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2011 Lots


Full List of 2011 Auction Items available for bidding (View as a PDF)


1. Three hour tour of New Haven for up to four people, to be used before May 15, 2011. Donated by Bob Solomon.

2. Two games of Scrabble, to be played by tournament rules. Donated by Bob Ellickson.

3. ½ day experienced carpenter and home improvement specialist to do whatever job is needed to be done. Donated by Kevin Rose.

4. An opportunity to post on Balkinization. Donated by Jack M. Balkin.

5. Barbeque for 6 at the seaside home of Lea Brilmayer and Bill Horne. LB’s famous ribs, roast chicken, hot sausage and home-made corn bread – southern chocolate/mint grasshopper pie – mystery recipe Texas blue-haired lady punch. Designated driver required; dinner to be scheduled at mutual convenience during late spring – early autumn months. Donated by Lea Brilmayer.

6. Dinner for 6 with Professors Chua and Rubenfeld at authentic, extremely spicy szechuan restaurant, not for the faint-hearted. Also featuring unusual wines. Donated by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld.

7. Host a dinner for up to three students at Bentara on a mutually convenient evening over the course of the semester. Donated by Michael Fischl.

8. The Lullaby of a Tiger Professor. A banquet for six students at a world class, but little known, Chinese restaurant in the area, to be held some lovely evening this spring, long after all the blue books are read. Donated by Owen M. Fiss.

9. Dinner for 4 with Professors Fletcher and Selbin at Thali restaurant. Donated by Laurel E. Fletcher and Jeffrey Selbin.

10. A dinner at our home, 468 Amity Road, for six at a mutually convenient time. Donated by Larry and Paulette Fox.

11. Scallops nestled on a truffled cauliflower puree. Fish en papillote. Profiteroles. Tuna tartare in wonton cups topped with an edamame puree. A different wine with every course. Professor Gerken will cook a gourmet, six-course meal for six people at her home on the date of your choosing. Donated by Heather Gerken.

12. Daniel Markovits, Tracey Meares, and Oona Hathaway would like to donate a progressive dinner for 8 guests—appetizers and drinks at one of our houses, entrée at the next, and dessert at the third (we all live within a few blocks of one another, so it’s a comfortable walk in warmer weather). Donated by Daniel Markovits, Tracey Meares and Oona Hathaway.

13. A copy of Boris Bittker’s collected legal essays. Donated by Patricia Page.

14. Handmade quilted pillow, to be designed in consultation with the buyer. Donated by Jean Koh Peters.

15. CELTIC WHISKEY TASTING event. It will involve a variety of Scottish, Irish, and Scotch-Irish whiskies. Available for a group of 4-6, but the precise number of participants may be negotiated -- depending (in part) on the size of the winning bid. Donated by J. L. Pottenger, Jr. and Frank Dineen.

16. Dinner out in New Haven for four students. Donated by Judith Resnik, Dennis Curtis, Robert Post, and Reva Siegel.

17. A signed copy of Understanding America (value: $30). Donated by Peter H. Shuck.

18. A personalized poem based on information that the winner will provide me ($25 a stanza). Donated by Peter H. Shuck.

19. $100 gift certificate to Yale Rep Theater. Donated by Norman I. Silber.

20. Dinner with four students and Steve Bright, to include a double-braided round challah. Donated by James J. Silk and Stephen Bright.

21. Stickball and snacks! Head to Professor Stith's house in the spring for an afternoon of stickball and snacks. Stickball is a variant of baseball. If you want to find out more about it, bid. (We'd need at least ten people.) Donated by Kate Stith.

22. A double’s tennis game with Mike Wishnie and John Fabian Witt, with breakfast/brunch to follow. Donated by Mike Wishnie and John Fabian Witt.

23. A meal for 6-8 students with Stephen Wizner and Carroll Lucht. Donated by Stephen Wizner and Carroll Lucht.

24. Every year Fred Shapiro, Law Librarian and editor of the Yale Book of Quotations, releases the top quotations of the year to the press. In addition to politics, economics, and sports, Fred considers the outstanding (or, more accurately, the most famous or most revealing) quotations uttered by celebrities. These need not be eloquent or admirable; indeed, he is particularly interested in deplorable celebu-quotes that were widely disseminated or that capture the spirit of our times. Bid for the opportunity to consult with Fred in picking out one of the top quotes of the year. Donated by Fred Shapiro.

25. Trivia Throwdown with the Librarians: Winning bidder and four of his/her friends will get to battle it out with a team of reference librarians during Trivia Night at Anna Liffeys in New Haven. Librarians will cover up to $200 (after tax and tip) of bar tab for winning bidder and his/her guests. Competing against the crack team at the Lillian Goldman Law Library is priceless! Donated by Lillian Goldman Law Librarians.

26. Chocolate Souffle lunch for up to four at Union League in New Haven with members of the Yale library. Just souffles - trust me, it is worth it! Donated by the Lillian Goldman Law Librarians.

27. A Swarovsky crystal bracelet (valued at $50) created by Pat Barnes. Donated by Pat Barnes.

28. A necklace, bracelet, and earring set (valued at $40) created by Pat Barnes. Donated by Pat Barnes.

29. One homemade (award-winning) cheesecake, in a flavor of the bidder's choice (the margarita cheesecake and the white-chocolate and raspberry cheesecake are highly recommended), to be delivered on a mutually agreeable date. Donated by John McKiernan.

30. A set of four copper napkin rings. Each band is 1.5"x 1.25" x 1.75", hand-forged from copper sheet. Donated by Jennifer Lia.

31. Elegant iceless wine cooler and automatic corkscrew (retail value = $140). Donated by Linda Greenhouse and Gene Fidell.

32. One personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat – i.e. engraved with Professor Greenhouse’s name. Donated by Linda Greenhouse and Gene Fidell. (TWO OF THESE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR BIDDING.)

33. Dinner for four students at the historic Jimmy’s of Savin Rock, the New Haven area’s iconic beachfront seafood restaurant – every YLS student should experience Jimmy’s before graduation. Donated by Linda Greenhouse.

34. One ride to one of the four local airports: JFK, BDL, Laguardia, or White Plains, Westchester County NY. I can do evenings after 6 or weekends anytime. Donated by Jose Colon.

35. An original reprint of the 1972 Harvard Law Review featuring the seminal article "Property Rules, Liability Rules and Inalienability: One View of the Cathedral," signed by the authors (Judge Guido Calabresi and Douglas Melamed) and dedicated to the winner. Donated by Guido Calabresi.

36. GRILLFEST! GRILLFEST! is a night or afternoon of oceanfront grilling in Branford, CT for up to 6 people. We'll schedule it this spring when Connecticut is warmer. Donated by Noah Messing.

37. A round of golf (including use of carts) at Yale Golf Course for a party of four (three players designated by the auction winner, plus me), plus lunch at the course, at a mutually convenient time this Spring. Donated by John G. Simon.

38. A $100 gift certificate to Zinc. Donated by Sue McDonald.

39. KARAOKE THROWDOWN! The winning bidder and up to 11 guests will engage in a karaoke throwdown with the Class of 2000 and Friends Karaoke Team. A "throwdown" is defined as "a performance by a rapper or DJ [or member of the YLS faculty or administration], intended to be particularly hardcore or intense." The Class of 2000 and Friends Karaoke Team includes the following musical luminaries: Emily Bazelon ('00); Sharon Brooks ('00); Amy Kapczynski (patented shortly after '00); Yair Listokin (within two standard deviations of '00); Noah Messing ('00); Claire Priest ('00); Asha Rangappa ('00); Scott Shapiro (jurisprudentially aligned with '00); John Witt (an immediate historical precursor to '00); mystery guests.


(1) The exact date and location of the Karaoke Throwdown will be picked later to try to accommodate everyone's schedule. (2) Members of the Class of 2000 and Friends Karaoke Team reserve the right to provide emotional (rather than musical) support to other members of the team. All identified-members of the team who are also members of the Class of 2000 performed last year (as did Scott "Like a Rolling Stone" Shapiro). Past performance, however, is no guarantee of future performance. (3) No representations or warranties are made regarding the quality of any karaoke performance. (4) No yodeling.

Donated by the Class of 2000 and Friends.



40. $25 Gift Certificate to Five Guys

41. $25 Gift Certificate to Five Guys

42. $20 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden

43. $50 Gift Certificate to Soul de Cuba

44. Trader Joe’s Gift Basket

45. $10 Gift Certificate to JoJo’s Coffee and Tea

46. $25 Gift Certificate to Pad Thai

47. One Free Loaf of Bread per Week for One Year at Chabasco Bakery

48. $25 Gift Certificate to C.O. Jones

49. $25 Gift Certificate for Portofino’s Restaurant & Bar

50. 10 sandwich card for the Caseus Grilled Cheese Truck

51. Lunch special for 2 at Royal Palace

52. $25 Gift Certificate at Miso Japanese Restaurant

53. $25 Gift Certificate at Miso Japanese Restaurant

54. $50 Gift Certificate at Archie Moore’s Bar & Restaurant

55. Dinner for 2 at Barcelona

56. $10 Gift Certificate at Black Bear

57. $50 Gift Certificate to Nica’s Market

58. $25 Gift Certificate at Pacifico

59. $25 Gift Certificate to Willoughby's

60. $20 Gift Certificate to Clark's Pizza

61. Lunch or Dinner for 2 at Richter's

62. $25 Gift Certificate to Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant

63. $30 Gift Certificate to Ashley's Ice Cream Café

64. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

65. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

66. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

67. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

68. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

69. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

70. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi

71. $50 Gift Certificate to Miya’s Sushi


72. Cocktail-making class for 6 at 116 Crown

73. 5-person cheese class at your house, donated by the Caseus Cheese Shop

74. 1 family bowling pack to AMF Milford Lanes.

75. 1 warm cream manicure at Chameleon & Co.

76. $50 Gift Certificate to Geraldine Florists

77. $50 Gift Certificate to The Workshop (Deva Curl)

78. $40 Gift Certificate for a haircut and style at Krissophia Salon

79. One free haircut at Y Haircutting

80. 1 haircut at Broadway Hair


81. One Apple TV. Rent and instantly watch the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows in stunning HD. Stream video from Netflix and YouTube, and play music, videos and slideshows from your computer, all over your Wi-Fi wireless network. (Retail value is $99.) Donated by Latham & Watkins LLP.

82. One iPad. 16 GB with Wi-Fi. (Retail value is $499.) Donated by Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP.

83. A framed Edvard Munch poster from Hull's Art Supply and Framing

84. $30 Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate from The Yale Bookstore

85. Gift bag with t-shirt, mug and granola ($30 value) from Claire's Corner Copia

86. Silver Certificate to Toad’s Place

87. Two tickets to choice of three concerts ($150 value) to Yale School of Music Box Office

88. Two tickets to any show ($140 value) to Long Wharf Theater

89. 2 tickets to any GPSCY tasting event ($50 value)

90. 2 tickets to any GPSCY tasting event ($50 value)



91. 5-course gourmet dinner. 4 people. Mollusks in kohlrabi emulsion, Morel duxelle, Momofuku pork belly. Aperitif and wine pairings. Donated by Spencer Amdur and Edwina Clarke.

92. Taco truck tour. 4 people. A guided tour of the taco trucks of New Haven. Coronas included. Donated by Carel Ale.

93. Lunch with the Editor In Chief of the Yale Law Journal, the legendary Daniel Hemel. Taylor (not Dan) will pay for you and Dan to lunch and schmooze at the location of your choosing. Donated by Taylor Asen.

94. 1 pint of homemade pesto sauce. Donated by Leah Bellshaw.

95. Another pint of homemade pesto sauce. Donated by Leah Bellshaw.

96. 1 loaf of homemade pumpkin bread. Donated by Leah Bellshaw.

97. 2 dozen Coo-cookie-kies (cookies with oreos inside them). Donated by Leah Bellshaw.

98. Home cooked dinner for your whole small group (or up to 15 of your friends). This includes a starter, salad, main, and dessert. Optional hookah afterward. Donated by Chesa Boudin.

99. Southern (Vegan) Hospitality for Four! A friendly supper featuring: sweet tea vodka; spicy ginger and vegan chocolate (and we're not just talking about Katie and Shayak); semi-inappropriate social commentary (YLS gossip included); and mood music by the Fugees (and other voices of the global South). Donated by Katie Chamblee and Shayak Sarkar.

100. Middle Eastern night for 6. Will feature Middle Eastern food, music, and hookah, at Sirine's house in Branford. Donated by Erin Evers and Sirine Shebaya.

101. Dinner and dessert party for 8 -10 people, at Hayley and Stephanie's house or another location of your choice. Donated by Hayley Fink, Simi Bhat, Amber Moren, and Stephanie Lee.

102. Triple-C-Vegan-Dinner-Party. Invoke all the virtues of Peter Singer and a Mediterranean diet over Chickpeas, Chardonnay and Chocolate. A gourmet dinner party prepared for 4 vegans or vegan-curious people. Will also accommodate any other high maintenance diet restrictions or preferences. Donated by Julia Freeland and Shayak Sarkar.

103. Homemade cake or pie of an individual's choosing. Donated by Romy Ganschow.

104. Hockey and Half-Yards: An evening for up to four to enjoy Stanley Cup Playoff hockey at Richter's Cafe with half-yards of beer and a full yard of hockey love. Donated by Josh Geltzer and Josh Schmidt.

105. East Rock Italian dinner for 4. Italian dinner for four in a beautiful East Rock apartment. Tom's the chef and provides the good looks, Stephen’s the talent. Donated by Stephen Gikow and Tom Schmidt.

106. Batch of brownies with your choice of topping: peppermint, peanut butter, or powdered sugar. Donated by Juliana Herman.

107. Arroz con leche made especially for you! Donated by Yeney Hernandez.

108. Single malt scotch tasting for up to 4. Good for newbies and aficionados alike, and tailored to winner's tastes. Scotch and glasses provided, along with commentary by a former Scottish bartender (yours truly). Donor's apartment or location of winner's choice. Donated by Jayme Herschkopf.

109. The Bluegrass Festival of Deliciousness 2011. Presented on behalf of the people of Kentucky, this Kentucky dessert sampler will include: (1) 1 Derby Pie (involving chocolate, pecans, and bourbon), baked by yours truly; (2) 1 box of bourbon balls, the greatest candy in the world; and (3) 1 box of modjeskas (homemade marshmallow covered in caramel). I can douse these in bourbon too, if the purchaser so wishes. Donated by Casey Hinkle.

110. Homemade birthday cake or birthday cupcakes (to be baked before graduation). Donated by Gabrielle Holburt.

111. Case race for you and your friends. Donor will provide 48 cans of Bud Light and will serve as referee for a case race on the evening (or morning/afternoon if you're that wild) and at the location of the winner's choice. Donor can also serve as a competitor if it be the will of the winner. Donated by Christopher Hollins.

112. Exotic cooking lesson. Want to learn how to cook an East African stew? Tofu mango curry? Other exciting dishes? Join JD Hamel and Jamil Jivani for a cooking lesson featuring various exotic items, and get one step closer to being the next Top Chef (or at least get a break from dining hall pizza). Donated by Jivani Jamil and JD Hamel.

113. Brunch Delivery for 4-6 people. Quiche of your choice, creme brulee french toast, fresh fruit and mimosas delivered to your home. Donated by Jeremy Kaplan-Lyman and Durba Mitra.

114. Korean BBQ dinner for 4. Donated by Scarlet Kim.

115. Two bottles of wine from Kistler Vineyards. A Kistler Vineyards 2008 McCrea Vineyard Chardonnay; and a Kistler Vineyards 2008 Sonoma Coast Pinor Noir. Donated by Cameron Kistler.

116. One (very large) batch of homemade snickerdoodle cookies. Donated by Sarah Koplan-Fried.

117. ROLL-YOUR-OWN-SUSHI AND SAKE-BOMBING EXTRAVAGANZA! Trudy and Chris will guide you and four of your friends in a sushi-making party at the venue of your choice. Learn how to make traditional Japanese maki (like the classic "California roll") or try making some wacky Miya's-type rolls. We'll provide the materials, ingredients, and instruction you need. Once you're stuffed with your favorite sushi, cap the night off with some free-flowing sake (or nonalcoholic) bombs. Donated by Chris Lapinig and Trudy Rebert.

118. Homemade chocolate-liqueur truffles. One batch of homemade chocolate-liqueur truffles (about 25), made with the purchaser's choice of liqueur. Past favorites have included Triple Sec, peppermint schnapps, and single malt Scotch. Minimum bid: $25. Donated by Haninah Levine.

119. Peruvian dinner for 4. The most unabashed Peruvians of the class of 2012 offer you a night of memory-clouding pisco sours, yummy ají de gallina (Peruvian chicken stew), spicy yucca con rocoto, and, well, maybe some Irish whiskey to wash it all down (there is a storied history of Peruvian-Irish collaborations -- must be the Catholic thing). The Peruvian dinner for eight will include appetizer, spirits, and a main course. Lively banter will be provided free of charge from Trevor Stutz, whose presence and wit at your dinner is a definite bonus (even if he isn’t Peruvian). By the end of the night, you too will be citing Peruvian poet Cesar Vallejo with a Spanish fluency that will astound you (the pisco helps with this) and wondering why Yale took so long to return all those relics to Machu Picchu. Donated by Dermot Lynch and Lauren Blas.

120. Dinner for 2 at York Street Noodles, with chopstick lessons! Donated by Brandie Mask.

121. Dinner for 2 at York Street Noodles, with chopstick lessons! Donated by Brandie Mask.

122. Red Sox fan? BBQ fan? Bring a group to the Meltzer brothers' apartment to watch Opening Day or another Red Sox game of mutual convenience on a big-screen HDTV, catered with 8 pounds of the Meltzer brothers' signature pulled pork and all the fixins. Donated by Jonathan and Josh Meltzer.

123. Week of green smoothies. I will deliver 5 home-made green smoothies to you at the law school in an insulated, reusable cup. They will include Kale, Blueberries, and Spirulina. Other ingredients, including fish oil and ground flaxseed are optional. Dates and times of delivery are subject to negotiation. Donated by Eric Merrill.

124. Union League Cafe Lunch with Will Moon. Top secret tYLS gossip included. If the buyer is judged to be competent (or attractive), a potential to co-author a law review article, to appear in a Social Science Citation Indexed law journal. Donated by Will Moon.

125. Scrabble and Ice-cream! You and 5 friends will be treated to a "Kitchen Sink" ice-cream sundae at Jahn's Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens - my hometown. Jahn's ice cream parlors first opened in 1897 and expanded to several locations throughout the NYC, but only one remains today -- and it is in Jackson Heights. Jahns still makes its own ice-cream and their famous sundae - the "Kitchen Sink" feeds 8 people easily. It is a monster. After we polish off this stupidly big sundae, we'll take a walk to see the spot where Scrabble was invented. The street sign at this random corner in Jackson Heights is written out in Scrabble letter values (totaling 14 points) in honor of the game's inventor, Alfred Mosher Butts. Butts, a Jackson Heights resident, masterminded the word game in the 1930s, calling it Lexiko (and later Criss-Cross Words). In 1948 he ceded all rights to Mr. and Mrs. James Burnot, who renamed it Scrabble. Donated by Helen O’Reilly.

126. Gourmet dinner party for 6. With wine pairings by course, cooked by former winners of the Cornell Hotel School Graduate Iron Chef Competition. Donated by Lisa and Nick Ouellette.

127. Remember Supermarket Sweep? Here's your chance to play! I'll drive you to Trader Joe's or some other mutually-agreeable grocery store. You grab everything you can in exactly ten minutes, and I'll pay for whatever is in your cart. If I'm not in too much shock at the end of this, I'll even give you a ride back. *Some qualifications: This applies only to food and non-alcoholic drink, and you cannot pre-order items. Multiple people can bid together, but only one person gets to scurry around the store. Lastly, you're welcome to be fast, but don't be lame. Donated by Mridula Raman.

128. Homemade lasagna. Courtesy of my nonna (grandma). Donated by Eva Rigamonti.

129. Italian feast for 6-8. Katie will cook a homestyle Italian feast for 6-8 people featuring her Italian grandmother's meat sauce and lasagna. The recipes have been passed down from her great-grandmother who first came to the U.S. from southern Italy. Buon appetito e mangia bene! Donated by Katie Rivkin.

130. Corn Casserole. At least one of the hands (right one) preparing the food will have touched Matt Damon and Robert Deniro. Donated by Crystal Robles.

131. Vegan brunch for 4, including Mimosas or Bloody Marys. Donated by Josh Rosenthal and Sofia Nelson.

132. Naan/flour tortillas/flatbreads. A bunch of delicious naan/flour tortillas/undefinable-but-delicious flatbreads. Thick, fluffy, and moist. Garlic flavor optional. Donated by Reed Schuler.

133. Trip to the North Haven Chili's with myself, the winning bidder, and three friends of the bidder's choosing. Donated by Sean Sandoloski.

134. South Asian dinner. Courtesy of the South Asian Law Students Association. Tired of dining hall pizza and Au Bon Pain? Members of the South Asian Law Students Association will cook a South Asian dinner for you and three friends! We can even throw in some South Asian singing and dancing. (If you donate enough, we can hold off on the entertainment, if that's your preference.) Donated by South Asian Law Students Association.

135. 3-course dinner for 6. Emily and Lisa will cook and host a three-course dinner for you and five of your friends. The menu will be determined in consultation with the winner and may therefore display more coherence than the following list of possibilities: pear gorgonzola salad, butternut squash soup, lemon-herb roast chicken, homemade focaccia, and earl grey panna cotta. Donated by Emily Stolzenberg and Lisa Guo.

136. Home-made pizza. Sure, New Haven is known for pizza, but so am I. You pick the night and I'll come with enough home-made dough, home-made sauce from a secret family recipe and toppings of your choosing to feed 12. All I need is an oven. Donated by Renata Strause.

137. Personalized Peapod service. Don't have enough time for produce in your life? Think again! Offering: 2 trips to the grocery store (Shop 'n Stop). You make a list of groceries you want, and have them delivered to your doorstep. For those that like to test the ripeness of their own avocados, this can also serve as a chauffeur service to and from the grocery store twice this semester. Donated by Sarah Tallman.

138. Butter mochi. One pan of butter mochi. Donated by Maile Tavepholjalern.

139. Four weeks of fresh bread. Four consecutive weeks of fresh baked bread. May be customized (whole wheat, white, cracked pepper, etc.). Pickup/delivery to be arranged. Donated by Helen Vera.

140. Home-baked goods every Friday in April. Delicious homemade baked goods delivered every Friday in April. Donated by Matt Vogel.

141. Gourmet dessert spread. A home-made gourmet dessert spread, consisting of 5-6 desserts of your choice. Number of people served negotiable. Ideas include: cakes (layer, sheet, or tube, with decorations if desired), tortes (not to be confused with torts), puddings, mousses, cupcakes, muffins, pies, cookies, cookie bars, sweet breads, and anything else your sweet-seeking heart can desire. Just warn me a few days ahead of time! Donated by Connie Vogelman.

142. Wine tasting for 6-12 people. Interested in finding great wines on a budget ($15 a bottle or less)? Tyce Walters, co-author of The Wine Trials, will lead a wine tasting for 6-12 people. The tasting will include 6 wines and a great spread of charcuterie, cheese, and fruit pairings (including some from Caseus!). Winning bidder will also receive a copy of The Wine Trials, a guide to great, inexpensive wines. Donated by Tyce Waters and Emma Simson.

143. Pot of homemade soup. Variety of the buyer's choice. Donated by Daniel Winik.

144. Night in with the Transfers! Sick of the casually brilliant? How about an evening with the aggressively competent? The class of 2012’s transfer students will host you and up to four of your compatriots for a home-cooked dinner, drinks, and scintillating transfer-talk at one of our homes on a night of mutual availability and convenience. (We’re very busy because we actually do all of our reading for class, but we’ll make time for you.) Learn about such topics as: how to apply to law school twice, real civil procedure, and a variety of note-organizing color-coding schemes. Menu negotiable. Please bid. (Remember: we never had a small group!). Donated by the 2L Transfers.

145. Lunch with Jean Koh Peters. The Board of the Yale Law Women will donate lunch for up to three students with Jean Koh Peters at Mory's at a time of your mutual convenience. Experience the legendary warmth and thoughtfulness of one of Yale's most brilliant, yet practical, professors. Emerge: a better, less hungry person. Donated by Yale Law Women Board.

146. Brownies. Donated by Eileen Zelek.


147. Beatboxing lesson. Donated by Ben Aronson.

148. Private Concert by the Yale Women's Slavic Chorus! Let the oldest women's a cappella group on campus entertain you with melodies from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. You can request any songs you want! And if you like to sing, we can even turn it into a workshop where we will teach you your favorite songs. Donated by Nila Bala.

149. Evening of babysitting. Donated by Tessa Bialekand and Gillian Gillers.

150. Pay $25 or I will do something horrible to Arthur Plews. Donated by Alex Boyanovsky and approved by Arthur Plews.

151. 40-minute swing dance lesson: two-time high school talent show champion. Edwina Clarke will introduce you to the magic of East Coast Swing and Modern Jive. Donated by Edwina Clarke.

152. Basic Gymnastics Lesson! Up to 6 people. Want to compete in the London 2012 Olympics but haven't started training yet? Why don't you start with the basics! Learn some beginning gymnastics skills--somersaults, handstands, cartwheels--with a few of your resident law school tumblers. We'll head out to a courtyard one nice day this spring and teach you and a small group of friends what you need to know to do these skills safely. We promise you can do it! Donated by Melissa Collins, Betsy Cooper, Miriam Estrin, Noelle Lyle, Yannick Morgan, and Paige Wilson.

153. 8 hours of baby-sitting services. Ali Frick and Talia Kraemer will donate a total of 8 hours of their joint babysitting services, to be divided among dates as the winner desires. We can play games, sing songs, read books, and demonstrate many other babysitting skills. We also love babies. A lot. Awake children preferred. Donated by Ali Frick and Talia Kraemer.

154. Lesson on how to throw darts while speaking Swahili. Donated by Kennedy Gachiri.

155. 2 Guys 1 Truck. Need help moving? Manuel Giner and Javier Zapata will provide a pick-up truck and 2 hours of help for all of your local moving needs. For more information about Manuel and Javi, please consult: http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2011/feb/14/ypd-yale-law-frats-battle-for-fundraiser/. References can be provided upon request. Donated by Manuel Giner and Javier Zapata.

156. Taxes, Beer, Snack. I will do your taxes. Meanwhile, you will drink beer and eat some homemade snack, which I will bring to your house. If your house has a) a cat or b) no floor, then we can go to a café instead, and I will buy you a hot beverage and a scone. (Disclaimer: I’ll try to do your taxes. If you own a business or something, there’s a good chance that I’ll fail). Donated by Jacob Goldin.

157. Division 1 tennis lesson. Two hours of tennis with former Division 1 athletes Dave Ryan and Josh Goldstein. Winning bidder and a friend will receive top-level tennis instruction and the chance to play doubles with and against the tennis tandem. Donated by Dave Ryan and Josh Goldstein.

158. Flip-Cup Training with Team Hansmann and Professor Hansmann. Perhaps you’ve heard the legend of a small group with fingers that strike like lightning, with cat-like reflexes and the precision of a laser-guided bomb. Ask the 2012 Kysar small group if you don’t know what we’re talking about. Do you want to flip cups, drink beer, and take names? We want to show you how! It’s in an exclusive flip-cup “training session” that promises to be a memorable evening. Professor Hansmann will be in attendance and will lend his talents to the winning bidders! Time and location to be arranged at the buyer’s convenience. Contact Team Hansmann Captain Chris Hines (christopher.hines@yale.edu) for more information. Fun times await! Donated by Hansmann 2012 Small Group.

159. Personal training. Three personal training sessions at Payne Whitney Gym with Adam Hockensmith, member of the winning 2011 Battle of the Badges Bench Press Team. Donated by Adam Hockensmith.

160. Geological tour for 2. A full-day guided tour of the exciting geology of Connecticut for two people, led by a Yale PhD student in geology, donated by his wife Sinead Hunt. Her husband would lead the tour and Sinead and their toddler will accompany to add some adorable to the geology. Donated by Sinead Hunt.

161. Fashion consultation. Interested in sprucing up your wardrobe? Want a fresh eye as you rework your current wardrobe OR your own personal shopper? Together we'll tweak your wardrobe in whatever way you would like - I will plan two weeks worth of outfits, help you do some spring cleaning, or accompany you while you shop - the choice is yours! Donated by Shari Inniss-Grant.

162. Private sightseeing flight. A local sightseeing flight for two in my airplane. I can give the winning bidders an aerial tour of New Haven, Waterbury, and Bridgeport, or, if they'd like to arrange their own ground transportation to Linden or Caldwell, N.J., I can fly them up and down the Hudson River, from over the Verrazano Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, the Intrepid, the George Washington Bridge, etc. The airplane is a 1993 Mooney MSE, a four-seater and I am an instrument-rated private pilot with more than 2400 hours of flying time. The flight is restricted by law to daytime only, within a 25 nautical mile radius of an airport. I have to pick the passengers up and drop them off at the same airport and I am willing to do that at any airport in Connecticut or in a contiguous state, other than Newark, LaGuardia, JFK, Logan, or Teterboro. Donated by Mike Knobler.

163. Praise. For the self-doubting YLSer I offer several instances of effusive, unexpected praise. Friends and professors will be recruited to shower the winner with affirmation and good wishes. The praise will likely include references to how good the winner is at doing whatever it is that the winner does, and will probably involve the affixing of actual gold stars to the winner’s assignments. Think of it as chicken soup for the over-achiever’s soul. Donated by Jeremy Kutner.

164. Workout partner. A gym partner for three workout sessions, featuring workouts to train your biceps, triceps, back, chest, abs, calves, and legs, as well as cardio workouts. Sessions will be at a time that works for both parties. (Note: Kristen is not a certified personal trainer.) Donated by Kristen Lang.

165. Carillon lesson and Harkness Tower tour for 3. One carillon lesson and tour of the interior of Harkness Tower: see the two practice instruments and peer out some of the lower-level windows. Includes a thirty-minute lesson on how to play the carillon (the keyboard instrument that plays the bells). Ttiming flexible, but must coordinate to come at the same time. Donated by Ming-Yee Ling.

166. Tour of Harkness Tower for 5. Must take place on a Friday at 12:00 pm. This tour includes seeing the two practice instruments, a very short lesson on how the carillon works, and attending an actual ring (12:30-1:00). During the actual ring, you would be able to see the real instrument, the bells, and great views of New Haven. Must coordinate to come on the same day. Donated by Ming-Yee Ling.

167. Pop song of your choice played from Harkness Tower. One pop music song request at Harkness Tower to be played at 12:30 on a Friday. Winner must provide sheet music if I do not already have it (simple piano scores) -- request anything from Disney songs and Britney Spears to the Harry Potter Theme. Donated by Ming-Yee Ling.

168. Two Rides to Wherever Your Heart Desires. Within a twenty mile limit, on a mutually convenient day and time. Also, whatever you purchase at wherever your heart takes you, should fit in my two-door Honda Civic. Donated by Tasha Manoranjan.

169. Salsa lesson. Taught by two former competitive ballroom dancers. Donated by Josiah Pertz and Marianna Ofosu.

170. Learn to sew or quilt. “You made that?!” Be able to say, “Yes, yes I did!” Learn to sew or quilt with an expert. You get: a trip to the fabric store to pick a pattern and fabric, step-by-step guidance on reading and following patterns, insider tips on tailoring, all the patience you could ask for, and the pride of reaping what you sew. You'll end up with: a finished product that will wow your friends (for beginners: a baby quilt, sundress, or home decor item; for those with some experience: a more complex quilt, party dress, or pair of slacks). This will take about 6 hours over two or three meetings. Fabric not included; all tools provided for your use. Donated by Sonja Ralston.

171. Indian dance lesson for 4. Bhangra, Bollywood, South Indian classical, North Indian classical--take your pick. You can then use your super-cool new moves to spice up (ha! pun!) the dance floor at GPSCY. Donated by Mridula Raman.

172. TV recommendations. Román Rodriguez will recommend three television shows for you to watch based upon three shows and/or movies that you like. Optionally, he will watch some of the recommended shows with you. Donated by Róman Rodriguez.

173. Evening of babysitting. Donated by Reed Schuler.

174. Gaming session with Freddie Wong, World Famous Nerd. Freddie Wong won the World Series of Video Games in Guitar Hero, becoming the world champion of Guitar Hero. He is also a popular filmmaker and special-effects producer; his YouTube channel, youtube.com/freddiew is one of the 25 most popular YouTube channels of all time, with videos receiving up to 11 million views. In January 2011, Business Insider ranked him the #1 ""Most Powerful YouTube Star."" He has also been featured in the Huffington Post and Wired, and spoken at the Consumer Electronics Show on social media. Freddie Wong will fly from LA to where you live and play video games with you all day, as well as talk about nerd stuff, help you make or edit movies, or perform at parties (he is, among other things, a magician). Also a great gift for the 16-year-old boy in your life. Alternatively, if you want his brilliant insights on social media, social engineering, or developing an innovative marketing plan for your idea, Freddie will review your plans and provide feedback and ideas. Donated by Reed Schuler.

175. Public interest squad. A personal public interest commitment squad. With or without your help, you will receive a hand-picked team of people dedicated to helping you help the world. A plan of attack will be tailored to your individual needs. It may involve circles of people screaming at you to “follow your dreams,” discussions with respected mentors about your life path, loving e-mail reminders that the world values your skills, sarcastic conversations about law firm jobs, presentations about life satisfaction in public interest careers, or sworn statements by friends pledging to abandon you if you sell out. Donated by Reed Schuler.

176. Chauffeured trip in a mom-mobile! Remember the embarrassment of being driven around town in a minivan? Well you can relive the fun if you win this item! What this item includes: I will take you on a shopping trip to your choice of destinations along the Boston Post Road Corridor. If you've never made it out of walking distance of YLS, this includes access to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Connecticut Post Mall, and Costco. What this item does not include: Unfortunately, money for purchases and muscle for hauling them are not included in this package. Donated by Kristin Shaffer.

177. 3 lessons on "How to be a Frat Star. By YLS's resident fratlords, plus awesome frat party. This item can be shared by multiple people bidding together, but all winners must do the lessons together. Lessons will be arranged at mutual convenience and can include such topics as: - How to dress and talk like a frat star - How to tailgate and/or pregame absolutely anything - How to decorate your house using only items that have contained beer (related: how to construct items that will optimize beer consumption) - Ten awesome drinking games you'll never played but will soon be addicted to - 1,000 possible mixer themes - How to play intramural sports without putting down your beer. Your final exam will involve throwing a YLS frat party. We'll provide the beer and a fratty mix tape, you use what we taught you to make yourself into a YLS Frat Legend. Donated by Dima Slavin (Chi Psi), Jeff Gurrola (Phi Delta Theta), and Jenn Bishop (Chi Omega).

178. Ride to Costco or BJ’s Warehouse. Buy in Bulk! Winner gets ride to (and from!!) Costco or BJs Warehouse stores, with the use of our card for entry. Discounted electronics, clothing, and lots of food await! Special things of interest to law students: bulk deals on highlighters, post-it notes, beef jerky, chocolate, ramen noodles, and free samples. Donated by Zach Strassburger.

179. One afternoon or evening of childcare. Anywhere within an hour of New Haven. I have a car and can provide my own transport to your place, or am happy to escort your child to New Haven attractions like the Children's Museum. I was a camp counselor for years and have lots of babysitting experience from ages 0-13. If you like, I may even be able to convince my spouse to come with me so you have a two-for-one babysitting deal! Donated by Zach Strassburger.

180. Shave my beard! The winner gets to shave my beard however they want, and I will have to wear it that way for one week. One rule: nothing offensive or obscene (swear words, epithets, etc). But otherwise anything goes: your name, your business, a picture of your grandma, no problem. If the winner is grossed out about the idea of getting near my beard, they can give me instructions and I will shave it myself to the best of my ability. Donated by Seth Wayne.

181. $25 micro-loan to individual or group of your choice through Kiva. Visit http://www.kiva.org/about for more information. Donated by Estella Cisneros.

182. 4 RESERVED SEATS AT THE LAW REVUE SHOW, APRIL 28. No waiting in line hours before the show. Stay at the picnic and enjoy as much YLS food and beer as long as you want. We will not only save you four awesome seats with your names on them, but people will also chant your name as you enter as the proud winners from the Public Interest Auction. Donated by Law Revue.

183. Birthday party invitation. I will construct one pitch-perfect birthday party invitation, sure to allure your friends and acquaintances and spur feverish hype, making your party one of the most anticipated events of the year. Buyer has the option of choosing a theme/concept or letting my creative powers run wild. Samples and references available by request. Donated by David Lebowitz.

184. Fall break 2011 in lake house for 9. Fall break 2011 (Oct. 7 - 10, 2011) on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes, New York, around a five hour drive from New Haven. Stay by the lake, take in the fall colors and drink the local wines at this lovely lake house. There are more than 30 wineries around Seneca Lake alone, not to mention another 10 around Keuka Lake, within 15 mins drive. All the wineries will be open for tasting to your heart's content, including the best dry Riesling produced anywhere outside Austria. The house sleeps 9 people, and has direct lakefront access including a 100-foot wood dock that stretches out into the crystal clear waters of Seneca Lake. Auction includes three nights stay at the house, including BBQ grill, kayaks, fire pit and plenty of outdoor seating to take in the spectacular view. Retail value $1,200, Reserve price $700. Details on the house available at http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p160010, details on Seneca wine trial at http://senecalakewine.com/jc/. Donated by Cathy Love and Kevin Love Hubbard.

185. Two nights in Seattle for up to two people. Visiting Seattle? Need a place to stay? Stay with my parents, conveniently located 7 minutes from downtown. They will leave you alone or shower you with attention and plan your itinerary - your choice. Donated by Reed Schuler.

186. Ski Trip! An optionally-romantic trip to the slopes for up to two people, includes: - Roundtrip transportation to a ski resort in Vermont or New York on a mutually arranged date during the 2010-2011 or 2011-2012 ski season. - Morning energy bars and gatorade to get you up and on the mountain - Lunch at the resort (including bread bowl soup - best resort lunch ever!) - Apres Ski drinks at the base lodge - A six-pack of locally brewed beer to take home as a souvenir - Advice on gear/resorts/technique if desired. Does not include lift tickets or rentals, but does include advice on how to get them for as little as $10. Donated by Dima Slavin.

187. NYC walking bakery tour. Guided walking bakery tour in New York City (LES & East-Village-focused). I'll take you and a friend on a 5-7 bakery tour (depending on how much sugar you can handle!), from some of NYC's most traditional bakeries to new twists and takes (and no Magnolia cupcakes will be included). 1 year expiration date--we'll work out a time that works for all of us. Includes one baked good at each stop. Donated by Caitlin Miner-Legrand.

188. Bluebook your SAW. Do you agree with Judge Posner’s views on the Bluebook? See Richard A. Posner, The Bluebook Blues, 120 Yale L.J. 850 (2011). Wish you had some help with tedious citations? Be the highest bidder on this item and YLJ’s Volume 121 officers will bluebook your SAW or any paper of similar or shorter length. Donated by The Editors of the Yale Law Journal.


189. An EMS Velocity 2 Tent. An ultralight two-person tent, perfect for backpacking. Shipping included. See http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3657870&clickid=prod_cs for more information. Donated by Heather Cherry.

190. A fuel-efficient, portable cooking stove for a displaced woman in a developing country (through $25 donation to Oxfam): http://www.oxfamamericaunwrapped.com/product.php?productid=43. Donated by Estella Cisneros.

191. Our Carrel is Your Carrel: While reading a casebook in the stacks, have you ever found the library far too quiet to concentrate? When trying to study, would you prefer to overhear your classmates' conversations by the computer terminals? Or does reading case law prompt you to have burning research questions you wish you could ask the Help Desk – if only it wasn’t so far away? Then we have the perfect carrel for you. The winning bid will receive exclusive rights to our Carrel, 349, for the remainder of the year. Do with it what you may. Activists, take note! Our carrel’s prominent location provides the perfect advertising space for whatever pet cause you believe deserves a larger audience than a mere Wall email to 600+ classmates can provide. So snap up this prime real estate today, before we sell it to whoever next claims – falsely – to be a YLS student. Donated by Yoni Cohen and Dan Correa.

192. An intimate evening with the Appellate Quartet. Two tickets for an intimate evening of fine music with the Appellate Quartet! Sumptuous French music, champagne, and decadent evening gowns (mostly worn by Alice Hwang) - what more could you ask for? Bid now and two front-row seats for the Appellate Quartet's performance of the Fauré Piano Quartet in c minor could be YOURS. This exclusive event takes place on April 20 at 8pm at the intimate residence of Brian Soucek and Matty Lane. Refreshments and impeccable fashion provided. Come hear chamber music as it's meant to be performed! Donated by David Peloquin (pianist), Bill Perdue (cellist), Alice Hwang (violinist), Nate Freeman (debutante), Brian Soucek and Matty Lane (hosts extraordinaire).

193. An original work of art. On offer is one painting of the subject(s) of your choice. Please note that there are no guarantees of quality or verisimilitude included in this auction. Displayed is the prize of the 2010 winner - the result of a painting session between the auction winner and the donor. At the request of the winner, donor painted the winner's face. Both agreed this turned out especially badly. Donor also painted the roast chicken and the dragon at winner's request. Winner painted the evil unicorn under the near-useless tutelage of donor. To donor's knowledge, this painting resides somewhere in winner's closet. Note: painting may, but need not, be a collaborative effort. Should the winning bidder wish to participate, note that dinner will be provided. Donated by Abigail Hinchcliff.

194. 2 tickets to the Metropolitan Opera. Two tickets to Rossini’s Le Comte Ory final dress rehearsal at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on Monday, March 21 at 11am. Approximate running time: 2 hours, 45 minutes. Donated by Yuan Ji.

195. One custom-made, hand-knit item (scarf, hat, or pair of mittens/gloves). The winner can pick the pattern or provide design specifications, and also select the yarn, which I will purchase for the project. For a sample of my past knitting projects, please visit www.madhuknitsandcooks.com. Donated by Madhuri Kommareddi.

196. 18" triple freshwater pearl necklace, sterling silver clasp, natural pastel colors. Matching earring. Retail: $300. Courtesy of Eastgem, Inc., owned by Mrs. Kraus. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

197. 60" endless freshwater pearl necklace, natural pastel colors. Retail: $200. Courtesy of Eastgem, Inc., owned by Mrs. Kraus. Donated by Rebecca Kraus.

198. Professional-quality homemade New York Times-style crossword on a theme of the winning bidder's choice. Donated by Matthew Mattera.

199. AMereCanard.com blog post. One blog post with personalized illustrations on the topic of the winner’s choice, to be featured on AMereCanard.com. Prize will include one cup of coffee (my treat) with me during which we can brainstorm and create the content for the blog post. Donated by Kathleen Neace.

200. Broadway musical-lover’s package. Musical Theater Lovers? Up for bid is a Broadway musical-lover's package. The winner will get 1) a brand-new hardcover copy of the Stephen Sondheim's 2010 book, Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics (1954-1981) with Attendant Comments, Principles, Heresies, Grudges, Whines and Anecdotes; 2) Brand new (in wrapper) CD of Sondheim's musical Sunday in the Park with George; and 3) Brand new (in wrapper) 6-DVD set: MGMs Musicals Collection (Fiddler on the Roof; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Guys & Dolls; West Side Story; How to Succeed in Business; and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum). PS: Stephen Sondheim is the king of the musicals. He won seven Tonys, an Academy Award, seven Grammys, and a Pulitzer Prize. Perfect gift for musical-theater nerds ... I mean... aficionados. Donated by Helen O’Reilly.

201. Sestina on topic of your choice. A sestina written on the topic of the winner's choosing. They can also choose the end words of the lines in the first stanza (which determine the end words of the lines in the rest of the poem). Donated by Eric Parrie.

202. 4 tickets to Mets Nationals. 4 baseball tickets to Mets Nationals on Thursday, May 19 at 1:10pm at CitiField. The four tickets are $120 each, in section 112, 8 rows behind first base. The seats include access to the Delta360 Club, Ebbets Club and other lounges (Danny Meyer's famous CitiField Tacqeria is in Delta360 lounge!). Donated by Katie Rivkin.

203. Baseball autographed by Mickey Mantle, encased and protected in a plastic container. Please note: this item, though believed to be authentic, does not come with a certificate of authentication. Donated by Jane Rosen.

204. Baseball autographed by Hank Aaron, encased and protected in a plastic container. Please note: this item, though believed to be authentic, does not come with a certificate of authentication. Donated by Jane Rosen.

205. School desk and chair. School desk and chair for a young child in a developing country. $35 donation to Oxfam. Donated by Women of Color Collective.

206. A Perfectly Personalized Poetic rePast! Have you been lying awake in the night, praying for the snow to melt and wondering, : "If Carly and Lauren had to encapsulate the essence of my being in a dish or in a poem-- or, heavens! in both, at the same time-- how would they do so?" We thought so. Now is the time to find out. We will devote a night to feeding your egos -- and your bodies -- with limericks, haikus, and dishes inspired by none other than your unique and wonderful selves (and possibly, your culinary preferences). Come to a personalized dinner party, where you'll learn the answer to the age-old question "if I were a food, what kind of food I be?," get some rhymes about yo'self, and enjoying an evening of wit and good eatin' with up to eight of your friends. We'll provide kittens and views of high speed chases around the New Haven Green for added entertainment. Donated by Carly Zubrzycki and Lauren Blas.


207. 5 hours of French conversation time with a native French speaker. Donated by Adele Faure.

208. Brunch for 3, Texas Style. You and your two best friends could have the brunch of your lives. The winning bid receives brunch with all your favorite foods, complete with Texas-shaped waffles. That’s right… they really are shaped like Texas. Oh yeah, and did I mention that it’s all you can eat? Donated by Stephen Gilstrap.