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Yale Society of International Law

The Yale Society of International Law (YSIL), formerly the Yale Forum on International Law, aims to provide a comprehensive platform for YLS students to pursue their academic and professional interests in international affairs and international law.

In addition to hosting events with some of the world's leading international lawyers, YSIL is also a source for finding international law events hosted by other organizations at the law school and in the greater Yale community.

YSIL is an expansive community that includes both current law students and alumni, and one of its key goals is to foster dialogue and mentorship between the two.
2013-2014 Board Members

Co-Directors: Farshad Ghodoosi, Philipp Kotlaba, Alisa Shekhtman, Allana Kembabazi



John Wei


Events Chair:

Canel Trouillot


International Legal Practice Chair:

Tiffany Ng


Comparative Law Chair:

Joseph Sanderson


Focus Area "Middle East" Chair:

Will Smiley


Focus Area "Africa" Chair:

Marvin Brown