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SPEAK UP: Gender in the Classroom - Be a Part of the Solution

YLW would like to invite you to attend our second workshop devoted to the issue of Gender in the Classroom. At the first workshop last November, over 40 students and faculty collectively identified issues of gender disparity in the law school and possible methods for improvement.  Suggestions were made for students, faculty, and administrators, and ranged from an institutional scorecard with key indicators of gender equality, student discussion pacts, requirements for regular office hours, and an orientation session on classroom participation.
After taking stock of the problem, we would like to start implementing some proposed solutions.  This second meeting will therefore be structured as a working group.  We hope to assess both the strength and feasibility of the various proposed solutions, set goals for this year and next, and assign managers for discreet initiatives.
Both men and women are encouraged to attend!  If you missed the November workshop, it’s not too late to get involved.  Faculty are welcome as well!
If you’re interested in reading more about how YLS students have handled this issue in the past, check the articles posted on our website.  Finally, a special thank you to the faculty who attended the November workshop:  Ian Ayres, Rob Harrison, Megan Barnett, Jean Koh Peters, Amy Chua, Judith Resnik, Heather Gerken, Sharon Brooks and Reva Siegel.  We all appreciate you taking the time to discuss this important issue with your colleagues and students.