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SPEAK UP: Gender in the Classroom

YLW is excited to announce our first in a series of workshops entitled SPEAK UP.  Each workshop will be devoted to helping women find their voice in some situations that typically pose problems for women.  Upcoming workshops will be focused on Women in the Courtroom, Negotiating at Work, and Women at the Podium. 

Our first workshop is entitled Gender in the Classroom and will be held Friday, November 21, from 12:30 - 2 PM in Faculty Lounge. Lunch will be served at 12:10.

Many students struggle with adjusting to law school and learning to express their views in the often intimidating setting of law school lectures.  This workshop will give students the opportunity to discuss these challenges and brainstorm practical solutions with members of the faculty in small group discussions. Participating faculty members include: Ian Ayres, Rob Harrison, Megan Barnett, Jean Koh Peters, Amy Chua, Judith Resnik, Heather Gerken, Sharon Brooks, and Reva Siegel

Come with friends and members of your small group!  Many people have found that collective action is often a successful way to combat individual fears of speaking in class.  To review previous studies on gender in the classroom at Yale ranging from 2006 to 1987, please refer to these three articles:

Why Legal Education Is Failing Women, by Sari Bashi and Maryana Iskander

"Just Trying to Be Human in This Place": The Legal Education of Twenty Women, by Paula Gaber

The Legal Education of Twenty Women, by Catherine Weiss and Louise Melling

For a longer bibliography of scholarship on gender disparity in law school, visit the University of Maryland: Women, Leadership & Equality Program.