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Yale Law School is defined by its intellectual dynamism and diversity.

“Yale Law School is defined by its intellectual dynamism and diversity," says Lisa Schwartz '08, from East Hills, New York. "You have the freedom to pursue any area of the law in which you are interested, and you are given the resources and support to do it at the highest level possible.”

After receiving her MBA from Harvard Business School, Lisa was particularly excited to learn about the legal framework that shapes the finance and investment arenas.

“One experience that remains a highlight of my time here was a course on the ‘Law and Economics of Corporate Control,’ taught by the field’s national expert, Professor Alan Schwartz ’64, and a top practitioner, Stephen Fraidin ’64.”

Lisa enjoyed building on this foundation through scholarship and coursework with leading corporate and securities scholars Professors Jonathan Macey ’82 and Roberta Romano ’80, from assisting in research to participating in roundtable discussions with leaders in corporate law and finance.

“There have been so many opportunities to explore this field from a range of perspectives,” says Lisa, “and I am looking forward to applying this comprehensive training to my work.”

Beyond her interest in law and finance, Lisa has also appreciated the chance to immerse herself in the broader intellectual life and practical training of the Law School.

After an array of seminars in public law with luminaries like Professors Owen Fiss and William Eskridge ’78, Lisa noted, “Their passion for the material and pioneering work in their fields makes our classroom discussions fascinating. Regardless of what you plan to do after law school, I think these are the kinds of experiences that remain with you for life. It is a very special place and I am grateful to enjoy such a wonderful experience here.”