Welcome to the Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA). Our student listserv can provide you with regular updates on YELA events and meetings, other environmental events and resources on the Yale campus, course recommendations, sustainability tips, and useful links. Please feel free to contact our 2015-16 Co-Presidents, Hillary Aidun and Juliana Brint, with questions and suggestions.

About Us

Throughout its history, Yale Law School has served as a center for groundbreaking environmental thinking.  The Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA) aims to build on this legacy by drawing attention to all aspects of environmental law and related fields, through YLS community events, speakers and reading groups, and opportunties to connect and collaborate with other campus groups, as well as by working to promote sustainability in the use of law school facilities.  YELA places special emphasis on the interdisciplinary, multifaceted character of environmental law and its relevance to a wide range of legal and policy issues.

Current Board

Co-Presidents: Hillary Aidun YLS '17 and Juliana Brint YLS '17

New Directions in Environmental Law Conference Co-Chairs: Matt Ampleman YLS '17 and Karena Mahung FES '16

Ashley Ingram YLS '17 Treasurer 

Helen Li
YLS '17, Media and Publicity Chair

Keith Jamieson YLS '16,  3L/Alumni Chair

Chelsea Lane-Miller YLS '17, Outdoor Appreciation Chair

Joanna Dafoe YLS '17, International Climate Negotiations Chair

Alexi Shaw YLS '17, Sustainability Chair

Jackson Salovaara YLS '17, Energy Policy Chair

Dena Adler YLS/FES '17, FES Liason

Erin Biel YLS '18, Extractive Industries Chair

Stefanie Feldman YLS '18, Legislation and Regulation Chair

Ama Francis YLS '18, Intersectionality Chair

Yume Hoshijima YLS '18, Local Sustainability Chair

Quentin Karpilow YLS '18, Climate Finance Chair

Paul Rink YLS '18, International Energy Chair

Henry Weaver YLS '18, Legal Academia Chair

Patrick Woolsey YLS '18, Domestic Climate Policy Chair

Alda Yuan YLS '18, International Advocacy Chair

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact YELA with your comments and suggestions. Please reach out to our Co-Chairs: hillary.aidun@yale.edu and juliana.brint@yale.edu.

YELA's email listserv includes announcements about upcoming YELA social events and speakers, other environmental events on campus, and internship and volunteer opportunities.  To subscribe, please email our Co-Chairs.