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Upcoming Events

We have many great events planned for the 2013-2014 year (events are still tentative and subject to change):

Affinity Groups Beach Trip
Welcome Dinner
Fisher Revisited: What Is the Future of Affirmative Action, and How Will That Impact Asian-Americans in Higher Education?
Big Sib-Little Sib Coffee Meetings
Apple Picking/Corn Maze
APALSA Connections: Lunch and Coffee Speaker Series with YLS Faculty
APALSA Connections: Judges Panel
Panel: An Update on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
APALSA Advice: Lunchtime Office Hours
Sibling Family Potluck
Scary Movies & Pumpkin Carving
APALSA Advice: 1L Summer Internships
APALSA Connections: Kamala Harris, current Attorney General of California
Life After the Law: YLS Grads in Non-Traditional Career Paths
Study Break: Cocoa and Snacks!
Holiday Party
Lunar New Year Banquet
APALSA Connections: Bobbi Jindal, current Governor of Louisiana
Bamboo Ceiling Panel
APALSA Advice: Fall Interview Program and the Post Grad Job Search
Class Events - 3L Cocktails, 2L Dumpling Dinner, 1L Sushi Night
Mental Health & Awareness: Arts & Crafts in the Courtyard
APALSA Connections: Gary Locke, former Secretary of Commerce, current ambassador to China
Spring Picnic
APALSA Connections: Tina Tchen, speaker on the intersectionality of gender and race
Admitted Students Weekend Dinner
3L Farewell Dinner