CDO Guides

Criminal Defense Public Version | YLS Version
Criminal Prosecution Public Version  | YLS Version 
Entering the Law Teaching Market  Public Version | YLS Version
Environmental Law  Public Version | YLS Version
Fall Interview Program Guide - 2015 YLS Version
International LL.M. Career Planning  Public Version | YLS Version
International Public Interest Law  Public Version | YLS Version
Introduction to Career Development  Public Version
Judicial Clerkships in the U.S. YLS Version
Law Firm Practice  Public Version | YLS Version       
Lawyers in Business  Public VersionYLS Version
Opportunities with International Tribunals and Foreign Courts Public Version | YLS Version
Public Interest Fellowships: Vol. I  Public Version | YLS Version
Public Interest Fellowships: Sample Applications Volume II YLS Version
Public Interest Careers Public VersionYLS Version
Spring Interview Program Guide - 2015 YLS Version  
U.S. Supreme Court Clerkships  YLS Version
Working on Capitol Hill  Public Version  | YLS Version