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Upcoming Events

We have many great events planned for the 2014-2015 year:

Affinity Groups BBQ Trip
Welcome Dinner hosted by Professor Amy Chua
1L Academics Overview
1L Memo Writing Workshop
1L Brief Writing Workshop
APALSA Alumni Banquet honoring Dr. Wallace Loh LAW ’79, President of the University of Maryland
APALSA Connections: Lunchtime Talk and Coffee Chat with Justice Goodwin Liu LAW ‘98
APALSA Connections: A Conversation with Lan Cao LAW ‘87, Author of “Lotus and the Storm” and “Monkey Bridge”
APALSA Connections: Lunchtime Talk with Helen Wan, Author of “The Partner Track”
Big Sib-Little Sib Coffee Meetings
Apple Picking/Corn Maze
Halloween Party: Scary Movies & Pumpkin Carving
APALSA Connections: Lunch and Coffee Speaker Series with YLS Faculty
APALSA Connections: Judges Panel
APALSA Advice: Lunchtime Office Hours
Sibling Family Potluck
APALSA Connections: Dinner Talk with Carol Lee LAW ’81
APALSA Advice: 1L Summer Internships
Life After the Law: YLS Grads in Non-Traditional Career Paths
Study Break: Cocoa and Snacks!
Holiday Party
APALSA Connections: Conversation with Jenny Yang, EEOC Commissioner
Lunar New Year Banquet
Bamboo Ceiling Panel Series featuring speakers in public and private practice
APALSA Advice: Fall Interview Program and the Post Grad Job Search
APALSA Connections: Conversation with Pamela Chen, United States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York
Class Events - 3L Cocktails, 2L Dumpling Dinner, 1L Sushi Night
Mental Health & Awareness: Desserts in the Courtyard
Spring Picnic
Admitted Students Weekend Dinner
3L Farewell Dinner