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Past Events

2010 - 2011

The Architecture of Politics in Argentina. German Feierhard and Camila Blanco discuss the structure of the political system in Argentina and the predicament caused by rogue Vice-President Cobos

Drugs, Prisons, and Latin America. Ana Paula Hernandez examines the effect of drug policy on prison populations in Latin America and the trend towards decriminalization.

What will Dilma Do? The 2010 Brazilian Presidential Election in Perspective. Catarina Barbieri, Thomaz Pereira, Natasha Salinas, and Eduardo Jordão participate in a panel discussion on the historic nature of the election and the issues on President Rousseff's political agenda.

Brazil's Unbalanced Democracy: Presidential Hegemony, Legislative Frailty, and the Rise of Judicial Power. Professor Luis Roberto Barroso of the Universidade do Estado de Rio de Janeiro offers his assessment of the problem and solution for it. With the participation of Yale Law School Professor Bruce Ackerman. Moderated by Diego Arguelhes.

The Effect of the War in Colombia on Civilian Populations. Presentation of documentary film by Hollman Morris, followed by commentary from the independent television journalist and filmmaker.

The 'Leftnicity' of Chile's Concertacion Coalition and the Future of Neoliberalism. A discussion between the former US Ambassador to Chile and Professor Fernando Atria from the Universidad de Chile of political identity in Chile. This event comes on the heels of President Obama's visit to the country in March 2011.

Political Theology and the Jurisprudence of Self-Government. A presentation by Professor Fernando Atria from the Universidad de Chile on the elusiveness of political legitimacy with comments by Professor Paulina Ochoa Espejo of Yale University.

Prior to 2009

Latin American Economic Perspectives

Octaviano Canuto
Executive Director at the World Bank
December 16, 2004

Mexico's Foreign Policy and the Consolidation of North American Architecture

Arturo Sarukhán
Mexican Consul General in New York
April 22, 2005

National Des-integration or Subregional Integration? Current Politics in Southern Latin America

Jorge Tapia Valdés
Former Minister of Justice, Chile
April 22, 2005


Privatization in Latin America: Fixing What Went Wrong

Eduardo Engel
Professor of Economics, Yale
April 23, 2005

The Washington Consensus in LatinAmerica: Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Whitney Debevoise
Senior Partner, Arnold & Porter
April 25, 2005


The Supreme Court and the Political Transformation of Mexico

José Ramón Cossío
Supreme Court Justice, Mexico
September 9, 2005


The Failure of Presidential Democracy in Latin America

Arturo Valenzuela
Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, Gerogetown University
November 1, 2005

 U.S. Policy Toward Latin America: The Case of the Bush Administration

Jorge Dominguez
Director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
January 25, 2006

Radical Constitutionalism in 19th Century Latin America

Roberto Gargarella
Professor of Law, Universidad Di Tella, Buenos Aires
February 8, 2006

Latin America and the roots of Anti-Americanism:
A conversation with the author of forthcoming book Friendly Fire: Losing Friends and Making Enemies in the Anti-American Century

Julia E. Sweig
Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow
Director of the Latin America Studies Program at the Council of Foreign Relations
April 4, 2006

The Solitude of Latin America: The Struggle for Rights South of the Border

Angel Oquendo
Olimpiad S. Ioffe Professor of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law
November 8, 2006


Legal Strategies to Advance Reproductive Rights in Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges

Luisa Cabal
Director of International Legal Program, Center for Reproductive Rights
November 14, 2006



Cuba Conference, December 8, 2006

The Future of Cuba:
Crossroads or Continuity?

“Cuba from Within”
10:30am - 12:30pm | Rm. 129

Mauricio Font, Director, Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies, CUNY
Eduardo Peñalver,
Associate Professor, Cornell Law School
Oswaldo Payá,
Cuban activist (via teleconference from Havana)
Lillian Guerra,
Associate Professor of Caribbean History, Yale University
Moderator: Alexander Papachristou,
Consultant for International Non-Profit Organizations


Book Presentation Lunch*
The History of Havana (2006)
1:00 - 2:15pm | Faculty Lounge

By Authors
Rafael Hernández, Visiting Professor, Harvard University
Dick Cluster, Lecturer,
University of Massachusetts at Boston

*Please RSVP to cubaconference@gmail.com by Wednesday, December 6.


”U.S. Policy Towards Cuba: a foreseeable future?”
2:30 - 4:30pm | Rm. 129

Julia Sweig, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Geoff Thale,
Senior Associate, Washington Office on Latin America
Eduardo González,
Senior Associate, International Center for Transitional Justice
Moderator: Daniel Wilkinson,
Americas Deputy Director, Human Rights Watch