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Past Events

Some of the great events APALSA-NALSA has hosted in previous years:


Affinity Groups Beach Trip
Welcome Dinner
Fisher Revisited: What Is the Future of Affirmative Action, and How Will That Impact Asian-Americans in Higher Education?
Big Sib-Little Sib Coffee Meetings
Apple Picking/Corn Maze
APALSA Connections: Lunch and Coffee Speaker Series with YLS Faculty
APALSA Connections: Judges Panel
Panel: An Update on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
APALSA Advice: Lunchtime Office Hours
Sibling Family Potluck
Scary Movies & Pumpkin Carving
APALSA Advice: 1L Summer Internships
APALSA Connections: Kamala Harris, current Attorney General of California
Life After the Law: YLS Grads in Non-Traditional Career Paths
Study Break: Cocoa and Snacks!
Holiday Party
Lunar New Year Banquet
APALSA Connections: Bobbi Jindal, current Governor of Louisiana
Bamboo Ceiling Panel
APALSA Advice: Fall Interview Program and the Post Grad Job Search
Class Events - 3L Cocktails, 2L Dumpling Dinner, 1L Sushi Night
Mental Health & Awareness: Arts & Crafts in the Courtyard
APALSA Connections: Gary Locke, former Secretary of Commerce, current ambassador to China
Spring Picnic
APALSA Connections: Tina Tchen, speaker on the intersectionality of gender and race
Admitted Students Weekend Dinner
3L Farewell Dinner


September 19 - YLS Activities Fair
September 26 - Welcome Dinner at Professor Amy Chua's house
October 3 - General APALSA Meeting
October 12 - APALSA Advice: 1L Summer Job Search Panel
October 25 - A Conversation with S.B. Woo, former Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, about Election 2012 and the Asian Vote: The Importance of Group Political Clout
November 1 - Karaoke Night Mixer with BLSA
November 2 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with Harold Koh
November 3 - APALSA at the Asian American Students Alliance Undergraduate Conference
November 6 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with Shawn Chen, partner at Cleary Gottlieb
November 7 & 14 - APALSA Advice: Clerkship and Post Graduate Opportunities for 2Ls
November 12 - APALSA Connections: Lunch with clinical faculty Annie Lai and Soo-Ryun Kwon
November 27 - APALSA Connections: Dinner with Professor Bruce Ackerman
November 28 - APALSA Connections: Lunch with Professor Akhil Amar
December 6 - USAO-CT Info session for 1Ls
December 6 - Chinese Tea Tasting
December 12 - APALSA Advice: How To Prep for Exams and Choose Classes
December 13 - Holiday Party
January 24 - Fisher, Asian Americans, & Affirmative Action: The authors of two opposing amicus briefs, Thomas Mariadason of Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), and Lee Cheng of Asian American Legal Foundation (AALF), will share their views with the Yale Law School community in a highly-anticipated panel discussion.
January 30 - The Myth of American Meritocracy, with Ron Unz
February 1 - The Cultural Foundations of Learning, with Professor Jin Li
February 3 - Asian American Students Association Undergraduate Mentoring Brunch
February 7 - Chinese Divination and American Constitutional Law, A Discussion with Jack Balkin on the I Ching
February 19 - Fireside Chat with Cleary Gottlieb
February 23 - Rebellious Lawyering Conference: DREAMers Panel
February 25 - Lunar New Year banquet, hosted by Professor Harold Koh
February 28 - Chinese Business Legal Practice, with the Chinese Business Lawyers Association
February 28 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with Joanne Lin
February 28 - Student Perspectives series: Jinju Pottenger (‘15) on teaching in North Korea
March 7 - APALSA Connections: Lunch and Cocktails with former Solicitor General Neal Katyal
March 8 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with Gabe Chin
March 11 - APALSA Advice: Yale Law Journal
March 12 - APALSA Connections: Potluck with Professors Linda Greenhouse and Gene Fidell
March 14 - Diversity in Clerkships, with 2nd Circuit Judge Lohier
March 14 - Diversity in the Legal Profession, with attorneys from Munger, Tolles & Olson
March 28 - Election Law, Voting, and Race, with Emory Law Professor Michael Kang and Yale Law Professor Heather Gerken
April 5 - APALSA Connections: Lunch with Professor Jean Koh Peters
April 6 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with CA District Court Judge Lucy Koh
April 9 - APALSA Advice: Fall Interview Process
April 12 - Alumni Banquet, with Keynote Speaker Justice Goodwin Liu
April 16 - APALSA Connections: Coffee Chat with Judge Amul Thapar
April 17 - Admitted Students Weekend Dinner
April 24 - APALSA Advice: Alternatives to FIP


December 1 - A Conversation with Jose Antonio Vargas, Author of "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant"
December 5 - Breaking Through the "Bamboo Ceiling" at Law Firms: How Minority Associates Can Get Ahead
March 30 - Yul Kwon (YLS '00) on "Surviving After Law School"
March - APALSA Game Night
April - Admitted Students Welcome Dinner
April - APALSA-NALSA End of Year Banquet, with Keynote Speaker Judge Denny Chin


September 21 - Welcome Dinner
September 23 - Global Constitutionalism Seminar, Panel: “Economic and Environmental Crisis”
October 21 - Big Sib Little Sib Game Night
November 8 - Choosing Classes Panel with SAO
November 11 - Annie Lai from the ACLU: Arizona and the Fight for Immigrant Rights
November 11 - Potluck Dinner at Prof. Chua's House
November 13 - PAEC High School Conference Panels "Asian American Activism in Popular Culture" and "Why is Asian American History Relevant to Me Today?"
December 6 - Lunch with Professor Jean Koh Peters
December 8 - Study Break: Coffee and Cake!
February 3 - Lunar Celebration
February 10 - Cleary Fireside Chat
February 15 - Covington Pro Bono Panel with BLSA & LLSA
February 18 - Reblaw Panel: "Litigating Outside the Box: Underrepresented Issues in the Asian American Community"
February 26 - Harvard APALSA Conference
March 2 - Voices of the Asian Judiciary Panel featuring Judges Susan Oki Mollway & Leslie Kobayashi
March 3 - APALSA/Yale Law Journal Game Night
March 25 - Lunch with Prof. Akhil Amar
April 5 - Judges of Color Panel, including the Hon. Denny Chin
April 6 - Munger Tolles & Olson Diversity Event
April 7 - How to Prepare for the Bar Exam with Student Affairs
April 13 - Admitted Students Welcome Dinner
April 15 - Bluebook Study Session
April 20 - The Role of Social Media in Japan during Natural Disasters with Kyoko Yoshinaga
April 25 - How to Hustle and Win @ FIP with BLSA, LLSA, SALSA, Outlaws & WoCC
May 3 - Biennial Alumni Banquet, Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal '95


September 22 - Welcome Dinner
September 24 - Global Constitutionalism Seminar
October 27 - Minorities in Law Panel
November 2 - Law School Admissions Panel
November 11 - Who Gets to Decide? American Indian Recognition Struggles
November 12 - Dinner at Professor Chua's House
November 14 - PAEC High School Conference Panel on “Institutionalized Discrimination Against Asian Americans”
November 30 - Choosing Classes Panel w/Student Affairs Office
December 9 - APALSA Study Break
February 25 - Lunar Banquet
February 27 - Harvard APALSA Conference
March 3 - Covington Panel: Pro Bono Practice from a Large Law Firm Perspective (with BLSA, LLSA)
March 9 - Fireside Chat with Cleary
March 24 - Study Break with ALLSA members to discuss YLJ
March 24 - APALSA/BLSA/LLSA Intercultural Mixer
March 25 - Lunch with Professor Amar
March 25 - Movie Night w/YLIA: Please Vote for Me
April 5 - Judges of Color Panel
April 6 - MTO Diversity in the Law Panel
April 8 - Lunch with Prof. Jean Koh Peters
April 10 - Iron Chef Dinner
April 14 - Bluebook Study Session
April 15 - Judge Rockman's Visit
April 20 - How to Prepare for the Bar Exam Panel (with Student Affairs Office)
April 22 - Admitted Students Dinner
May 4 - End of the Year Banquet at Bentara


September 18 - APALSA Welcome Dinner
September 25 - Global Constitutionalism Panel
September 27 - CAPABA Luau
October 18 - Thomas Tang Moot Court
November 11 - Dinner Reception with Professor Amy Chua
November 15 - Yale College Asian American Leadership Conference, Panel: "Discrimination: Legal and Political Remedies"
December 2 - Lunch and discussion with Professor Akhil Amar
December 12 - Ice Skating
February 11 - APALSA Lunar New Year Banquet
February 20-22 - Rebellious Lawyering Conference (RebLaw) Panels: "Evolving Understandings of Hate Crimes Against Asian and Middle Eastern Americans in pre- and post-9/11 America: Economic Motivations and the Myth of the 'Perpetual Foreigner'" and "Trafficking and Exploitation in U.S. Labor Markets”
February 27-28 - APALSA Conference at Harvard Law School
March 12 - ALLSA Yale Law Journal Panel
April 19 - Third Annual Alumni Banquet
April 22 - Dinner for Admitted Students
April 27 - Bar Exam Panel
April 27 - "Kimjongilia": Film screening and discussion with director N.C. Heiken sponsored by PANA, Yale Amensty International, the Orville H. Schell Jr. Center for International Human Rights, Thi[NK] North Korea, and the Yale Journal of International Law
May 1 - Lunch and discussion with Professor Jean Koh Peters


November 3 - Harvard APALSA boat cruise in Boston
November 6 - Lunch and Discussion with Professor Kenji Yoshino
November 29 - Lunch Talk with Mr. Wingfield, Solicitor General of Hong Kong (co-sponsored by China Law Center)
February 5 - APALSA Lunar New Year Banquet
May 2 - Second Annual Alumni Banquet