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Public Interest Auction

Initiative for Public Interest Law at Yale proudly presents:
2015 Public Interest Auction

Silent Auction: March 2nd at 8:00AM to March 5th at 6PM

Live Auction: March 6th, 5:00-7:00PM
Dining Hall, complimentary happy hour food and drinks

Meals with Professors or YLS Staff

1. Jon Macey
Dinnner for Four at a Restaurant in New Haven of Student's Choice

2. Linda Greenhouse
Seafood Dinner for 4 students at Jimmy's of Savin Rock, New Haven's iconic waterfront restaurant.

3. Fiona Doherty, Tracey Meares, Daniel Markovits & Gerald Torres
Fiona Doherty, Tracey Meares, Daniel Markovits and Gerald Torres will host a multi-course progressive dinner at our homes in East Rock for up to 8 students.

4. Gene Fidell
Four students will join Professor Fidell for dinner at the fabulous Saray Turkish Restaurant, on Campbell Avenue in West Haven

5. Stephen Wizner Carroll Lucht
Dinner for up to 8 students (+significant others & children) at the home of Stephen Wizner. Cuisine to be determined (probably Asian or North African).

6. Lawrence Fox
Picnic on the Grass Spring: Paulette and Larry Fox is offering an afternoon picnic for six in the garden of our Woodbridge home. Picnic will include (if it starts) a ride in Professor Fox’s 1929 Packard. Straw hats recommended for this outing!

7. Ian Shapiro
Dinner for 5 at his house

8. Dennis Curtis, Judith Resnik, Reva Siegel, and Robert Post
Professors Resnik and Curtis and Dean Post and Professor Siegel offer a dinner for 4 at a New Haven restaurant on April 22.

9. William Eskridge and Abbe Gluck
Abbe Gluck and Bill Eskridge offer a dinner for ten students at the home of Bill Eskridge.

10. Career Development Office Staff
West African Meal for 6-8. The perfect solution for would-be hosts without cooking skills: the generous members of the CDO staff will deliver a home-cooked West African meal to your doorstep.

11. Heather Gerken, Mike Wishnie, Gideon Yaffe
Cocktail party for 10 omnivores hosted by Gideon Yaffe, Mike Wishnie, and Heather Gerken. Sample different wines and a wide array of tapas, including lemongrass lobster rolls, scallops with mashed potato foam, sous-vide steak with slow-cooked leeks and truffle aioli, and sauteed chicken gizzards on braised endive with a pomegranate molasses sauce.

12. Issa Kohler-Hausmann
Dinner for 6 at the home of Professor Issa Kohler-Hausmann in New Haven or New York.

13. Owen Fiss
“Out of Retirement.” A Chinese banquet, seasoned by reflections on the profession and forty years of teaching at the Yale Law School by Professor Owen Fiss, at a world-class restaurant in, if it can be believed, New Haven, sometime this spring. It will be held some Sunday evening for a group of six.

14. Jim Silk & Stephen Bright
Dinner for six at Professor Jim Silk’s house with guest of honor Steve Bright.

15. Cookie De Leon
Delivery of homemade pasta dinner for 6-8 including salad and dessert with or without Cookie De Leon as your guest


16. Robbie Nightingale
One delicious French-inspired meal, for a group of up to 8 people. Hosted at my place. I supply the food and the wine, you supply the conversation.

17. Young-Hee Kim & Michelle Cho
Homemade Korean Lunch for 4 (plus you see my cat) -- note from last year, vegetarian requests can be accommodated, though unfortunately gluten-free or vegan requests will be difficult (Koreans are a generally carnivorous and gluten-embracing people).

18. Sarah Esty, Christina Krushen & Albert Pak
Wine Dinner for 6 - Four courses of gourmet homemade food cooked by Sarah Esty and Christina Krushen, perfectly paired with wines by Albert Pak. Dinner will include appetizer, cheese, main course, and dessert. Proposed menu includes a trio of crostinis (chorizo/date, poached egg/asparagus, bacon/avocado), paired with a brightly acidic white wine; a board of goat, sheep, and cow cheeses, paired with sparkling wine made in the traditional method; seared salmon with a spicy sweet sauce, kale salad with pecans, pear, and blue cheese, and a Mediterranean orzo pasta, paired with a robust red wine; and chocolate lava cakes, paired with port. The final menu will be set in consultation with the auction winner (and can be made vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc).

19. Andrew Walchuk, Martha Ferson & Katherine Demby
Hey Y'all! Tired of cold New England weather and even colder people? Enjoy some genuine southern hospitality and good eats. Cheesy grits, biscuits and gravy, fluffy banana blueberry pancakes, country ham, home fries, deviled eggs, sweet tea, mint juleps and other southern delights. Invite up to seven of your friends. Redeemable on any mutually convenient Saturday or Sunday during April 2015. Courtesy of your resident Southerners, Andrew Walchuk, Martha Ferson, and Katherine Demby.

20. Graham Downey
Personal pancake breakfast at my house with up to 5 friends.

21. Brian Highsmith
Gourmet Southern dinner for you and up to five friends, prepared by chefs de cuisine (and life-long Southern food aficionados) Brian Highsmith and Marissa Medine. We’ll work with you to develop a menu to your liking — but think pickle-brined fried chicken, braised collards with crispy pork belly, barbecue shrimp and grits, and pimento cheese crostinis. So whether you identify “the South” as home or that strange and foreign territory lying somewhere beyond the last Acela stop, let us take you on a gastro-tour of America’s best regional cuisine

22. V Prentice & Robby Nightingale
""Double Date"" with Robby Nightingale & V Prentice. Win an evening with two of the Class of 2015's finest queers. Choose from two options (1) Surprise group date planned by Robby and V (minimum $20 bid); or (2) Sushi Xtravaganza option for 1-2 people (all-you-can eat sushi adventure) (minimum $25/person)

23. Alexandra Brodsky & Liz Deutsch
Feminist Shabbat Dinner (for 2 to 6 people)! Come feast on homemade challah, delicious (non-kosher) wine, and scintillating conversation. Possible topics for discussion include: oranges on seder plates; TRAP laws; Dr. Ruth; civil options for gender-based violence; your crippling guilt about how you never call your grandmother.

24. Grace Kao, Swapna Reddy, Lunar Mai, Max Nardini, Conchita Cruz & Brendan Kelly
Leslie: ""Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?"" Ron: ""People are idiots, Leslie."" Swapna Reddy, Max Nardini, Grace Kao, Lunar Mai, Conchita Cruz, Brendan Kelly will cook and host a Breakfast-for-Dinner for six (that's you + 5 friends!). Why for dinner? Because the best dinner parties have themes, and what theme could be better than bacon and eggs? (Answer: Waffles.) Note: gluten-free options will also be available.

25. Taylor Henley
Home cooked three-course meal of your choice served to you by three 1Ls at our lovely apartment. We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions.

26. My Khanh Ngo & Graham Webster
Homemade Japanese dinner paired with custom-made sake cocktail and sushi demo, hosted by My Khanh Ngo and sous-chef partner Graham Webster. Dinner will feature a few rolls (negi-toro, salmon-avocado, veggie rolls, etc.) and small plates such as soba and karaage (Japanese fried chicken). All will be accompanied by a unique sake cocktail created by your own bartender for the evening. Menu will be finalized according to your preferences (although strict vegans and vegetarians may be hard to accommodate). Dinner for 2-4.

27. Elizabeth Ingriselli, Albert Pak & Britta Redwood
Enjoy a four course meal for six prepared by chef de cuisine Britta Redwood, winner of the 2013 Professor Brilmayer cooking competition, and pastry chef Elizabeth Ingriselli, winner of the 2013 YLS chocolate cooking competition. Each course will be paired with wines selected by head sommelier Albert Pak, Certified Wine Specialist and member of the YLS Wine Team that won the national round of the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup. Relax and enjoy - this is a night that will go down in the cookbooks!

28. NALSA board
Indian taco party with NALSA! Indian tacos are delicious frybread topped like a taco. Depending on schedules, we will try get to the Blue Feather Drum Group to sing a few songs for you too. (Dinner for up to 6, not including the NALSA board).

29. Rachel Wilf & Danny Townsend
A dinner for two at THE PIG RIG, the best bbq anywhere around. We will drive you and a sweetie/buddy out there (~20-minute drive) and advise you on the menu (preview: it's awesome). One entrée, side, and drink for each of you is included (approx. value = $15 per person). We'll also join you for conversation if you'd like (approx. value = $0.02.), or eat our own bbq quietly at another table because a trip to The Pig Rig is not to be wasted. And then, if you don't decide to stay there forever, we will drive you home. We can also do takeout.

30. Tasnim Motala, Dahlia Mignouna, Katie Wynbrandt
Join Dahlia, Katie, and Tasnim for a night of unlimited sushi at Sushi Palace. Katie is really good at buying tea; Tasnim is really good at wearing patterned clothing; and Dahlia is really good at everything. What else could you want in dining companions?

31. APALSA 2015 Board
Potluck of various Asian dishes, personally prepared by the APALSA Board for a group of 6 friends!

32. Miya's restaurant
Dinner for 6 at Miya's. The dinner will include the best of of everything owner Bun Lai has ever created, including plenty of original home-made sakes. Value is estimated at $120 a person. Only good for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays by reservation only until May 31, 2015. Tax and gratuity not included.

33. BLSA
Boozy brunch or dessert party for up to 5 people with BLSA. Prepared by our resident chef, Akunna Cook.

Adventures with Professors

34. Nicholas Parrillo
Join Nick Parrillo for a joint legal history discussion and whiskey tasting focused on the regulation, taxation, unlawful distillation (moonshining), smuggling, and prohibition of the most important beverage in the history of Anglo-American law, and the only one that has a rebellion named after it. For 4 to 6 people

35. Fiona Doherty & Anika Singh Lemar
Drinks and a secret mystery tour somewhere in downtown New Haven with Fiona Doherty & Anika Singh Lemar. For 4 people.

36. David Grewal & Amy Kapczynski
Join Professors Grewal and Kapczynski for an afternoon hike up East Rock, including its lesser known back trails, followed by Afternoon Tea/Drinks at Professor Grewal's house. Note: the hike must be scheduled (at a time of mutual convenience) during or after the second week of May, so it may prove most suitable for 3Ls who are staying in town until graduation. For 4-8 people.

37. Lea Brilmayer
A swim party and BBQ for 8 Chez Brilmayer, Pleasant Point Road, Branford.

38. Vicki Schultz
A swimming party, in Professor Schultz's heated indoor swimming pool, complete with pool toys, fabulous desserts, wine, and sparkling conversation (for up to 12 people)

39. J.L. Pottenger and Frank Dineen
Celtic Whiskey Night

40. Jerry Mashaw
Blue fishing trip on LI SOUND for up to three fisherman. The restriction is that it is open only to students who will return in September 2015, because Spring fishing is no good. Winners should contact me to arrange a date, preferably early in September.

41. Mike Wishnie and John Fabian Witt
Doubles-tennis match and brunch

42. Gerald Torres & Tamara Piety
Movie Night hosted by Professor Torres & Professor Piety in the private screening room at 360 State Street. Time and movie to be determined after consultation with the winners. Light refreshments will be served. This is for up to 10 students.

43. Gerald Torres
Come and experience the the blues. Hear the blues, see the blues and enjoy the fountainhead of American music. For those who are game, the evening will conclude with a lesson in playing blues harmonica. If you already play perhaps the evening can end with live music.This is for up to four students

44. Tamara Piety
Attend the ballet in NYC with Professor Piety. Most likely the ballet will be New York City Ballet or American Ballet Theatre. I will pay for ticket and transportation on Metro-North. for a student to accompany me to a Sunday or Saturday matinee. The Spring season for NYCB likely starts during exam period but it extends after. We can negotiate for the time period.

45. Julie Krishnaswami and Michael VanderHeijden
Book Barn and Brunch with Law Librarians: Join Julie and Mike for brunch/lunch and a trip to the famous Niactic Book Barn to stock up on and browse rare and hard to find books. (Never heard of the Book Barn, according to Connecticut Magazine, “Book Binge: A bibliophile’s bliss awaits at the Book Barn in Niantic. No ordinary bookstore, this reader’s and collector’s heaven maintains over 350,000 volumes of gently used books, on almost any subject you can imagine.”) Transportation to the Book Barn and mimosa brunch/lunch included on a Saturday or Sunday.

46. Douglas Kysar
Not enough drama in your life? Join Professor Kysar and four of your friends for dinner and a play at the world-class Yale Repertory Theatre this spring.

47. Ian Ayres
A kayak adventure on the Quinnipiac River for one or two students with equipment and “bullshots” (hot bullion mixed with a popular Russian beverage and spices) provided

48. Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld
Poker night for 5 at the home of Professors Chua and Rubenfeld. Each player will get $50 worth of FREE chips to start, and a special scotch and bourbon will be served. The five seats come in a single block.

49. Lillian Goldman Law Librarians
Trivia Throwdown with the Librarians: Winning bidder and four of their friends will get to battle it out with a team of librarians during Trivia Night at Anna Liffeys in New Haven and a chance to win the Law Library Trivia Challenge Trophy that now resides with the librarians.Last year’s student team was winning heading into the final round but found victory snatched from their finger tips. For FOUR years in a row the law library trivia team has defeated their student challengers. Do you and your friends have what it takes to break the streak and win the trophy? For logistical reasons trophy must reside in library but if won by students the library will take a photo of students with the trophy for bragging rights. Librarians will cover up to $200 (after tax and tip) of bar tab for winning bidder and their guests. Competing against the crack team at the Lillian Goldman Law Library is priceless!

50. Hope Metcalf
Spend an afternoon with three friends (four people total) induldging in crafty activities galore—including handmade bath products and other treats—plus high tea at the home of Hope Metcalf.

51. Kate Stith
Stick ball and lunch with Stith - (Groups of 10+)


52. Vera Eidelman and Anna Arons
Craft night for 6-8 people! Come over to our house for an evening of craft-making (paper mache boxes! postcards! 'zines! maybe even masks!). We'll provide the materials and some delicious baked goods. You just bring your creativity.

53. Yale Cabaret
6 ticket pass for Cabaret productions

54. Dennis Zeveloff
I will buy you a sandwich at Zoi's and talk to you about sandwiches in New Haven and beyond (open to other conversation topics, but doubtful they'd be interesting).

55. Yale Rep Theater
2 tickets to Elevada, playing April 24-May 16 (restricted to a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening)

56. Dwayne Betts
Poetry Workshop with Dwayne Betts. Why? Because you’ve always wanted to be Shakespeare for a day. And not knowing how to deploy metonymy, anaphora, personification or synecdoche make reaching even those Dr. Seuss heights seems impossible. And there are guarantees with this. One night and you will come away with a poem with glimmering lines. Maybe not “And thou in this shalt find thy monument./ When tyrants’ crests and tombs of brass are spent.”; maybe not “what did I know of love’s austere and lonely offices” - but close I tell you, something close. And the bonus? Everything you walk away with this night, including the aftermath of liberal partaking of spirits, can carry you through any brief you’ll ever write.

57. Karaoke Heroes
Gift certificates for an hour of private room time for up to 10 people ($120 value). The hour can't be split up between visits.

58. Karaoke Heroes
Gift certificates for an hour of private room time for up to 10 people ($120 value). The hour can't be split up between visits.

59. Janine Balekdjian
Tea for up to 5 people, including place settings (teacups, saucers, teapots), your choice of 2 kinds of tea, 2 kinds of tea sandwiches, and scones.

60. Chelsea Lane-Miller
Guided hike to Sleeping Giant State Park Have you ever been on top of the left hip, or right knee? Here's your opportunity to get to know the Sleeping Giant personally! Transportation for up to 3 included, but more are welcome to join if you can provide your own transportation. The Park is only a 10-15 minute drive from New Haven, and the hike will likely last between 3-4 hours. Geology and bird commentary included, if desired.

61. Chelsea Lane-Miller
Guided hike to West Rock State Park: Come get to know the second biggest state park in all of Connecticut, just minutes from the law school! Transportation for up to 3 people included, but more are welcome to join if they can drive themselves. Hike 1-2 hours. Geology and bird commentary included if desired!

62. David Auerbach
Learn about the Geology of central Connecticut from over 400 million years ago to just yesterday (~10,000 years ago). With a trained geologist, we will unravel the story of the area by visiting local rock outcrops, including Lighthouse Point, East Rock, the Hanging Hills of Meriden, the Roaring Brook Unconformity, and more. This geo-tour will last for the better part of the day and includes transportation for you and 1-2 friends.

63. Helen Li & April Hu
You know what's better than boardgames? Freshly baked pastries and popped popcorn to go with that boardgame. You know what's even better than that? Piping hot tea and coffee customized to your taste for you to sip on as you figure out a strategy to success. Boardgame cafe experience for the highest bidder and up to six of their friends. Just tell us the game you want to play, the food and drinks you want us to freshly bake/pop/brew, and we'll make it all happen for you. All you and your friends have to do is show up at the address we give you. Helen is a master of popping popcorn and bringing out the best flavors (so much more than butter)! April lives on tea and will let you live on it too; she'll bake you a cake, a pie, a dozen muffins, chocolate chips, and is willing to learn new recipes for her law school friends. They're also both boardgame fanatics. Invite them to play along at your own risk.

64. Emmanuel Hampton & Zack Shapiro
Bourbon Whiskey Tasting. The tasting is for 8 people, and includes 6 bourbons. Zack and Emmanuel will offer history of the whiskey distilling process, and specifically of burbon-making. This tasting is great for beginners, as well as experts. Our past tastings have sold out in minutes, so don't miss the chance to bid on this one.

65. Yale School of Music
2 tickets in any seating section section for each of 5 performances by the Philharmonia Orchestra of Yale in the 2015-2016 season. Most performances take place in Woolsey Hall.

66. Toad's Place
Silver certificate (VIP pass, free admission at all times minus concerts for a year)

67. Yale Athletic Box Office
Four reserved tickets and one parking pass to one 2015 Yale Football Game of your choice

68. Firehouse 12
4 jazz show tickets and a round of cocktails

69. AMF Milford Lanes
Family Fun Pack for two hours of bowling for up to six people, shoe rental, large popcorn and pitcher of soda included

70. Julia Solórzano and Jennifer Yun
Pickleback Party for up to 4 people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickleback. Whiskey and different kinds of pickle juice provided. Just bring your adventurous selves.

71. Daniel Hessel & Ashley Anderson
Ashley & Daniel will treat you and up to 5 of your friends to two hours of private room karaoke at Karaoke Heroes. They will cover 1 round of drinks, and promise that to perform any song requests (to the best of our ability) during those 2 hours.

72. Ashley Anderson, Kat Loomis, Christine Monahan, Julia Shu, & Dorothy Tegeler
Salud!!! (Tequila, Pisco, Rum, Cachaca, & “Hopquila”) Join 5 of your favorite foodie 2Ls for a night of liquor “tasting"" (drinking) and food pairing (mmmmmm bacon, deep fried tequila shots, and chocolate truffles). 5 bottles of premium liquor, copious snacks, and rowdy conversation will be provided. Best enjoyed by a group of 4-8. ""Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa’ dentro!""

73. Law Revue
Two VIP seats to Yale Law School's most anticipated annual event: Law Revue! Perks include not having to wait in line all day for a seat, a better view of the performance, and a complimentary bottle of champagne for your drinking pleasure during the show.

74. LLSA Board
Margarita night with LLSA board members, hosted by Helen Diagama, Joel Ramirez and Misha Guttentag

75. YLS Veterans
CHEAP BEER and ACRONYMS with the YALE LAW VETERANS: Join the YLS Veterans (#heroes) for an evening of copious amounts of the finest cheap beers (PBR, High Life, Keystone, etc.) and the finest in military acronym usage. We provide the beer and acronyms. You provide a group of 1-8. (If you're [un?] lucky, you may even get some "war stories.")

76. Chris Pagliarella '16, Ajay Ravichandran '16, Theo Rostow '17
Game Night at 16 Edgewood Avenue: Come down just a couple blocks from the law school and shut your brain off as we play the GameCube classics - NBA Street, NFL Street, Mario Kart, and much, much more. If you're feeling a little more cerebral, Theo can break out the incredibly complex strategy games as well. Snacks of your choice will be provided (we're a chips and guac house, but we accept all kinds of people). If you bid high enough, we'll also let you win.

77. Yale Law Women 2014-15 Board
Whisky and cigars with YLW! The 2014-2015 YLW Board will treat you and up to four friends to a small party. Sample an assortment of whiskies, cigars, and some of the best baked goods New Haven has to offer. Plus, you'll be with some pretty great company. Up to $225 value.

Sweets & Treats

78. Ashley's Ice Cream
$30 gift card

79. Katalina's Cupcakes
Baking class for 4

80. Irina Anta
Dozen of chocolate chip cookies (vegan for sure, gluten free if necessary)

81. BJ Ard
Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies Two Dozen (Vegan!)

82. Ajay Ravichandran
One batch of homemade yogurt, plus lesson in the (very simple) process of how to make it

83. Paul Kahn
Two loaves of pain au levain, baked by Catherine Iino. Each boule weighs about 2 pounds

84. Cookie De Leon
Monkey Bread

85. Julie Veroff
Four loaves of homemade beer or hard cider bread, customized to taste. (E.g., hard cider bread with apples and walnuts; beer bread with rosemary and garlic; cider bread with nuts, raisins, and seeds; etc.) You can get all four at once, or have them made over the course of the semester.

86. Maya Nuland
Two loaves of homemade bread with a delicious crunchy crust

87. Irina Anta
Sweet Zucchini Bread

88. Ruth Swift
One pie with made-from-scratch crust and your choice of fruit filling (but apple is the best choice, duh).

89. Liz Chao
Learn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls - or, if you're not into baking, just come get two pans of rolls afterwards!

90. Olivia Horton
Two round loaves of crunchy, crusty homemade bread, in flavors of your choice. Happy to get creative with ingredients/flavors—for example, Jalepeno Cheddar; Rosemary, Lemon, and Gruyere; Cranberry, Almond, and Orange; Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed; Garlic—but the recipe won't work as well with whole wheat or gluten-free flours (white flour's probably safest).

91. Alexa Milton
One fabulous homemade pie, with my special super-flaky all-butter crust. Several filling possibilities depending on your tastes and what's available -- rhubarb, blueberry, sour cherry, pecan, etc.

92. Trader Joe's
Gift basket of Trader Joe's delicious sweets & treats (they will take special requests!)

93. Ajay Ravichandran
One batch of homemade fudge.

94. Insomnia Cookies
$10 gift certificate

95. Starbucks
$25 gift certificate

96. Dwight Pope
1 dozen cupcakes (red velvet, strawberry, lime, chocolate, vanilla--your choice!)

97. Marissa Medine
Homemade Granola of the Month Club: Each month of school, you'll receive a seasonal batch of homemade granola, totally customizable to your preferences. Think pumpkin for autumn, gingerbread spice for winter, vanilla-berry for spring, etc!

98. Jim Silk
A large, double-braided round challah prepared by Professor Jim Silk to be delivered for special occasion of purchaser’s choice (date to be negotiated)


99. Jose Colón
Ride to the airport. You may choose from one of 3 airports: JFK in New York, Westchester County Airport in New York and Bradley in Windsor Locks.

100. Kevin Rose
Half day of labor by a skilled carpenter for any type job

101. Asha Rangappa
Confused about what career path to take? Need more insight into your love life? Want to find out what your professor would have given you as a grade, since one never got reported? Carl Jung used the archetypes of the tarot to investigate the collective unconscious. You, too, can use tarot as a mirror for your own subconscious with Tarot Readings with Asha* The winning bidder(s) of this item will receive two hours’ worth of tarot readings. Ideal for a small party, you can offer your guests 12 ten-minute readings or 6 twenty-minute readings (or get one really, really long reading for yourself). Asha has studied the symbolism of the tarot cards with a professional reader, and will use the cards to help you ask yourself questions you haven’t considered and approach some of your issues from a new perspective! *Note: Asha does not predict the future, unless it has to do with admissions decisions.

102. Above the Law
Post on Above the Law.Write a guest post for the award-winning legal blog and have your words read by the site's 1 million monthly visitors -- including everyone who matters in the legal profession. Exact content and timing will be subject to approval of the editors.

103. Cookie De Leon
Security services for a party. Date to be arranged well in advance for a weekend.

104. Conchita Cruz and Brendan Kelly
Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or Target run

105. Erika Nyborg-Burch
4 hours of babysitting (certified teacher with 3 years experience in New Orleans, over a decade of babysitting experience)

106. Elm City Wellness
60-minute massage gift certificate

107. Irina Anta
Ride to hartford for the March MPRE (I will be driving to Hartford for the March MPRE, along with a couple of friends, so why don't you come along!)

108. Irina Anta
1 night of babysitting (to be used up by 2015 graduation date)

109. Megan Wachspress
Trader Joe's and/or Target shopping expedition

110. Mitch Verboncoeur
Shopping expedition for you and up to two of your friends. Ride in a luxurious 2006 pickup truck to any shopping destination of your choice (within a 30 miles radius). This can include furniture purchase/delivery. Note: the truck is of the 'extended cab' variety, and very tall people may not fit well in the back two seats.

111. Jacqueline Van De Velde
I'm happy to offer my babysitting talents, to allow their parents an enjoyable night on the town! I'm an experienced babysitter, have nannied or babysat children of all ages, and enjoy getting to spend time with children. Will provide up to 6 hours of babysitting.

112. Phil's (Barber)
One free haircut (man's or woman's) at Wall Street location

113. Broadway Hair (Barber)
One free haircut (man's or woman's)

114. Sophia Wang
Dog sitting for WHOLE weekend!

115. Alexander Djerassi
I will re-animate my stage magician alter ego, Alexander the Great, to perform a magic show at a party that you throw. Ideal ages are 7-10, 1L-3L, tenured-untenured, or anything else. When I was a practicing magician 12 years ago, I used to just say, "nobody in diapers." Show would be for you and up to 10 of your friends, or up to 20 of your kids' friends.

116. Mitch Verboncoeur
Half day of (moderately skilled) labor and/or pickup truck use. This can include moving/assembling furniture, gardening/gardening supply delivery, painting, etc.

117. Abigail Rich
Custom portrait in soft pastel, based on the photo you provide

118. Megan Browder
Chauffeur service in my lovely Prius for up to 250 miles (does not have to be used all at once).

119. Megan Browder
One night babysitting.

120. Jessi Samuels
Groceries! Ride to/from Trader Joe's in Milford (including wonderful company for the short drive!), plus $20 in groceries at Trader Joe's. You know you want some frozen dinners, yummy cheeses, and/or their world-famous peanut butter cups!

121. Jordan Bryant
A song of your choice...sung to you in a place and time of your choice (public, private, classroom, etc.)

122. Charles Du
Party Sports Utility Vehicle to Trader Joe's!!!

123. Jennifer Yun
One evening of baby-sitting

124. Liz Leiserson
One night of baby-sitting

125. Aurelia Chaudhury & Keith Jamieson
Aurelia Chaudhury and Keith Jamieson, citation-checkers extraordinaire, will Bluebook your paper! Let us pore over the special rules for citing decisions of the FCC Commissioners while you enjoy the fruits of your charity.

126. Tyco Copy Center
$25 giftcard


127. Creative Arts Workshop
1 class or workshop *valued at $600* for an adult or young people’s class in jewelry-making, potterymaking, printmaking and others to be used by Feb 2016 (Course listings at www.creativeartsworkshop.org)

128. 116 Crown
Cocktail making class for six

129. Aaron Goldzimer
Meditation instruction: Learn basic meditation techniques from someone who lived and trained at a Zen center for a year and once did a three-month silent meditation retreat. Knowledgeable about both Zen and Vipassana meditation, which represent two of the three major branches of Buddhist meditation. (Disclaimer: not a formally authorized teacher - so look at this as more of an orientation.)

130. Aaron Goldzimer
Salsa and/or merengue lesson: Learn to shake your stuff. For a follower, a couple, or, potentially, a group. For beginners; or for those who know how to dance and want a partner all to themselves for an hour.

131. Jeremy Liss
Two beatboxing lessons

132. Brandon Thompson
1 Hour Squash Lesson

133. Dani Isaacsohn
A cooking lesson from a Le Cordon Bleu graduate for up to four people, and a great meal afterwards!

134. Helen Diagama & V Prentice
3 hours of juggling lessons!

135. David Barillari
Knife-sharpening lesson. Bring a knife that you'd like to learn how to sharpen. Sharpening tools will be provided. I'll go over the basics of edges and sharpening. After the lesson you will have hopefully passed my level of proficiency, which, to be blunt, is low.

136. Julian Polaris
Breads and Spreads cooking class: Learn the surprisingly easy secret to delicious homemade bread! You and up to 3 friends can join 3L Julian Polaris as he walks you through the steps of making your own bread dough and a tasty topping or filling of your choice. Whole wheat bread and roasted cauliflower hummus? Pizza with butternut squash mascarpone topping? White bread and white bean pesto? Focaccia and balsamic bruschetta? SO FANCY. Wine and sassy repartee included.

137. Irina Anta
Summer job dressing on a budget tutorial (Will share with you all the resources I know of where to find deals to buy work clothes for your summer at a firm, court, or public interest place. Can also be shopping and styling assistant, if you're ready to go shopping any time before end of May. Will help you maximize the number of outfits for your dollar.)

138. Chelsea Lane-Miller
Canning Lesson for up to 2 people. Have you always wanted to be a part of the do-it-yourself movement, but don't know how to do-it-yourself? Now is your chance to learn how to preserve food! Depending on the season and the availability of food, we will can (preserve) a recipe of your choice. All materials provided.

139. Chelsea Lane-Miller
Pottery Lesson: Have you always wanted to be like Demi Moore in Ghost? This is your chance to learn to throw pottery on the wheel. Lesson will last for 2 hours and includes all materials, and the possibility of firing and glazing your item.

140. Chelsea Lane-Miller
Birdwatching lesson over tea and scones. Have you ever wanted to learn a little about birds, and perhaps even identify a few of the local ones in New Haven? Well, this is your chance to learn some of the winter birds (chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers and more!) while enjoying tea and scones (or your preferred baked good). The bird feeder is very close to the window, and provides an excellent view of the birds that come to visit! If conditions allow, we caneven go on a walk in West Rock to look for some larger birds (peregrine falcons, red-tailed hawks, mergansers...)

141. Aerial Arts Temple
Gift certification for an 8 week session to learn aerial art forms of trapeze, aerial silks, and lyra (aerial hoop), as well as traditional circus arts such as contortion, tumbling, juggling, partner acrobatics, and hand balancing (handstands).(valued at $192)

142. Bikram Yoga
Gift certificate for $375, approximately the value fo 3 months for unlimited classes + 1 single class

143. Breathing Room Yoga
Gift certificates for 3 class

144. Katherine Demby
Crochet for Beginners! (It's like knitting, but easier!) Can't find a scarf in New Haven big enough for this weather, why not learn to make your own? I will provide five, one-hour crochet lessons and a hook and yarn to start. You'll learn a new stitch each lesson. Redeem your lessons at any time of mutual convenience between now and May 2016.

145. Philip Kotlaba
One hour of Czech language/pronunciation instruction over dessert. Do you find yourself pondering the providence of "kolaches" (koláce) or how to name-drop Antonín Dvorák in casual conversation? On your next trip to Prague, can you distinguish Žižkov from Strížkov to your taxi driver? Are you terrified of the letter R? If you feel a burning desire to crack the code of consonsant clusters resplendent in this formidable Slavic tongue, this lesson is for you. Individual or group (up to 3) options. As a bonus, homemade Czech cinnamon-apple pancakes will be served.

Fitness, Beauty & Wellness

146. Rent the Runway
$150 gift certificate

147. The Workshop (Deva Curl)
$50 gift certificate for a haircut & wash

148. The Workshop (Deva Curl)
$50 gift certificate for a haircut & wash

149. JoBella Salon & Spa
Free haircut and blow dry

150. Y Haircutting
Free Haircut (men's or women's hair)

151. Y Haircutting
Free Haircut (men's or women's hair)

152. CrossFit New Haven
Gift certificate for an "on-ramp" (4 week intro training) session ($175 value)

Collectibles and Other items

153. Daniel C. Esty
A signed copy of Professor Esty's "Green to Gold".

154. Guido Calabresi
An original reprint of "Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Inalienability: One View of the Cathedral," by Guido Calabresi and A. Douglas Melamed, 85 Harvard Law Review 1089 (1972), signed and dedicated to whoever wins the bid

155. Jean Koh Peters
One knit pillow

156. Linda Greenhouse
Will donate new, fashion-forward tweed jacket from Babette, size 10-12, retail price $600.

157. Eyal Benvenisti
Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

158. Elysa Bryant
Bill Clinton 1993 Inauguration Commemoration Scarf handed out by the Democratic Party of Arkansas

159. Peter Schuck
A personalized poem based on information to be provided by the bidder -- $30 per stanza

160. Marianna Mao
Hand knit personalized item (choice of hat, socks, or mittens)

161. Koffee
T-shirt from Koffee (size M)

162. Koffee
Silver Koffee mug

163. Koffee
Silver Koffee mug

164. Jack Balkin
Opportunity to write a guest post on Balkinization

165. WilmerHale
Beats Pill - valued at $200

166. Yale Center for British Art
An Exhibition Catalogue; Hall Mellon Legacy: A Passion for British Art

167. Yale Center for British Art
Book titled "Sculpture Victorious: Art in the Age of Innovation"

168. Latham Watkins
Kindle Fire HD7

169. Megan Wachspress
Hand-knitted scarf of any color

170. Tamara Piety
Autographed copy of "Brandishing the First Amendment"

171. Anne Myers
B. Makowsky designer bag in dusty pink with hang tag and bag. Original price was $265.

172. Monika Kothari
An original short story or a work of fanfiction of up to 2,500 words of any genre, featuring any or all of the following: yourself, your dog, your goldfish, your crush, your favorite fictional character(s), your favorite law professor, your favorite Supreme Court justice, or whatever the heck you want (including completely original characters). If you have a plot idea--great! If you don't have a plot idea--great! I will do all the work for you! (Examples: Sherlock Holmes forays into online dating! An Asian-American family moves to rural Missouri in the 1920s! Sonia Sotomayor becomes an auror in the Ministry of Magic!) I'm also happy to accommodate requests for either a fun/humorous tone, or a more serious/literary tone.

173. RebLaw
One RebLaw 2015 t-shirt and a poster signed by Vincent Warren and Sujatha Baliga, the 2015 keynote speakers.

174. RebLaw
One Reblaw t-shirt - LARGE

175. Reblaw
One Reblaw t-shirt - MEDIUM

176. Jiacheng Yu
"Make Love, Not Law Journal" mug

177. Jiacheng Yu
"Make Love, Not Law" Journal mug

178. Above the Law
Post on Above the Law. Write a guest post for the award-winning legal blog and have your words read by the site's 1 million monthly visitors -- including everyone who matters in the legal profession. Exact content and timing will be subject to approval of the editors.

179. Ten Thousand Villages
$100 gift certificate

180. Dwayne Betts
Three autographed books from three well-known authors to be selected by Dwayne

181. Bruce Ackerman
Autographed copy of Bruce Ackerman's "Voting with Dollars"

182. Bruce Ackerman
Autographer copy of Bruce Ackerman's "Deliberation Day"

183. Merwin's
$50 gift certificate for prints and framing

Restaurant & Bar Gift Certificates

184. Christopher Martins
$25 gift card

185. Shake Shack
$40 gift certificate

186. Istanbul Café
$25 gift certificate

187. Kasbah Café
$25 gift certificate

188. Heirloom @ The Study
Gift certificate for Dinner for 2 up to $125

189. Book Trader Café
$25 gift certificate

190. Seoul Restaurant
Gift certificate for a "stone pot" (estimated value $15)

191. Louis Lunch
$20 gift certificate

192. Lena's Restaurant
$30 gift certificate

193. Soul De Cuba
$50 Gift Certificate

194. Bar
$25 Gift Certificate

195. Rumbaba
$25 Gift certificate

196. Claire's Corner Copia
Coffee cake and coffee social for ten people

197. Yorkside Pizza
$25 gift certificate

198. Blue State Coffee
$20 gift card

199. Blue State Coffee
$20 gift card

200. Three Sheets
$25 gift certificate

201. Wall Street Pizza
$15 gift certificate

202. Wall Street Pizza
$15 gift certificate

203. Koffee
$20 gift certificate

204. Willoughby's
$25 gift card

205. Clark's Pizza
$20 gift certificate

206. Caseus
One cheeseboard and two glasses of house wine

207. Miso Japanese Restaurant
$25 Gift Certificate

208. Miso Japanese Restaurant
$25 Gift Certificate

209. Zoi's
$25 gift certificate

210. Nica's Market
$50 gift certificate

211. Archie Moore's Bar & Restaurant
$50 gift certificate

212. L'Orcio
$75 gift certificate

213. Cafe Romeo
$25 gift certificate

214. Edge of the Woods
$25 gift certificate

215. GPSCY wine-tasting folks
$50 value - free lounge party, but must be a GPSCY member who wins it

216. Sue McDonald
$100 gift certificate to Zinc

217. Al Klevorick
$300 gift certificate for students to enjoy themselves for dinner at Olea

218. Mezcal
$50 gift certificate

Bar prep

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

$1500 gift certificate for BARBRI bar preparation course ($600 minimum)

Pet therapy

231. Young-Hee Kim
Come meet my cat Bucky (Bok-Hee), female tuxedo cat in East Rock. Can't guarantee she will be giving you kisses and cuddles, but tea and homemade goodies are definitely provided. (Up to 3 people)!

232. Kaitlin Welborn
Spend an afternoon with The Best Cat In The Whole World, Ginsburg Batman. Let's go through his attributes, shall we? 1) SUPER CUDDLY. Seriously. If you just want him to sit in your lap, he will do that. 2) Very playful. Ginsburg is a bit of a catnip junkie, so he is guaranteed to play with you. 3) Really photogenic. Want some great instagram photos? Ginsburg is your cat. He even has a "meowstache," which makes him even cuter. 4) Did I mention he has a MEOWSTACHE?? 5) He's super feminist, obvi. 6) He is looking forward to meeting you!

233. Noah Lindell and McKaye Neumeister
Puppy Therapy: At least half an hour of play time––up to as much time as the winner chooses––with our eight-month old yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, Olive Wendog Holmes (Olive for short). We guarantee she'll be overjoyed to see you!

234. David Manners-Weber
Playtime with Tucker! Tucker is a handsome, sweet American bulldog. He is wonderful around people (sometimes a little shy), and loves both to play and to snuggle. There is nothing better at putting the stresses of law school in perspective

235. Elizabeth Ingriselli
Cuddle time with my cat Gio. He is very cute and loves playing!

236. Jackie Delligatti
An afternoon of playtime with my little dog Charlie, who actually looks like a live teddy bear. He's only 6 pounds! He's the sweetest, most loving little guy.

237. Christine Monahan
An afternoon of cuddles with Scuppers, everyone's favorite basset hound-chihuahua-chin mix.

Alumni Donations

238. Hank Moon, Ryan McCartney, Dan Driscoll, J.J. Snidow, David Louk
Everyone loves a good homecoming story. And whiskey. Especially whiskey. Please join one of the law school’s newly-minted lawyers, two apprentice judges, a budding tycoon, and a future professor: after all, this is Yale, for the third-annual YLS Public Interest Auction whiskey tasting / evening of general merriment and debauchery. Hank Moon, Ryan McCartney, Dan Driscoll, J.J. Snidow, and David Louk will take you on a tour of the world’s great whiskey regions: Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, and various lesser parts of America. Along the way, you’ll learn about the spirits and come to appreciate more fully that, although there are nights at Yale Law School that you’ll never remember, you just might make friends that you’ll never forget.* We hope to see you and your friends there.
*General disclaimer. Copious amounts of alcohol may or may not be consumed; story-telling, power-hour(s), karaoke, and/or a dance party might ensue. No regrets, that's our motto (that and everybody Wang Chung tonight).