Career Education Programs
CDO provides many programs focused on public interest careers. CDO regularly hosts leading public interest attorneys from across the country – many of them YLS graduates – to give talks on careers in their areas of practice and on their own journeys in public interest careers. Students and alumni are welcome to view many of these programs online via streaming video, by clicking here. For a complete listing of past programs, click here.

Mentor in Residence Program
Through the Mentors in Residence Program, law school visitors who work in public interest careers spend a day on campus and offer individual counseling sessions to students. To see a list of the Mentors in Residence, click here.

Interview Programs
CDO conducts two interview programs each year – the Spring and Fall Interview Programs – at which public interest and government employers come to recruit YLS students. YLS encourages public interest employers to attend by covering all their registration and interview room expenses.

Public Interest Student Career Fair
CDO organizes an annual Public Interest Student Career Fair, at which second- and third-year students who have worked in public interest jobs over past summers share their experiences with interested students. The fair takes place in mid-November and has over 100 student volunteers representing public interest employers. For more information on this fair, contact Juliann Davis, Assistant Director of Administration at (203) 432-7191.

The EJW Career Fair and NYU Public Interest Career Fair
YLS sponsors students to attend the Equal Justice Works (EJW) Career Fair and Conference in October in Washington DC, as well as the NYU Public Interest Career Fair in February in New York City. The law school pays for the registration and covers reasonable travel expenses.