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Yale Law Federalist Society

Founded in 1982 as the flagship chapter of The Federalist Society, Yale FedSoc is a group of conservative, libertarian, and moderate law students. FedSoc's members are ideologically diverse, and the Society is proud of its commitment to full and forthright debate on issues in law and public policy. FedSoc has no litmus tests, and all are welcome. We were founded to provide a forum for students, scholars, and practitioners who share a commitment to the American constitutional system: that the governments are instituted to protect unalienable rights; that the concentration of powers in one branch of government is a dangerous thing; and that it is the province of the judiciary to say what the law is, while the elected branches determine what the law should be. Over 30 years after its founding, the Yale Federalist Society is still one of the nation’s strongest Federalist Society Student Chapters, as well as one of the most active student groups at Yale Law School. We are, above all, committed to encouraging open and honest debate on the fundamental legal issues of our day; to that end, we seek to bring preëminent expositors of conservative, libertarian, and moderate views (often underpresented at Yale) to the law school to speak and debate important legal questions. Welcome to the Yale Law School Federalist Society.

Officers for 2013-14: 

JJ Snidow

Vice Presidents for Events
Charlie Dameron
Kian Hudson

Vice Presidents for Internal Affairs
Stephen Petrany
Michael Taunton

Director of Membership
Ben Field

Elisé Kraft

Director of Public Relations
Joe Sanderson

Faculty Relations Chair
Brian Lipshutz

Fundraising Chair
Dave Holcomb

Symposium Chair
Nick Makarov

Campus Events Chair
Noah Greenfield