (This offer comes with a guarantee to make you look at least as good as Eva Rigamonti...now how can you pass up this offer?). Donated by Alice Shih.

Collectibles & Other Items

146. Post on Balkinization. An opportunity to post on Balkinization: have your work read by thousands! Donated by Jack Balkin.

147. Own a Piece of Legal History. A signed copy of the Yale Law Journal issue of March 1961 (Vol. 70, No. 4), which includes Guido’s first article, "Some Thoughts on Risk Distribution and the Law of Torts." This was the article that preceded Coase's very great article, and with Coase, was the start of the new Law & Economics. No other signed and dedicated copies exist. Donated by Guido Calabresi.

148. The Case for Black Reparations. Own a copy of the groundbreaking work written by Boris Bittker, a former Sterling Professor of Law, and edited by Toni Morrison. From Patricia Page.

149. Carrots and Sticks. We know you’re looking for some bedtime reading, so bid on this book by YLS’s own Ian Ayres.

150. The $500 Diet. Get some valuable life advice (and lose weight) courtesy of Ian Ayres.

151. Harry Blackmun Bobblehead. Start building your collection with a mint condition, uncirculated, genuine “Green Bag” Harry A. Blackmun bobblehead doll, complete with baseball. No longer in circulation and not available on eBay. Donated by Eugene Fidell.

152. Clarence Thomas Bobblehead. Extraordinarily rare; produced by Green Bag. You may never have another chance to acquire one of these limited edition dolls; Green Bag doesn’t sell them, and the only Clarence Thomas doll available on eBay is $599. So strike while the iron is hot! Donated by The Yale Law Journal.

153. John Jay Bobblehead. Also produced by Green Bag as a limited edition doll.The only one currently selling on eBay is $149. Note: box not included. Donated by Kate Stith.

154. Anthony Kennedy Bobblehead. Box not included, but all the more valuable because it once adorned Professor Stith’s office. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for a limited edition Anthony Kennedy bobblehead doll! Donated by Kate Stith.

155. iPod Nano. Donated by Latham & Watkins.

156. iPad 2 16GB with WiFi. Donated by Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP (NY).

157. Magic Bullet Mixer. Taking up no more space on the counter than a coffee mug, this convenient mixing system replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder. The 17-piece set includes a tall and a short bullet cup, four microwave- and freezer-safe mugs, a shaker top, a steamer top, two stay-fresh re-sealable lids, and a 100-page Magic Bullet "10 Second Recipe" book. Donated by Blair Greenwald.

158. The Hallowed Position of Editor-in-Chief (Golonel) of Volume III of the Yale Law Gurnel. YLG—the premier antidote to The Yale Law Journal—needs trusted leadership to take this famed organization into the future. What started in the fall of 2010 as a rag-tag group of 2012ers, seeking nothing more than to have fun at the expense of our misguided friends on tYLJ, has blossomed into the glorious institution it is today. We’re so proud of our little YLG and want to ensure that it continues to thrive under new leadership next year. To that end, we’re doing what any responsible parents would do—we’re selling it off piecemeal to the highest bidder. Donated by Leah Bellshaw and Romy Ganschow.

159. Batman’s YLS Diploma. Detective Comics No. 439 (March 1974), featuring Batman’s very own Yale Law School diploma. Donated by Daniel Isaacs.

160. 12 $1500 gift certificates for BARBRI bar preparation courses.

161. 10,000 Westlaw Points. Just think of all the rewards items you can redeem these for! Donated by Westlaw.

162. Poetry Mag 10-Pak #1. Hey there, you beautiful, public-interested law student. Know what you need? A Poetry Magazine 10-PAK, that's what. 10 bound volumes of top poems, united in a 10-PAK and delivered just in time. Stack 'em up or trade 'em with friends. Poetry's dying...to be bought at auction by YOU! Donated by the Yale Law Social Entrepreneurs.

163. Poetry Mag 10-Pak #2. Emily Dickinson once wrote, "Publication -- is the Auction / Of the Mind of Man." And she hadn't even heard of the Poetry Mag 10-PAK! The highest bidder will receive 10 back-issues of the magazine of record for the "I'm nobody! Who are you?" set. Bid now and find out what it's all about. Donated by the Yale Law Social Entrepreneurs.

164. $50 gift certificate to Geraldine Florists.

165. $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Donated by Skye Nickalls.

166. One Peter Chen-approved Mix CD. Do you like Pandora but wish you could play it in your outdated car stereo? Fear not! Based on your personal musical preferences (you can specify songs, genres, or artists that you enjoy) and your projected use (driving, workout, etc.), Peter Chen will construct a tasteful mix CD of music tailored to you. (Other formats potentially available upon discussion.)

167. Signed 2012 RebLaw Poster. A 2012 Reblaw poster signed by all the keynote speakers. Donated by RebLaw.

168. Gift Bag, with Claire's tie dye t-shirt, mug, and granola. Valued at $30. Donated by Claire’s Corner Copia.

169. Movie-Themed Gift Basket. Filled with everything a law student needs for a fun night in! Includes a Panasonic blu-ray dvd player, four blu-ray law themed dvds (including the 50th Anniversary Edition of To Kill a Mockingbird), a cozy fleece blanket, and several types of popcorn and king-sized candy. Donated by WilmerHale.

170. Handmade Quilted Pillow. To be designed in consultation with the buyer. Donated by Jean Koh Peters.

171. $50 Contribution to the International Committee for the Red Cross on behalf of the winning bidder. Donated by the Board of the Women of Color Collective.

Salon Treatments & Alternative Healing

172. One-Hour Massage. Donated by Naturegene Herb Store.

173. Salon Haircut. Valued at $60. Donated by Laura Oullette Salon.

174. Spa Pedicure. Donated by Chameleon & Co.

175. Haircut by Curl Specialists & 20% Off Coupons. Valued at over $50. Donated by The Workshop, a DevaCurl salon.

176. Men’s Haircut. Donated by Y Haircutting.

177. Hands-On Bodywork Session. Rolfing, a cousin of deep-tissue massage, is designed to open and balance one’s body by working with the fascia, or connective tissue. Valued at $140. Donated by New Haven Rolfing.

178. Haircut (Men’s or Women’s). Donated by Phil’s Hair Styles (Wall Street branch).

179. Haircut. Donated by Broadway Hair.

180. $80 gift certificate to Salon Lulu. Comes with product samples.

181. Natural Health Services Consultation and Treatment with the Amadeus Center’s founder and director, Sal Amadeo. Valued at $195. Donated by Amadeus Center for Health & Healing, on Audubon Street.


182. One Night’s Hotel Stay. Includes parking and breakfast the following morning. Donated by New Haven Hotel.

183. Graduation Weekend Accommodations. One-bedroom apartment, sleeps 2-5 (if you count the couch and air mattress!). Michelle will even leave mints on the pillows and fresh linens. Donated by Michelle Mangan.

184. Two Nights in Seattle for 1-2. Visiting Seattle? Need a place to stay? Stay with Reed Schuler's family, conveniently located close to downtown. They will leave you alone or shower you with attention—your choice. You can decide after you meet them.

Clothing & Accessories

185. $25 gift certificate to Enclave Skate Shop (on Broadway).

186. Never-Used Coach Men's Briefcase. Tags attached. Coach "Diplomat" briefcase, style 70375. Soft mahogany brown leather; two compartments with center divider; inside secures with a large leather flap and two polished nickel turn latch clasps; leather padded handle on top. Large backside slip pocket with magnetic snap closure; overall size 16.5" x 11" x 3". Retail value $498.00. Donated by Jane Rosen.

187. Leather Strap Tote. A perfect carry-all from work to weekend, this roomy, two-tone tote boasts the finest quality leather in a beautifully seamed finish. Two carry handles. Adjustable buckle straps. 7" handle drop. 14"H x 18"W x 6"D. Valued at $298. Donated by Ann Taylor.

188. Gardens Floral Scarf. Valued at $58. Donated by Ann Taylor.

189. Two-Piece Jewelry Set. Dress up your outfit (or surprise your significant other) with this sterling silver necklace and earrings set. Valued at $150. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

190. 30” Sterling Silver and Genuine Freshwater Pearl Necklace. Valued at $180. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

191. Sterling Silver and Genuine Freshwater Pearl Necklace. With adjustable clasp. Valued at $180. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

192. Sterling Silver Necklace with Genuine Amethyst Pendant. Valued at $150. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

193. Sterling Silver Damask Bracelet. Valued at $195. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

194. Sterling Silver Figure 8 Bracelet. Valued at $120. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

195. Glass Seed Bead Bracelet. In shades of blue. Valued at $60. Created and donated by Josie Elliot.

196. Lampwork Glass & Glass Seed Bead Bracelet. Valued at $60. Created and donated by Josie Elliot.

197. Tree of Life Pendant. Made from turquoise chips, Czech glass beads and sterling silver wire. The pendant is 1 ½” in diameter and includes a 20” sterling silver chain (valued at $90). Created and donated by Josie Elliot.

198. 2” Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl Earrings. Valued at $30. Donated by Jennifer Lia.

199. 2” Sterling Silver & Garnet Earrings. Valued at $30. Donated by Jennifer Lia.

200. Sterling Silver Mesh & Freshwater Pearl Earrings. Valued at $150. Donated by Jennifer Lia.

201. Hand-Knit Winter Gear. One custom-made, hand-knit scarf, hat, or pair of mittens/gloves. The winner can pick the pattern or provide design specifications and select the yarn, which Madhuri will purchase for the project. For a sample of her past knitting projects, please visit www.madhuknitsandcooks.com. Donated by Madhuri Kommareddi.

202. One Pair of Handmade, Knit Fingerless Mittens. Perfect for texting. May be substituted for two knitting lessons (2 hours long each). For the lessons, Fran will provide the yarn but the winner must provide his own needles. Donated by Fran Faircloth.

203. One Handmade Knit Cowl. May be substituted for two knitting lessons (2 hours long each). For the lessons, Fran will provide yarn, but the winner must provide his own needles. Donated by Fran Faircloth.

204. One Custom-Knit Item (hat, headband, ear warmer, mittens, etc.) of your choice. Donated by Sarah Grusin.

205. One Custom-Knit Item (hat, headband, ear warmer, mittens, etc.) of your choice. Donated by Sarah Grusin.

206. One Custom-Knit Item (hat, headband, ear warmer, mittens, etc.) of your choice. Donated by Sarah Grusin.

207. One Custom-Knit Item (hat, headband, ear warmer, mittens, etc.) of your choice. Donated by Sarah Grusin.

Sweets & Treats

208. One Large, Round Double-Braided Challah. Made for an occasion of your choice (subject to negotiation of the exact date). Donated by Jim Silk.

209. Award-Winning Homemade Cheesecake. In a flavor of the bidder's choice (we recommend either margarita cheesecake or white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake), to be delivered on a mutually agreeable date. Donated by John McKiernan.

210. Birthday Party for 10. A birthday party for up to ten children, where they will learn to bake and frost their own cupcakes (4 per child) while supervised by a professional baker. Vanilla or chocolate; unlimited sprinkles! Donated by Katalina’s Kupcakes.

211. Three Pints of Gourmet Ice Cream or Sorbet. Handmade and delivered to your door. Flavors will be chefs' choice and may include: secret breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes), salted caramel, ginger white chocolate macadamia nut, honey avocado, chai spice, roasted balsamic strawberry, meyer lemon sorbet, rambutan pineapple coconut sorbet, mojito sorbet. Donated by Celia Choy and Matthew Christiansen.

212. Cookies AND Brownies. One batch of cookies (either mint chocolate chip or orange chocolate chip -- your choice!) and one batch of brownies. Donated by Emily Rock.

213. (Almost) Bottomless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. Amanda will bake five batches (two dozen per batch) of your new favorite cookie. That's 120 cookies packaged to share as gifts for friends and/or family. Or you can eat them all by yourself. We won't judge! Donated by Amanda El-Dakhakhni.

214. Home-Baked Bread. One month of delicious, home-baked bread, delivered weekly. Different varieties available! Donated by Helen Vera.

215. Naan/Flour Tortillas/Flatbread. A bunch of delicious naan, flour tortillas, or undefinable-but-delicious flatbreads. Thick, fluffy, and moist. Garlic flavor optional. Donated by Reed Schuler.

216. One Dozen Vegan Truffles. If you’ve tried these, you know they are worth their weight in gold. Donated by Shayak Sarkar.

217. Two Quarts of Olives. Spice up your sack lunches with two quarts of home-cured olives (one mild, one spicy). Donated by Rob Cobbs.

218. Cookie Monster. One batch of chocolate chip cookies per week for four weeks. Donated by Jane Cooper.

219. Buckeyes. Calling all Ohioans: Fix your homesickness with a batch of these sugary, peanut-buttery, chocolatey treats. Donated by Josh Rosenthal.

220. A boatload of critically acclaimed homemade chocolate chip cookies. Donated by Romy Ganschow.

221. Cupcakes! A dozen delicious red velvet cupcakes. Donated by Matt Penny.

222. Vermont Gift Basket. Contains delicacies from a variety of small, sustainable Vermont producers. Includes maple syrup, granola, ice cider wine (a delicious dessert wine made from apples), three kinds of jam, artisan tea, pancake mix, and cheddar cheese. Donated by Clare Ryan.

223. A home-made cheesecake, flavor of your choice! Donated by Elizabeth Roehm and Amanda Gutierrez.

224. A gift basket filled with local products, valued at $100, donated by local co-op Elm City Market.

225. A gift basket filled with delicious Trader Joe’s treats.

Restaurant & Bar Gift Certificates

226. $100 gift certificate to 116 Crown. Impress your date with drinks at New Haven’s main hotspot. Donated by Sue McDonald.

227. $50 electronic gift card to Restaurant.com. Can be used to buy gift cards at any participating restaurant! Donated by Ben Cassady.

228. $25 gift certificate to Christopher Martins Restaurant & Pub, serving locally grown produce and good drinks on State Street.

229. $75 gift certificate to L’Orcio (upscale Italian restaurant in East Rock).

230. Breakfast for 2. Enjoy New Haven’s best brunch at The Pantry.

231. $30 gift certificate to Ashley’s Ice Cream. Enough to share with lucky friends or save all for yourself!

232. $20 gift certificate to Blue State Coffee.

233. $20 gift certificate to Blue State Coffee.

234. $25 gift certificate to Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea.

235. $20 gift certificate to Clark’s Pizza, a classic diner on Whitney.

236. $50 gift certificate to Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant. Best wings in East Rock!

237. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

238. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

239. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

240. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

241. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

242. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

243. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

244. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

245. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

246. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

247. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

248. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

249. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

250. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

251. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

252. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

253. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

254. $50 gift certificate to Miya’s Sushi. May not be combined with other gift certificates.

256. $10 gift certificate to Zafra Rum Bar, a new Cuban restaurant and bar on Orange Street.

257. $25 gift certificate to Pacifico, serving Nuevo-Latin seafood cuisine in downtown New Haven.

258. $25 gift certificate to Zaroka Bar & Restaurant, a downtown New Haven Indian restaurant.

259. $25 gift certificate to Miso Japanese Restaurant in the 9th Square.

260. $25 gift certificate to Miso Japanese Restaurant in the 9th Square.

261. $20 gift certificate to Koffee, serving only fairly traded, organic coffees and teas, along with freshly baked treats.

262. $50 gift certificate to Nica’s Market, an East Rock favorite. Just imagine the number of paninis you could buy!

263. One Stone Pot Bibimbab Entree. Donated by Seoul Restaurant.

264. Two Glasses of Wine and Cheese Board at Park Central Tavern in Hamden, the sister restaurant to Caseus.

265. $25 gift certificate to BAR—your choice to spend it on pizza or beer!

266. $20 gift certificate to Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant downtown.

267. $25 gift certificate to c.o. jones Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar in East Rock.

268. $20 gift certificate to Yorkside Pizza.

269. $50 gift certificate to Olde School Saloon, which features live music at night and jazz brunch Sundays.

270. Cheese Board with 2 Glasses of Wine. Donated by Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro.

271. 8 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cards. Buy them all for yourself or split them with friends! Donated by the Caseus Cheese Truck.

272. Sweetheart Special for 2. Appetizer, two entrees, and a bottle of wine. Donated by Wicked Wolf.

273. $25 gift certificate to Black Bear Saloon.

274. $20 gift certificate to Educated Burgher.

275. 50 Pieces of Mochi Ice Cream. Valued at $62.50 plus tax. Donated by the Mochi Store.

276. $35 gift certificate to Box 63 American Bar & Grill, one of the newest restaurants in New Haven.

277. $50 gift certificate to Soul de Cuba.

278. $20 gift certificate to Olive Garden.

279. $10 gift certificate to Jojo’s Coffee and Tea.

280. Dinner for One. Donated by Kasbah Cafe.

281. $50 gift certificate to Caseus. Donated by Xiao Liu.

282. $75 gift certificate to Caseus. Donated by an anonymous faculty member.

283. $25 gift certificate to Nica’s Market. Donated by Nikitia Tillman.

284. $50 gift certificate to Black Bear Saloon. Donated by Robbin’s List.

285. $50 gift certificate to Pacifico. Donated by Robbin’s List.