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Past Executive Boards

Executive Board 2013-2014

Co-Chairs: Grace Kao & Bert Ma                                                                                                             Academic Outreach: John Wei                                                                                                               Admissions: Jenny Gu                                                                                                                                 Political Action: Lunar Mai & Jiacheng Yu                                                                                              Professional Development: Kwon-Yong Jin & Jacqueline Yuan                                                      Social: Nicole Fearahn & Young-Hee Kim

Executive Board 2012-2013

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Mak & Xiao Wang
Academic Outreach: Sue Lin
Admissions: Su Da & Mindy Lu
Alumni Relations: Aditi Eleswarapu
Political Action: Cynthia Liao & Jessica So
Professional Development: Tian Gai & Tiffany Ng
Social: Zuo Yi & Laura Zaragoza
1L Representatives: Grace Kao & Hanbing Zhang
Campus Outreach: John Wei

Executive Board 2011-2012

Co-Chairs: James Shih and Christopher Lapinig
Admissions Co-Chairs: James Dee and Amanda Lee
Alumni Relations Chair: Jimmy Li
Political Action and Education Co-Chairs: Christine Tsang and Ivy Wang
Political Action and Education Committee: Peter Chen, Marvin Lim, and Trudy Rebert
Professional Outreach Chair: Xiao (Linda) Liu
Student Relations Co-Chairs: Sam Lim and Can Sun

Executive Board 2010-2011

Co-Chairs: Lisa Guo, Jilliana Zou
Student Relations Co-Chairs: Joanne Williams, G. David Rojas
Outreach Co-Chairs: Stephanie Lee, Julie Wang
Alumni Chair: Shishene Jing
Admissions Chair: Will Moon
Publicity Chair: Sue Guan

Executive Board 2009-2010

: Margaret Hsieh, Nicole Jeong
Student Relations Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Lin, David Zhou
Outreach Chair: Gabrielle Holburt
Admissions Chair: Isabel Bussarakum
Publicity Chair: Maile Tavepholjalern
ALLSA Liaison: Christine Ku

Executive Board 2008-2009

Co-Chairs: Christina Asavareungchai, Stephanie Cha
Social Co-Chairs: David Chao, Carol Pang
Outreach Co-Chairs: Connie Chan, Jennifer Chang
Admissions Chair: Jeff Lee
ALLSA Liaison: Ryan Sakoda

Executive Board 2007-2008

Co-Chairs: Jessica Chen, Stephanie Tang
Outreach Co-Chairs: Jami Johnson, Patricia Moon
Minority Recruitment: Amy Kurren, Anant Sarsawat
Publicity Chair: Regan Kirk
Annual Alumi Banquet Chair: Dennis Hsieh
Social Co-Chairs: Baolu Lan, Gabriel Rauterberg
Tech Chair: Tuongvy Le

Executive Board 2006-2007

Co-Chairs: Caroline Lopez, Kathy Lin, Dennis Hsieh
Webmaster: Tuongvy Le