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Energy in the 21st Century: Could Muir, Patton, and Gandhi Agree on a Program?

Featuring R. James Woolsey, Jr., YLS '68, Former CIA Director
Join us for a talk by Jim Woolsey, Former CIA director, on the nexus of energy, environment, and national security. As we make the decisions about what direction our society should take regarding energy we have to keep in mind that we need for it to be increasingly clean, secure, and affordable. What threats and problems should be at the center of our concerns, and what are some of the approaches that can help us deal with all three needs? Jim Woolsey will help us look at these issues from the perspective of three very different and remarkable individuals of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who embody the struggles to preserve our natural world, defend our freedom, and lift the fortunes of the world's poor. Could John Muir, General George S. Patton, and Mahatma Gandhi agree today on an energy policy for the future?