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YiPPiE! (Yale Incentive Program for Public Interest Employment) is a student organization at Yale Law School. As our name suggests, we aim to encourage YLS students to take on public interest employment during one or both summers. Each year, we raise money to provide an additional stipend for students working at low-paying jobs in the public interest, to make it more affordable for students to choose public interest employment. YLS itself generously matches our fundraising efforts dollar for dollar. Last year, we disbursed close to $1,000 to each of over a hundred students working in public interest jobs all over the country and all over the world, from Boston to Bangkok.

Our approach is simple: We raise money by hosting great events that, in addition to serving a worthy cause, also help to bring the YLS community together for some much needed fun and distraction!


Each year, YiPPiE holds a number of exciting events that both raise money to support student involvement in the public interest and bring together the Yale Law community.

In the fall, the Court Classic pits Yale and Harvard students against one another in a yearly basketball showdown – for the public interest, of course.

In the spring, YiPPiE hosts the Small Group Olympics. SGO brings together the small groups from each Yale Law student’s first semester for a bout of friendly competition. Groups compete in various “Olympic” events, ranging from a football toss to boggle. The small groups with the best overall scores win gold, silver, and bronze, and more importantly, bragging rights for next year.

Each year, dozens of Yale Law 1Ls and 2Ls who obtain employment at larger law firms generously pledge to donate a day of their pay to YiPPiE through the Day's Pay initiative. It's a great way to students to show their support for public interest work by helping fellow students who have accepted lower-paying public interest positions.


The 2009-2010 YiPPiE! Co-Chairs are Arthur Plews, Courtney Hostetler, and Sharanya Kanikkannan of the class of 2011. Arthur Plews organized the 2009 Court Classic Basketball Game against Harvard Law School. Courtney Hostetler and Sharanya Kanikkannan are taking charge of the 2010 Small Group Olympics and Day's Pay initiatives.

They are ably assisted by legions of dedicated 1L and 2L volunteers.


To be eligible for the YiPPiE! stipend supplement, you must must meet certain requirements.