The next meeting of the Yale Law School Association Executive Committee is Thursday, April 7 - Friday, April 8, 2016.

The Executive Committee of the Yale Law School Association strengthens the Yale Law School community worldwide by connecting alumni with each other, with current students, and with the School. The committee meets in New Haven twice a year to discuss Law School programs. Members may choose to participate on a regional steering committee to help plan alumni events in their area, to connect with current students as mentors, and/or to help with our new programming for recent graduates.

The Committee currently has 172 members from the United States and abroad, including:

  • 9 officers, each serving a two-year term
  • 3 classes of 20 Term Members, each serving a three-year term
  • Regional Representatives from around the world, each serving a three-year term
  • 1 Graduating Class Member (for each graduating class), who serves a three year term
  • 3 classes of 4 Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) Representatives, who serve as ex officio Committee members, each serving a three-year term
  • Administrators of the Law School, who serve as ex officio Committee members
  • Honorary lifetime members

Selection of the Executive Committee

A Nominating Committee consisting of Executive Committee members meets each year to nominate 20 Term Members and four AYA Delegates from a list of candidates recommended by faculty, administrators, Executive Committee members, or by self-recommendation. Members are chosen with the aim of having a diverse Committee in all respects including class year, geographic area, area of expertise, gender, race, and ethnicity. The Executive Committee members vote on the nominations. The graduating class elects the Graduating Class Member. The Dean or his designee select the Officers, Regional Representatives, and Lifetime Members, who include past Chairpersons of the Committee, former Deans, and recipients of the YLSA Award of Merit.

If you are interested in being a member of the Executive Committee, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs.

Yale Law School Association Executive Committee Membership List

Executive Committee Membership Booklet (2015 version) (Password Required)

Constitution and By-Laws of the Yale Law School Association

An Example of the Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

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