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Mission & Constitution


The Yale Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a student organization composed of Yale Law School students concerned with issues affecting members of the African Diaspora. The purpose of BLSA is to support and advance the interests of its members and the broader Black community. In this effort, BLSA focuses on the recruitment and development of Black law students and seeks to build relationships between current students and alumni. We also encourage the academic and professional development of BLSA members by informing them of employment and educational opportunities and by supporting their efforts to take advantage of them.

To expand BLSA's impact beyond the walls of the Law School and elite professional circles, we engage in community service within the New Haven community and beyond as well as political action on issues of local, state, national, and global import. Lastly, BLSA encourages social interaction between its members to foster meaningful networks, which are crucial to success in the legal profession.