Established in 1990, the 3L Class Gift Campaign was initiated by students as a way to say “thank you” to the Law School for three years of wonderful memories and an education that will last a lifetime. Through their support, graduating students not only continue the rich tradition of alumni giving, but help to ensure that future students receive the same—and hopefully even greater—benefits that they enjoyed.

All 3L class gifts and pledges will be directed to the Yale Law School Fund. The Yale Law School Annual Fund, established in 1949, provides critical unrestricted financial support to advance the School’s distinctive, interdisciplinary approach to legal education. Yearly contributions by dedicated alumni are used to support the School’s most pressing needs—financial aid assistance, faculty support, loan forgiveness programs/COAP, and all of the extraordinary programs that sustain a Yale Law School experience. Every dollar makes an immediate impact on the School’s students, faculty and programs, as it is spent within that same academic year. You may direct your Law School Fund gift so that it specifically supports one of the following categories: Financial Aid/COAP; Teaching & Research; Clinical Programs; Library.

The 2015 3L Class Gift Program collects current use donations on behalf of the Yale Law School Fund in order to help maintain the outstanding legal education that Yale Law School has provided throughout its history. The goal of the program is to first educate 3Ls on the importance of annual giving to Yale Law School--through their outright gift--and second to cultivate a habit of giving--through a 3-year pledge.