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Get Involved

Getting Involved

If you're a YLS 1L or 2L, plan to take a SPIF-eligible public interest job this summer, and would like to receive the YiPPiE! stipend supplement, please send an email to one of the following addresses.

If you are interested in participating in YiPPiE or helping out with our events, please contact one of our student directors.

If your firm is interested in sponsoring an event, please visit your sponsorship page.


To be eligible for the YiPPiE! stipend supplement, you must:

(1) be a 1L or 2L student at Yale Law School

(2) qualify for a Summer Public Interest Fellowship (SPIF)

(3) make a substantial contribution to at least one YiPPiE! fundraising event. 3-5 hours of work on a particular event is typical, though many students contribute far more than this

If you satisfy these requirements, the YiPPiE! stipend will be added directly and automatically to your SPIF grant, subject to whatever payment and withholding policies accompany SPIF.

Please note that YiPPiE! does not and cannot independently evaluate your eligibility for SPIF, which is administered by the YLS Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office is also responsible for disbursing the stipend to individual students. Accordingly, participation in YiPPiE! does not by itself guarantee receipt of or eligibility for the stipend. Questions about eligible forms of employment and payment should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.