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Yale Law School v. John Yoo

When should a law school's clinic sue its alumnus for government service?
A Yale Law School clinic recently sued John Yoo, a YLS alumnus for legal opinions he drafted as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel of the Department of Justice.  The suit was filed by Jonathan Freiman of the Lowenstein International Human Rights Law Clinic's National Litigation Project, on behalf of convicted terrorist Jose Padilla.  You can download the complaint here.  News of the suit sparked outrage among alumni who perceived it as both a disloyal attack on the law school's own graduate and a frivolous suit against a government employee acting in his official capacity.  Supporters think the suit helps bring to light unconstitutional detention and interrogation practices perpetrated by the government against alleged enemy combatants.

Gerald Walpin (Inspector General, Corporation for National and Community Service) and Emily Bazelon (Senior Editor, Slate), speaking in their individual capacities as YLS alumni, will debate the institutional ethics and legal merit of Padilla v. Yoo.