SELA is an annual gathering in Latin America of top legal scholars from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States. Papers are written for the seminar in English and Spanish or Portuguese and are published in a Spanish-language book following the discussions. 

SELA 2016
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Havana, Cuba
June 9 – 12, 2016
Law, the Environment, and Current Crises 
in Global Capitalism
Welcoming Comments - Dr. Eusebio Leal, Official Historian of the City of Havana
Panel 1: Slavery Past and Present
Claire Priest – Cuba's Transformation through the Lens of the Sugar Industry (English) (Español)
Rebecca Scott – How does the law put an analogy to work? Discerning 'a condition analogous to that of a slave' in contemporary Brazil (English) (Español)
Commentator: Efrén Rivera Ramos
Panel 2: Constitutional Revolutionism
Julio Antonio Fernández – Why does Cuba need a new Constitution? (Español) (English)
Julio César Guanche – Cuba's 1940 Constitution: A Reinterpretation (Español) (English)
Alejandro Madrazo – The Right to Revolution: Popular Sovereignty, Revolution, and the Fragility of the Rule of Law in Mexico (English) (Español)
Commentator: Mylai Burgos
Panel 3: Cuba Roundtable 
Rafael Hernández, Editor-in-Chief of Temas
Armando Fernández Soriano, Antonio Nuñez Jiménez Foundation
Ricardo Torres Pérez, University of Havana, Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy
Moderator: Carlos Alzugaray
Robert A. Burt Keynote Address: Daniel Markovits – Meritocracy and Its Discontents
Panel 4:  Egalitarianism 
Antonio Barreto – Resolving Deep Fractures – Cuba, the United States and Robert Burt’s Institutional Egalitarianism (Español) (English)
Esteban Pereira – Private Law and Poverty (Español) (English)
Commentator: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle
Panel 5: The Environment and Vulnerable Populations
Thula Pires – Environmental Injustice, Environmental Racism, and the Framework for Socio-racial Stratification in Sacrificial Zones: the Case of the Santa Cruz Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro  (Portugues) (English) (Español)
Nancy Yañez – The Social and Environmental Equity Problems of the Chilean Water System from the Perspective of Fundamental Rights (Español) (English)
Commentator:  Elvira Méndez Chang
Panel 6: Strategies for Protecting the Environment
Pablo Larrañaga – Troubled Waters: Towards a New Regulatory Regime for Water in Mexico (Español) (English)
Ana Maria Nusdeo – Sustainability and Law.  Possible Institutional Answers (English) (Español)
Orlando Rey – Environmental Law as Guarantor of Social Justice (Español) (English)
Patrick Wieland – Free Market Environmentalism in Peru: The Ups and Downs of a New Wave of Environmental Regulation (English) (Español)
Commentator: Carol Rose
Panel 7: Liberal, Neoliberal, and Illiberal Rights 
Paula Ahumada – Constitutional Neoliberalism. The case of freedom of expression in Chile (Español) (English)
Marcelo Alegre – Populism and human rights. Oil and Water? (Español) (English)
Ronaldo Macedo – Freedom of Expression: What Lessons Should We Learn from U.S. Experience? (English) (Español)
Commentator: Caio Pereira

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