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YLBS Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for the full 2014-2015 Events Schedule!

We have an exciting range of speaker events planned for this academic year. While we have many stand-alone and co-sponsored events, we have tried to organize our speakers into series around a particular topic. Here are some series to look out for this year!

The Business of Law Series
The legal industry is seeing significant disruption with the entrance of new players and the application of technology. This series will focus on JDs and other individuals reshaping the legal industry.

Risk Takers Series
Law school has a tendency to stress safe and traditional paths to success. This series will focus on JDs who have learned to manage their risk aversion and chose the road less traveled. To kick off this series, we invited Steven Brill ‘75 to discuss how to manage and overcome this risk aversion. Mr. Brill is the founder of CourtTV and the American Lawyer, a writer for Time and Newsweek magazines, and the author of New York Times bestseller Class Warfare. Look for more events in this series as the semester continues!

JDs in Business Series
Not all business-minded law school graduates choose a career serving in an advisory capacity. This series focuses on JDs who used their degrees to excel in business rather than law.

Faculty Dinner/Lunch Conversations
This series will bring together corporate law professors and students interested in law and business for an informal discussion over dinner or lunch.

Introduction to Corporate Law Series
Many students have some difficulty understanding stand-alone events and lectures that discuss topics in corporate law in great depth. This series will break down the terminology and broad concepts in various areas of corporate law, like M&A, private equity, and basic finance. Consider this a crash course (or just a refresher course) in corporate law taught by the best practitioners in the business!

Entrepreneurship Series
More and more law students are using the skills they gain in law school to start their own companies or to advise those who do. This series will feature speakers discussing topics related to entrepreneurship and how law students can become entrepreneurs. To kick off this series, we invited SOM Professor and Honest Tea co-founder Barry Nalebuff to talk about his experiences founding the Honest Tea company. Nalebuff and one of his SOM students, Seth Goldman, launched Honest Tea in 1998. By 2010, the company had over $70 million in sales. The company also has a particularly strong focus on operating as a responsible corporate citizen. Look for more events in this series as the semester continues!

Outreach Panels
Through our outreach panels, targeted at 1Ls but open to our entire community, we will ask 2Ls and 3Ls to candidly share their experiences with the business law courses at Yale and to provide advice regarding their summer job search.

October 29, 2013

Mike Klein on: Having an Awesome Career

Mike Klein founded publicly-traded companies, opened restaurants with rockstar chef Jose Andres, practiced corporate law, chaired the Shakespeare Theater Company, opened an art gallery, and founded a major NGO that harnesses the internet to hold Congress accountable. Mike will speak on both the "what" and the "how" of his extraordinary career--how he allocates time and energy, how he weighs risk and reward, how he sustains energy and the impulse to re-invent.

Room 122.