The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program supports the work of Yale law students and Yale law school graduates through Liman Fellowships as well as undergraduate students from Yale College, Barnard College, Brown University, Harvard University, Princeton University and Spelman College, all of whom work to respond to problems of inequality and to improve access to justice.

The Liman Project provides an opportunity for Yale Law students to work together with faculty on research and advocacy around specific issues related to detention and access to justice. Students may also participate in the Liman Public Interest Workshop, which meets weekly in the spring to discuss emerging issues of theory and advocacy.

Public Interest Law Colloquium

Every year, the Program organizes the Public Interest Law Colloquium, which brings together advocates, scholars, and students from across the country for a discussion. The Nineteenth Annual Liman Colloquium, Moving Criminal Justice, will take place on March 31-April 1, 2016.

Reform projects are underway in every phase of the U.S. criminal justice system – to reshape policing, prosecution and defense, sentencing, incarceration, and reintegration. Concerns about the toll of mass incarceration have created consensus across the political spectrum about the need for change. But questions abound about how law, organizing, media, and advocacy tools can be successfully deployed and to what ends. This colloquium will consider how reform agendas are formulated, gain currency, and result in changes in laws and practices that produce consequences, whether generative or harmful. By examining how reform efforts build on extant social, legal and political movements, or create new ones and imagine the future, we seek a better understanding of both the promise of this political moment and its limits.

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