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The Human Rights Workshop is held on selected Thursdays throughout the school year.  Guest speakers, including faculty members, scholars, human rights activists, and journalists will present on a diverse range of topics in human rights.  Students may enroll in the Workshop for credit (see bulletin), and all sessions are open to the Law School and University community.  To view the schedule for Spring 2016 click here.


Robert L. Bernstein International
Human Rights Symposium

Each spring, the Bernstein Fellowship Program convenes a symposium designed to promote thoughtful, creative discourse on international human rights. Past and current Bernstein and Robina fellows return to Yale Law School to speak with students and each other about the challenges of human rights advocacy, and leading activists and scholars in the field join in discussions exploring effective approaches to the defense of human rights.


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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Talk by Doris Salcedo, Colombian artist

6:10PM to 7:45PM


Doris Salcedo is a Colombian-born sculptor who lives and works in Bogotá. Salcedo completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Bogotá in 1980, before traveling to New York, where she completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at New York University. She then returned to Bogotá to teach at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Her work is influenced by her experiences of life in Colombia, and is generally composed of commonplace items such as wooden furniture, clothing, concrete, grass, and rose petals.

We educated, privileged lawyers have a professional and moral duty to represent the underrepresented in our society, to ensure that justice exists for all, both legal and economic justice.”

Sonia Sotomayor

Class of 1979