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Yale BLSA consists of a number of committees, which members are encouraged to lead and join. While each committee is charged with a specific duty, committee members are free to frame their own agendas and plan events that are of interest to them.

Alumni Affairs Committee Chair: Tiffany Bailey
The Alumni Affairs Committee organizes events, including alumni dinners, that connect current members with Yale BLSA alumni.

Community Service Committee Chair: Arielle Humphries
The Community Service Committee facilitates members' local involvement in the surrounding Connecticut community. The committee provides opportunities for members to engage in volunteer work with programs that aid disadvantaged minority and disenfranchised groups. In the past, the Community Service Committee has raised hundreds of dollars for a number of causes, and sponsored moot court competitions for middle school students from a nearby school.

Political Action Committee: Olevia Boykin
The Political Action committee is charged with discussing and creating strategies that advance the political goals and interests of the organization. The Committee also formulates position statements and plans events around political topics that are of interest to BLSA.

Social Committee Chairs:Kim Jackson and Evan Turnage
The Social Committee plans gatherings of members of the organization, including game nights, study breaks, and parties, to promote cohesiveness.

Academic Development Chair: William Stone
The Academic Development Committee works to foster relationships with affiliated faculty, develop academic work written by and/or relevant to the BLSA community, and support BLSA members in their academic pursuits at the law school.

Professional Development Chair: Brandon Thompson
The Professional Development Committee is charged with recruiting and retaining students of African descent. The Committee also helps to professionally develop its members through job and clerkship sessions and by connecting students with upperclassmen, alumni, and professors.