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Why Government Fails So Often: And How It Can Do Better—a book by Professor Peter H. Schuck
Black Law Students Association Hosts Alumni Dinner
We the People: The Civil Rights Revolution—A Book by Professor Bruce Ackerman ’67
Working Across Borders: The Yale Global Health Justice Partnership
The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America—A Book by Professors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld
Yale’s Global Health Justice Partnership releases new Report on Human Rights and Access to Medicines
Professor Jerry Mashaw Co-Authors New Book on Social Insurance
Finding Ourselves at the Movies: Philosophy for a New Generation – A New Book by Professor Paul W. Kahn ’80
Yale Law Students Present Scholarly Works in International Law at 2013 Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program
Against the Profit Motive – A New Book by Professor Nicholas R. Parrillo ’04
Lawyer Statesman 101
Under the Umbrella of Environmental Law – Profiles of Students
Rare Finds—The Anthony Taussig Collection
A Former Soldier Brings His Experiences to YLS
Rolling Law Out to the Streets
The Art of Advocacy—A New Book by Lecturer Noah Messing ’00
Teaching Written Advocacy: A Conversation with Noah Messing ’00
Bork’s Legacy Robert H. Bork and the Yale School of Antitrust Analysis
The Health Care Case – YLS Faculty Write About NFIB v. Sebelius
Bernstein Symposium Examines Human Rights and Corporate Liability
Let’s Talk — Financial Aid Office Sparks Conversation on Financial Literacy
Glenda M. Aldana Madrid ’13—Public Interest Law for Social Change
Jim Williamson ’13— The Intersection of Business and the Law
Ryan Liss ’13—From Toronto to New Haven, Teaching International Law
Elizabeth Wilkins ’13—A Clerkship with the U.S. Supreme Court
The Death of Corporate Reputation—A New Book by Professor Jonathan Macey ’82
Saving the Neighborhood—A book by Richard R.W. Brooks and Carol M. Rose
Andres Calderon - LL.M. Candidate '13
Examining America’s Unwritten Constitution — A book by Professor Akhil Amar '84
Daniel Maggen- LL.M. Candidate ‘13
Katharina Schmidt- LL.M. Candidate ‘13
Guido E. Waisberg – LL.M. Candidate ‘13
Jurgen Goossens- LL.M. Candidate ‘13
Arnaldur Hjartarson- LL.M. Candidate ‘13
Gina Raimondo ’98 – Taking on the ‘Third Rail’ of Politics
Kristen Jackson ’02 – What COAP Means to Me
Public Interest Careers – New Haven’s Housing Department
Public Interest Careers – Victims of Police Abuse
Public Interest Careers – Internet Policy
Public Interest Careers – Aids Advocacy
Public Interest Careers – Legacy of Apartheid
An Examination of Justice and Politics in the Bible
The Intersection of Theory and Practice
Ph.D. in Law the Latest Innovation in Legal Education Offered by Yale
The Dictates of Justice: Essays on Law and Human Rights — A book by Professor Owen Fiss
Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository Gives Global Open Access to Legal Articles
Living Originalism and Constitutional Redemption — Two New Books by Professor Jack Balkin
Clinic Focuses on Global Poverty Lawyering
Expecting A+ work—an innovative model of representation
New YLS Clinic Offers Legal Assistance to Connecticut Veterans
YLS Clinic Students Help With Promise to New Haven College Hopefuls
New Report Part of CED Clinic Efforts to Reform the Food System
Lindsey Luebchow ’11 and Arthur Plews ’11 Awarded Heyman Fellowships
New Clinic Focuses on Global Poverty Lawyering
Eric Fish ’11, Caroline Gross ’10, Scarlet Kim ’11, Matthew Matera ’11, Erin Phillips ’09, Nicholas Riley ’11 Awarded YLS Public Interest Fellowships
Professors Kate Stith and Quintin Johnstone ’51 JSD Honored for Service to Legal Profession
Clinic Students Urge Justice for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Southern Sudan
New Clinic Focuses on Global Poverty Lawyering
Gruber Foundation at Yale Will Support Global Justice and Women’s Rights Initiatives at the Law School
Shirley Adelson Siegel ’41—A New Experience at the End of Her Career
Legality—a book by Professor Scott Shapiro
Why Yale Law School is a Terrific Choice for Corporate Law
Inaugural Law Firm Challenge Program
YLS Awarded Grant to Establish Kauffman Program in Law, Economics and Entrepreneurship
Stay in Touch
News from New Haven In Your Inbox
Tales from Pakistan
Revitalizing State News Coverage
First Time Novelist Finds Her Path
Lifecycle Investing: A New, Safe, and Audacious Way to Improve the Performance of Your Retirement Portfolio
Before Roe v. Wade: Voices that Shaped the Abortion Debate Before the Supreme Court’s Ruling
Imprisoned: Thirteenth Annual Liman Colloquium Examines Issues of Incarceration
Responding to the Financial Crisis: Is More Banking Regulation the Solution?
6th Annual IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Attorneys with Disabilities
YLS Introduces New Career Resources for Alumni
Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy Releases 2010 Environmental Performance Index
A Week in the Life of the Dean
A Yale Law School Course Becomes a (Lavishly Illustrated) Book
Focusing on the People of the Law
A Growing International Network for ISP
Sam Berger ’10, Anjali Dalal ’10, and Jessica Schumer ’10 Awarded Heyman Fellowships
Veterans Day Tribute by Michael Breen ’11—November 11, 2009
The Constitution in 2020—A book edited by Jack Balkin and Reva Siegel
Studying Corporate Law in an Uncertain Time
Stemming the Spiral of Foreclosures
The Accelerated-Integrated JD-MBA Program
The Democracy Index: Why Our Election System is Failing and How to Fix It—A book by Heather Gerken
A Conversation with Professor Dan Esty
A student’s perspective on Environmental Law at YLS
Legal Services Organization in Action
On Life Without Grades
On Relationships with Faculty
On Clinics
Alumni Weekend 2007—21st Century Democracy: Elections, Media, Politics
A J.S.D. Candidate: Argentina
A J.S.D. Candidate: Thailand
A J.S.D. Experience
Yale Law School is defined by its intellectual dynamism and diversity.
The Yale Public Interest Village
Yale Law School Launches $200 Million Capital Campaign
Ruebhausen Gift Supports Professorship, Student Activities, and Fellows
Barry Bryan '55
The YLS Shield
E. Virgil Conway ’56
Pat Geoghegan ’74
Jack [“Rusty”] O’Kelley ’92
Lauren Fishbein ’95
Studying Democratic Decision-Making
How Children's Voices Are Heard