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Project for Law and Education at Yale

PLEY is an organization that brings together law students who are passionate about public school reform in the United States. The group is made up of former teachers, individuals who have worked in education policy, and law students who are generally interested in education reform.

Education reform reading group
Every semester PLEY organizes a reading group to discuss timely topics in education reform. This fall, our reading group will focus on key education reform questions for the New Haven Public Schools. The ed reform reading group meets on Wednesday evenings. If you haven't yet signed up for the reading group, please contact cara.mclellan@yale.edu or jiacheng.yu@yale.edu.

Socials events and networking
PLEY hosts many social events throughout the year to foster relationships between our members and to get to know other non-law students in the education reform community. Many of our events include members of the School of Management’s Education Club.

Speakers and events
PLEY sponsors and co-sponsors several speaker events throughout the year to bring dynamic education reform speakers to campus. PLEY also coordinates with the School of Management to help them organize their annual Education Leadership Conference in the spring.

PLEY Board 2013-2014
Co-Presidents: John Calhoun (john.calhoun@yale.edu) & Nipun Kant (nipun.kant@yale.edu)
Speaker Chairs: James Flynn (james.flynn@yale.edu) & Daniella Rohr (daniella.rohr@yale.edu)   
Reading Group Chairs: Cara McLellan (cara.mclellan@yale.edu) & Jiacheng Yu (jiacheng.yu@yale.edu)