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Past Events

Small Group Olympics 2010!

Every year the 1Ls enter the fierce competition for who will be crowned “Best Small Group” of the year. Whether it’s the Hula, Twister, Jeopardy or beer pong, the 1Ls brought it.

Congratulations to this year’s winning team: Team Priest!!!

And a message from our winning Small Group:

"Team Priest, AKA the Claireical Errors, AKA the Claireics, played the long game while others got caught up in individual events. We dispensed athletes to the Wii station, the hula-hoops, and the Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, and Scattegories tables--all while other group members kept our main competitors distracted in a Jeopardy game. On top of our superior strategy, we were blessed with natural athletes and lives full of training: Fran Faircloth's parents disciplined her only with a Taboo buzzer; Anastasiya Lisovskaya walked to and from grade school 5 miles in the snow, up hill both ways, all while hoola-hooping; and the Shapiro team has understandably complained that Arpit Garg must be a cyborg built solely to play Wii tennis." -- Elliot Morrison

Team Markovitz came in 2nd place and Teams Hansmann and Shapiro are tied at 3rd place.
Keep scrolling down for stories and pictures of SGO 2010, featuring a special interview with YLS hula champion, Brandie Mask.

David Lebowitz: Congrats on your victory! What does it feel like to be YLS hula champion?
Brandie Mask: Thanks! It feels good, David. As my idol Ricky Bobby says, "If you ain't first, you're last." I try to live by that. It kind of just confirmed why I'm here at YLS. I didn't shine at brief writing, or issue spotting, or clinical work. But I set my mind to making my contribution somewhere, and that's just what I did.

DL: Truly inspiring words. Did you go into the competition thinking you had a shot to win?

BM: Well, I almost hate to say it...but the best doesn't just wake up in the morning not knowing she's the best. The best wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence. That's what I did on the day of Small Group Olympics, just like I do everyday.

DL: Wow. I would hate to hula against you. What was going through your head as the competition dropped out one by one and it got down to the final few hula-ers?

BM: What was going through my head? Honestly, not much. Hula isn't really about your head. It's about your heart. I can tell you what was going through my heart watching those suckers drop like flies; blood. Ice cold, blue on the inside, red on the outside blood. And adrenaline. And Red Bull.

DL: Intense. So how long have you been hula-ing? How did you get your start? What was your training regimen like for this event?

BM: Hula is one of those things, if you don't start young, you may not ever be the best. You might get okay at it as an adult, but it's rare that you're gonna go pro. It's like skiing or NBA basketball or eating competitions in that way. It's about raw talent, determination and a refusal to lose. I got started on the streets of Houston. Me and my sisters and my hula hoop and my pogo stick. To train for SGO I had to really tighten up my diet, lots of protein, raw eggs are beneficial. Also, I watched some tape from past years, to see where people went wrong, maybe gauge some of the returning competition. I had to sacrifice a few hours of reading for some classes, but that's the great thing about YLS; you get to really devote yourself to the things you are passionate about.

DL: That is truly the feature of this school that we all cherish most. How did it feel to represent the best small group at YLS and lead the Res Judycatae to victory?

BM: You know, I'm glad you asked that cause that was really my motivation. Bringing pride to the Smoop. We had a dificult first semester and I just wanted to do my part to bring us some victory. We may still not understand the genre "brief", but I thought we needed to be successful at something. I couldn't have done it without their support. I just hope I did them proud.

Thanks to the the firms sponsoring the Small Group Olympics this year:
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP